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I really enjoy shows that don’t take themselves too seriously. I love those, think “Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Lost World.” Or the ancient police-on-bike in tiny shorts series “˜Pacific Blue’ or “˜Lois and Clark’, I could go on forever, I have watched a lot of TV in my time.

What I wanted to tell you about is “The adventures of Sinbad”, yes this is a series about Sinbad the sailor, master of the seven seas commonly featured in 1001 nights. They muck about with a ship and swords and badly CGI-made skeletons and monsters. We’re all thoroughly spooked of course.

For everyone who isn’t familiar with the show, a short breakdown:

The cast is hilariously TM. We have the HERO (Sinbad), the GIRL (a sorceress apprentice named Maeve), the HERO’S FAITHFUL ADVISOR (Sinbad’s older (fat) brother Doubar), the SCIENTIST (Firouz, always inventing things that will not be invented for centuries) and the BLACK GUY (Rongar, who will make Teal’c look absolutely chatty- Rongar has had his tongue cut out).

Sinbad of course has his QUEST, which is pretty much to free an old dude who is way powerful and way good. Master Dim-Dim is the Yoda of the Sinbad universe and yet needs rescuing all the time. Sinbad does weekly generated quests just to pass the time, presumably until some big red arrow will point him to the magical solution to his real QUEST.

Maeve also has a quest. She has a hawk named Dermott and everyone who knows anything about Sinbad knows the bird is enchanted. The evil sorceress Rumina has put a spell on Maeve’s younger brother Dermott and now Maeve is out for revenge. Rumina’s death will reverse the spell.

Rumina of course wants Maeve to suffer and to spend her life generally annoyed- which is working pretty well. Rumina also wants Sinbad for a sex toy. She claims to love him, but you can tell she just wants to have her way with him. He really is that pretty.

So catch this, the normal Good Guy vs. Evil Guy battle it has become Good Girl vs. Evil Girl battle while they’re in a male dominated show! Of course the boys still fiddle about with their swords all heroic and what-not but Maeve is the only one in the crew who has magic and is therefore the only one who can defeat Rumina. Rumina really is thoroughly evil, she has some daddy issues but it really wouldn’t even cross her mind to turn good like so many other female villains have and I totally respect her for that. Rumina and Maeve both really want the other to just die already and the boys? Just stand there and look pretty.

In all other area’s Maeve was just as annoying and/or likeable as the rest of the crew. There was of course the budding romance between Sinbad and Maeve but it was made pretty clear that though she lusted after him as much as he lusted after her, she was busy with her quest and could he sod off please?

Of course all good things must end. The second season was to be “˜darker’ and be more “˜baywatch-ish’, the result was just kinda crappy. Rumina was dropped completely, Maeve fell overboard (the actor who played her went away) and some other (wet blanket) girl basically fell onboard. Sinbad was left with a new angsty quest “˜to find his true love’ (Maeve).

I find it disconcerting that women can only be as strong as the men when no one is taking the show seriously anyway. I’ll stick with my silly shows, thank you very much, and take the skimpy outfits in stride, it’s better than watching someone whine all the time.


  1. scarlett says

    This says to me that women are allowed to be strong, central characters so long as its ‘not real’ – sci-fi, fantasy, animation, etc. I can’t imagine Buffy, Xena or the women of Battlestar or Firefly on NCIS.

  2. Mecha says

    Weird, it said that this got a new comment. But while I’m here, in contrast to NCIS…

    The various L&Os may have some problems, but the female police chief and (some of) the female DAs have been given fairly strong treatment. Epatha’s character is definitely not a crazy bitch nor a wilting flower. Abby Carmichael is very professional and strong. Clare and Serena, I dunno, maybe you could object to the fact that they tend to take the ‘softer positions’ as compared to their respective ‘head’ DA characters, but I didn’t think either of them was weak or weepy or syncophant-like. A female and a male cop share the most ‘main character’ status on SVU, as far as I remember (not really a fan of SVU) but I’m not sure if there’s an off balance of power there. Criminal Intent also has a male/female pair, but I get the feeling it’s sorta Fox Muldery, where the guy is more of a male lead who has a lot of ‘insight’ and the female char is the ‘logical’ foil. Haven’t watched too much of that either.

    In a sense, the ‘not real’ serieses get a bit more room to play with characters in general, because they’re often already a bit out of the main stream. I’m sure you can find more non-archetypical male characters there than in normal TV too.


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