I (Belatedly) Read the Internets – 9/24/07

Oh my God, Internets, I am getting married in a couple of weeks.


So, y’know, I’m really sorry both that I Read the Internets is lateish this week, and that it’s a bit shortish, but it was kinda out of my hands. Every time I’d sit down for some nice internets reading, my phone would ring and it would be some relative or wedding party member or caterer or someone panicking about something and needing my input ASAP. If, for some reason, you’d like to hear more about how stressed out I am over wedding planning, it happens that I wrote a guest-column for Karen Healey’s Girls Read Comics (And They’re Pissed) this week comparing my experiences to those of Black Canary: “This Is Why I Keep Chanting, “We Should Have Eloped.” Karen followed up with her own post about the Black Canary wedding, “Here Comes The Bride; There Goes The Reader.” There’s a quiz!

1) In the middle of a pre-wedding quarrel, my lover implies both that I have been sexually promiscuous and that this is bad. I:

a) Say “That was unacceptable. I’m leaving. When I come back we’re going to talk about your issues with my sex life.”

b) Tell them that they’re an asshole and retaliate with a list of their own previous lovers.

c) Say “Oh, fuck YOU, the wedding’s off!”

d) Hit them in the face.

If you think the answer is obvious, read the rest of the post. Actually, if you don’t think it’s obvious, you probably need to read the post even more…

In not-related-to-Black-Canary’s-wedding comics, I found out this week (and would’ve found out sooner, except that I’ve been so freaking busy) that the awesome folks behind Pride High are releasing pages of the comic online in webcomic form. You can start from the beginning here.

In sans-pictures bookish internets, I recently started checking out Kimiko’s LesFic Reviews [since removed], which is a blog where, as one might expect, Kimiko reviews lesbian fiction. The books she’s reviewing naturally tend to have a focus on women, and she reads lots of SF, so I suspect many readers of The Hathor Legacy will enjoy reading her thoughts. Check out her latest review, of Night Sky Mine, by Melissa Scott.

Other book reviews I read this week include Calico_Reaction’s take on Daughters of Earth (she seems to have enjoyed it as thoroughly as I did) and an enthusiastic review of The Underland Chronicles from Active Voice’s Rebecca:

The series is very tightly plotted: throw away lines and minor characters from the beginning become hugely important at the end. The books set up a fatalistic world, then questions fate overall. The books aren’t afraid to kill characters—the series is about war, after all—but don’t do so lightly, and deal overall with the fallout from it. The series is gripping; the world is fantastic; the characters are developed (even the toddler, who manages to be useful and not annoying!); the concepts are solid. I have much, much more to say, but at this point, I’m just adding, “And ALSO this OTHER part is awesome! And this minor character is really awesome! And this plot twist was awesome! And this paragraph! And that page! So awesome!” So I assume you get the point.

…I will have to get copies of those books!

Those of you who prefer vampire and horror novels might want to stop by The Heroine Next Door, and give a few recommendations for female novelists worth checking out.

I have been kinda weirdly out of touch with the gaming internets the past week, but I did read about an interesting survey that indicates that more women own gaming consoles than might be expected:

Of the more than 1,000 respondents to the Denizens of Digitivity survey, released last week, 44% of women said they own a gaming console such as a Wii, Xbox or PlayStation, compared with just 39% of men.


And closing with something funny, a friend sent me a link to this funny first-person account of the difficulties of trying to give real people videogame-style quests.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go work on writing my vows. Next week, more internets (unless I am buried alive by tulle, or something)!


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    Revena, good luck with the wedding! Remember, stress out all you want ahead of time – but as soon as you get up that morning, RELAX. You will enjoy your day more and remember it better.


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