Go-go Gadget Hate Crimes!

Wowzers. One of McCain’s supporters, the Clarion Fund, has been mailing out millions of anti-Islamic DVDs — Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West.

I actually think my sister got one, since she’s in Florida.

Anyways, these incredibly WTF DVDs have already been linked to a hate crime. DailyKos has the full story, but dang, y’all. The racism, Islamaphobia, and sexism this campaign has revealed really makes me question others think it means to be American.


  1. sbg says

    Wow. I suppose it makes me super naive, but I’m always shocked when people demonstrate how close-minded, ignorant and hateful they are.

  2. says

    It reminds me of how many bombings/burnings there were of black churches during the 50s and 60s. We only hear about Birmingham Sunday, but there were *LOTS* of them that weren’t reported so widely and didn’t get into the national consiousness, as I discovered a few years ago.

  3. the OTHER Maria says

    Hi Jillian —

    Yeah, I’m wondering if you read the post, since I was specifically not talking about his sexism. I think it’s easy for his supporters to gloss over that, because of his age and his commitment to “traditional values.” What I find atrocious is that his supporters are FAR LESS LIKELY to call him out on his racism and xenophobia and the larger xenophobia of the present GOP. I really loved what Colin Powell said about this:


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