Hanes: coming to a drawer near you

I’m here to talk about commercials. Again.

About a month ago, I expressed my frustration with Victoria’s Secret’s television ads  and the obvious fact they’re very interested in capturing   male attention by having their models vamp it up and stand in what appears to be horrendously uncomfortable poses.

Now, in contrast, think about the Hanes spots, specifically for ladies underwear and loungewear. Find the one with the dancers here. It, like Victoria’s Secret, features women clad only in underwear. It also has the women in what would be horrendously uncomfortable positions for the average, non-dancer woman. Guys might find the women moving around in their underwear appealing, but Hanes keeps its focus on the target audience – women. The difference between the VS   and the Hanes spot is that one is trying to demonstrate that their underwear is constructed to be comfortable and stay in place while you do all sorts of activity, and one plays highly on “sexiness.”

A newer ad for Hanes has also started running, featuring Jennifer Love Hewitt. They have her posing for photos and becoming frustrated at her bra itching, the strap falling down, etc., until finally she races off the set to put on her Hanes bra, which causes her none of those problems and she can finish the photo shoot.

Now, I find JLH somewhat annoying…and yet I enjoy the commercial. I realize she could also draw male attention, but what she’s going through in the commercial, I’ve gone through. Well, okay, not at a photo shoot, but as I type my bra strap is inching toward my elbow and I have to say that it’s bothersome.

There is an air of practicality in the Hanes commercials that is severely lacking in Victoria’s Secret ads, so much so that the next time I’m in need of underwear, I might just have to try Hanes to see if they’re good for their word.


  1. Jennifer Kesler says

    One big difference between Hanes and VS is that Hanes makes products for men, too. When they’re making a commercial that targets women, there’s good reason why they might try to catch the eyes of men while they’re at it. And since they stay on message to the women and just let the sexy factor for men be a backdrop, it works.

    It’s also helped by the fact that they have commercials featuring scantily clad attractive men being physically active, which would have the reverse effect of targeting and speaking to men while also catching the eyes of women.


    Also, they’ve covered their gay and lesbian audience nicely, too, since everyone gets some eye candy. 😉

  2. sbg says

    LOL, are they playing DODGEball?!

    The only Hanes commercials I don’t appreciate on some level or another are the bizarre Kevin Bacon/Michael Jordan ones. I mean…WTF are those about?

  3. says

    I really like those commercials! Wow. I’m usually so very unimpressed by advertising, but those were appealing to me from a fun, visual-interest angle, and also highlighted the practicality of the product in a way that I found very logical.

    Good job, Hanes advertising crew.

  4. sbg says

    I have to admit that I often have the TV on for noise. I might not watch the program, but sometimes commercials catch my attention (I think the number of posts I’ve made about commercials speak to that.)

    I used to think that I wasn’t influenced by ads…er, wrong, since I’ve openly admitted I’ll probably try Hanes and I definitely tried Dove based on their ads.

    Basically, if a company does its homework and actually produces a compelling “argument” on why I should try their product, I’ll try it. To a point. Some of the Swiffer commercials are cute, but I really don’t see myself purchasing that stuff.

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