GoldieBlox and the Two Beasties

So, I saw this today because apparently the surviving members of The Beastie Boys are protesting the use of their song. Which I suppose is their right, right? I happen to think they’re coming off as a bit … cranky (not my first choice of words) about something that turns a lyrically horrible song into something quite awesome.

Now, I do love me some Beastie Boys. But that vid above? I put it in the win pile even if they lose whatever copyright infringement battle that ensues.


  1. Alex says

    From what I’ve read, the Beastie Boys made a decision a long time ago not to use their music or name in advertising that’s even codified in Adam Yauch’s will. While it’s a great video with a great message, this is undeniably a two minute toy commercial and is using their music to sell a product. There’s also a level of shadiness in how the GoldieBlox company, after getting a simple letter from the Beastie Boys asking for an explanation about why they used the song, escalated it to a lawsuit and passed it off as an anti-censorship countersuit.

    This is one of those cases where the right message gets muddied by the wrong behavior. It hurts when that happens because way too many people think purely in terms of a binary “who is the worse person?” and declare everything they stand for as wrong.

  2. sbg says


    Well, that’s disappointing. :(

    Yeah, I’ve always known the BB were very against the use of their songs (which I generally admire, despite how the post came across), but if an exception could be made…alas, apparently GoldieBlox isn’t the organization to qualify for one.

  3. says

    It’s extremely disappointing that everyone’s answer to everything is LAWSUIT. I mean, I guess it’s not disappointing for lawyers – how else can an industry with a vast surplus of practitioners survive? They can’t all run for office, you know.

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