Freakangels — Warren Ellis

Ellis’ online project, FreakAngels, is an amazingly good time. The basic plot centers on the adventures of the FreakAngels, a group of mysterious twenty-somethings who’ve apparrently destroyed the world. These purple-eyed tots have taken Whitechapel under their wing, and are attempting to restore some order to the little pocket of England they’ve now claimed as home. Fellow Freak Mark is now in the outside world working against them, and they’re now at the point where they’re trying to both solidify Whitechapel’s infrastructure and make it defensible against the outside world. It’s steampunk without the annoyance factor of the Victorian era.

It’s an ensemble cast, and so far Caz, Miki, KK,and Kait have all emerged as promising female characters. There’s a bit of fan-service (really, are panty shots a necessary component of Arkady’s characterization? How many fey female characters does SF/F really need??) but so far, it’s been fun. I especially like that the Freaks seem to be ethnically and racially diverse, despite the uniform coloring. Hopefully that little mystery will be addressed as the series progresses.

If reading off a screen gives you a headache, you can buy the trades here.

Freakangels Volume 2 Limited Edition

Freakangels Volume 1 HC


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