He, She, Whatever – DaVinci’s Inquest

I saw my first couple of episodes of DaVinci’s Inquest recently, and something jumped out at me: in those two episodes, you could have switched the gender on any or every character in the show, and the story would have been the same. Gender was irrelevant.

I didn’t get the sense the writers were trying to be politically correct, either. Gender is pretty irrelevant in most work situations, unless you go out of your way to make a big deal of it. Some people do, and it’s okay by me if shows reflect that, so long as they reflect both genders making asses of themselves (because that’s certainly what I see in reality). But it’s nice to get a break from it, a little reminder that it doesn’t have to be an issue all the time.

The episode I saw last night was about a boy who’d been sexually abused by a man. Curiously, even switching genders on both of those characters would still have worked, because the instrument of rape was not a penis: it was a metal tool. This grotesque detail might have come off as pure ratings-grabbing shock value on one of the 8 billion Law & Orders, but in this case, it just served as a reminder of how impersonal rape is for the perpetrator, how cold and inhuman a person has to be in order to do a thing like that. How little rape has to do with sex, in the mind of the perpetrator.


  1. Nialla says

    I’ve seen the first season of DaVinci’s Inquest and really liked it, so I was excited to see it was going to be showing in syndication in the US. Then I found out it was generally out of order, and I just hate that. Maybe I’ll manage to catch up one of these days.

  2. Sandra Lang says

    Please tell me what happened to Sgt. Kurtz and Brian, the evil vice cop who had just been promoted to homicide. I have been following faithfully Mon-Fri. on channel 33 at 9:00am. All of a sudden, DaVinci is mayor and no mention of what happened to Kurtz and Brian. I was eagerly awaiting the episode where they got their just desserts!.

    Thanks if you can be of help to me.

    Sandra Lang

  3. Jennifer Kesler says

    Sandra, I believe Brian just disappeared after setting fire to Angela’s house. As for Kurtz, I haven’t heard anymore about her than you: at the end of last season, she reinstates Angela to homicide, but whether she keeps her job or not, I don’t know.

    WGN does not air every episode every time they run the series, unfortunately, so it’s a little tough to keep up with. Fortunately, the DVDs should be coming out soon, so there’s an opportunity to see everything in order.

  4. weyuo says

    There seems to be a gap between episode 91(season 7) and the following season where Da Vinci becomes mayor. I’ve looked every where to find out what happens with Kurtz and Brian but to no avail. Seems strange that they would leave people hanging like that. Possible contract dispute or something behind the scenes? It almost seems like there are episodes missing. I’ve seen Brian on the new show “Falling Skies” (TNT) and he’s a rat there too…lol.
    Jennifer Kesler,

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