Hathor roundup for January/February

As promised in my Best of 2008 write-up, here’s the first in a bimonthly series of roundup posts, in which I’ll compile what we’ve published here at Hathor over the past two months. Think of it as a convenient jumping-off point for those of you trying to catch up on posts or as an overview of what we’ve been discussing around here recently.

Major topics of thought these wintry months have been regarding the question of intent in media production and whether or not men can appreciate and enjoy “women’s” stories.

Also, Jennifer wondered whether or not there could be an “octodad” and sbg considered the Rihanna/Chris Brown incident.

As for reviews

There’s Audra writing about Roslin in Battlestar Galactica, Gategrrl’s review of the film Coraline, and sbg pondering some problematic advertising, from a Pepsi Max superbowl ad to commercials for Burger King and Boost Mobile.

Kris wrote a series of posts on the women of Metal Gear Solid (see part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4), and also explored the video games Portal and Mirror’s Edge.

And check out Jennifer’s redux and rethinking of her December Neverwhere review, and Revena’s reviews of the Heroes’ episodes “Building 26” and “Cold Wars” and the Chuck episode “Chuck vs. the Best Friend.

Happy reading, and don’t hesitate to join in, even on older discussions!

Edited to add: I meant to also include posts from the Feminism and Books sections of the Hathor site, but somehow they didn’t make it past my Notepad file. Many apologies. So, a few more links:

On the Feminism page, The OTHER Maria considered one perspective on issues of family and “outness” and also announced the Asian Women Blog Carnival.

And the Books section includes two 20 on the 20th interviews with T. Campbell and Starline X. Hodge, respectively, and discussions/reviews of the following texts:

So You Want to be a Wizard, Diane Duane
Frugal Traveler, Leon Logothetis
Coraline, Neil Gaiman
American Psycho, Bret Easton Ellis
He That Hath Wings, Edmond Hamilton

I promise I’m done now!

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