Herbal Essences’ Body Envy

For a change, I want to share a commercial I DO like.

I…I’m not even sure there’s anything feminist to informally analyze, or if I just like Herbal Essences’ Body Envy  because it makes me smile. I appreciate the flip it uses, having the commercial start out with the woman with limp, helmet hair (she’s a biker) shampooing and then bouncing her shiny tresses around to having the big, strong, tough biker dude do the exact same thing at the end.

It’s not a surprise within the context of the ad itself (we see the woman handing him the bottle), but in my opinion, it IS pleasantly surprising to see nonetheless. Men clearly use shampoo, but unless it’s for hair loss or dandruff, you don’t usually see commercials for shampoo using men. We especially don’t see men in ads for shampoo for body and bounce. 😉

And you have to admit, his hair looks great.


  1. Mecha says

    Oh, and how I would love to know what shampoos made my long hair look great (I think I could use some body.) I’m using the shampoo/conditioner my mom used, because she and I have similar hair, but that’s one of those things that you never quite get to pick up as a guy. Just a fear of dandruff. Thank you, Head and Shoulders. 9_9


  2. sbg says

    It’s actually surprising advertising hasn’t changed much – I know tons of guys who spend more time on their hair than I do. I’m a pull it up and wrap it in a messy bun kind of gal during the summer, straight and long and unadorned in the winter. Some of the styles guys have these days clearly take some effort and require product, whether it be the right shampoo or styling aids.

    There are “men’s lines” out there, but they’re not advertised, at least not outside of print ads that I’m not aware of (men’s magazines?).

  3. Jennifer Kesler says

    Men take care of their appearance, and it’s labeled “metrosexual”. A word which sounds like a whole new sexual orientation, as if to say no heterosexual man tries to look his best. Huh?

    It’s great to see a departure from this doofus attitude.

  4. Mecha says

    My mom told me nothing. 😉 She was a bit more on the wigged out side, as it were, about my hair being long. Especially when I talked about having to tie it back. I can’t decide whether she was more or less wigged by when I came out to her. Oddly.

    Also, thanks for the link.


  5. sbg says

    Oh, and Mecha this might be a dupe of the LJ link, but there’s a discussion forum as well: http://forums.longhaircommunity.com/

    That’s where I learned to trim my own hair rather than spend a million dollars at a salon. I…don’t do it well, but that’s because I’m a slacker. Lots of other useful tips.

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