Flying High…

I’ve just watched an episode of Mile High, which is the epitome of tawdry British Soap at its best – or worst.

To date, you have Janice, who has stood by Nigel, for better or worse – so to speak – who is beyond definition when it comes to being a self-entitled jerk. He’s cheated his way through two failed marriages, always with Janice at his side, ready to be the Ultimate One. No matter how much he screws around this Plain Jane, she stays by his side.

Right until she works out that the Plain Jane can do better – even if it’s being by herself.

Which is what she works out. After screwing her over the umpteenth time, she calls it quits. She tells him something like, “I thought anyone was better then being alone. But now I know ‘screw you’.”

Better to be thirtysomething and alone then being with something like Nigel.

One of the things I loved about this storyline was that their was no hint of positively about this particular relationship. There was nothing to “ship” for – they were miserable people who were with each other because they were afraid to face the world – in Nigel’s case, that the world hated men such as he, in Janice’s, that she could do better, if only she believed in herself.

Eventually, Janice realises what a jerk he is, and throws him out. She may not be as beautiful as his first two wives, but damnit, she’s got more dignity then to stick around waiting. She’d rather be alone then be with him.

After Janice dumps him, Nigel makes several attempts to reconcile – mainly because he knows no-one else will put up with him. And, much to my delight, Janice told him where to go. Janice had better things to do, and Nigel could spew in his own juices.

Ultimately, this is what I love about British soaps (And Australian soaps, before Blue Heelers got cancelled and All Saints went all season nine on us): that women and men were created equal. And ultimately, they equally learned from their mistakes or died alone (and most likely with syphilis, too).


  1. sbg says

    I have to say, you had me until the last line, which 1) is your interpretation only (I, for example, love Tony and find there’s more to him than him being a jerk) and 2) randomly placed, as there was no mention of NCIS anywhere in the post.

  2. S. A. Bonasi says

    I’ve never watch NCIS. Could someone elaborate what is the deal with Tony? (And clearly there’s more than one perspective here.)

  3. sbg says

    First, NCIS is rife with, IMO, overexaggerated stereotypes for characters. Tony is the playboy. He’s the womanizer who acts like he’s about 15 in regards to the general lack of respect he shows toward women.

    Second, I’ll admit I probably watch with my wankavision goggles on, because I do like Tony despite these unattractive characteristics. He, to me, has always been more talk than action (once they showed him coming in to work in the middle of the night, to which his coworkers comment something like “[He always says]He does his best work at night. *smirk*”). Tony does what he does to mask something else, which is not an excuse so much as an explanation and doesn’t make it okay. Just a little more understandable. That’s based on hints about his childhood – he didn’t get much positive attention and affection from his father, ergo he now seeks it out in an obvious, usually inappropriate way.

    But that’s just how I see him. 😉

  4. scarlett says

    OK, this would have made more sense if it had been published in the initial order I wrote both this article and one about NCIS; this one was meant to go a week or two after. The few episodes I’ve seen, I’ve found Tony to be incredibly annoying and disrespectful, and I don’t get why people would still like him. Sometimes when something comes up that should be published soonish, I bump down an article which doesn’t need to be published anytime in particular to make room for it. But my bad for not double checking this article before it was posted :(
    I’ve deleted the last sentance if no-one else knows what we’re talking about ;p

  5. sbg says

    The few episodes I’ve seen, I’ve found Tony to be incredibly annoying and disrespectful, and I don’t get why people would still like him.

    You’d, uh, have to watch more than a few episodes. 😉

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