From Sundance: Lgbt films by POC that have been picked up for distribution

Hi there! My name is unusualmusic and my main interest is highlighting better representation of minorities in books and movies! So lets start with Sundance Film Festival which gave us some great news this year:

Dee Rees’ PARIAH, a black lesbian film premiering at Sundance Film Festival, was picked up by Focus Features who are responsible for distributing Milk, The Kids are Alright and Brokeback Mountain!!! And they want her to make another movie for them, so the deal equals two movies @ low seven figures!!! Wanna do something? Demand PARIAH @ your local theatres!!

Here’s the Meet the Director Sundance Feature:

After Ellen has been running ongoing clips and features of Cast and Crew as they take in Sundance.

But that ain’t all!! Rashaad Ernesto Green’s Gun Hill Road was picked up by Motion Film Group for a low seven figure sum! (Um. I am not sure if the pronouns are being used properly here? )

Deadline says Motion Film Group paid “low seven-figures for worldwide sales and distribution rights” to Rashaad’s film, which premiered Monday, in the U.S. Dramatic Competition, with the plan being to take the film to Cannes, to sell international rights, and then release the film stateside, in theaters, this summer.

The coming-of-age drama is set in the Bronx, and stars Esai Morales as a macho ex-con, who returns to his Bronx family home, after a three-year prison sentence, to learn that his son Michael (played by Harmony Santana) is transgendered.


Here’s the Sundance Meet the Director Clip:

Looking forward to seeing them in theatres!


  1. JMS says

    Eek about that last sentence. Can trans* Hathorians offer better wording? My own stab at it would probably have been “to learn that the child he formerly knew as a son has completed her transition as a woman” or similar, but I am limited by my own cis privilege here so that may be just as bad.

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