I Read the Internets – 12/8/07

I am the most neglectful reader evar, right?

Or at least, the most neglectful sharer. I have actually been reading the internets all this time, and saving up the links for that wonderful day when I could sit down and share them all with you…
But then Anna did a super-amazing job with her edition of the Feminist SF Carnival, and managed to hit all the internets I’d saved up, plus many, many more. It’s gigantic, and wonderful, and in three themed parts. Behold: Part I: Women, Gaming, and You!; Part II: These Things We Love, And How We Interact With Them; Part III: Reviews, Reactions, and Recommended Further Reading

Mad props to Anna, who not only did all that, but also provides the internets with a thoughtful post about “Getting On The Same Page” this week:

… when some people talk about racism, they mean things like “people are less likely to interview someone with a ‘black’ sounding name over a ‘white’ sounding name” or cartoons that are based around racial stereotypes of Chinese people (“flied lice” or “eating dog” type jokes), whereas other people are talking about KKK members burning crosses and actual lynchings. “There’s no racism here”, that second group will say, and the first group is staring at them like they’ve grown a second head and have no eyes in either one.

I see this break down a lot of discussions about issues around feminism and racism, even amongst people who would count themselves as allies, so it gets especially difficult in discussions amongst people who may not be even in the same book, let alone on the same page.

I told The Angry Black Woman several weeks ago that I’d mention a worthy project, Save Heroes, here. Better late than never, yes? Anyway, here’s what it’s all about:

We need to write a detailed critique of the plot, character, race and gender elements of Heroes. We need to have one place where the producers and writers of Heroes can come and find what fandom has to say on these issues.

That’s the purpose of this website. We don’t need to Save Heroes from cancellation or network misuse, we need to Save Heroes from itself. Because it’s not a lost cause. It’s still capable of being the amazing show it was in season one. No, it’s capable of being even better.

If you’re watching the show, definitely give the Save Heroes project a look.

One contributing factor that kept me from writing about the internets I’ve been reading last week (I don’t really have good excuses for the time before that, alas) is that I was working to get the latest issue of Cerise live. The theme for December is “Gaming as an Industry,” and there are some awesome articles within. Up next for Cerise is the January “New Year, New Games” issue – if you’re interested in writing about gender and games in any way, you should check out the submissions page for more info.

I have a couple of amusing comics-related links to finish up with, this week. Odditycollector wrote “How the Bitch Stole Comics” in November:

A while ago, there was some back and forth blogging on whether or not fangirls were trying to “steal the sexy” from comics. This struck me as such an absurd image I decided it had to be immortalized. Forever. With poetry.

Click through for an amazing work of rhyming and silliness.

And for a more visual moment of amusement, Karen Healey points out a pretty awesome Thunderbolts page.

Now go forth, and read through the Feminist SF Carnival links! I’ll be back again with more internets next week. Really!


  1. MaggieCat says

    Odditycollector wrote “How the Bitch Stole Comics” in November

    OMG. I’ll be sending you the medical bills for my broken ribs, thanks. And possibly psychiatrists’ bills from the vet, considering that I laughed so hard that I not only woke up the kitten at the foot of my bed but the puppy asleep in the living room downstairs as well, and scared the hell out of both.

    “She moved to the costumes. She coloured them in!
    ‘Til heroines were covered from knees up to chin.”

    That’s about where I well and truly lost it. Hee.

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