I Read the Internets – 12/9/06

I Read the Internets is a little on the shortish side this week, dear readers. I’ve got the sore wrists that come of too much typing and knitting in one week, which preclude both extensive reading of the internets, and extensive writing about them (incidentally, if any of you have RSI-type problems, might I recommend a little program called Workrave? It’s fantastic).

One of the things I was doing a little bit too much typing for that may interest all of you is the new Hathor Legacy CafePress store. Check it out – now you can own your very own lime green t-shirt declaring your feminist geek status! And who wouldn’t want that, huh?

As soon as my arms are feeling good again, I plan to get involved with a new LiveJournal community that popped up this week – Feminist Writers. The community is for:

writers of all skill levels and genres who are interested in gender equality. We welcome both professional and novice writers, fiction and nonfiction writers, mainstream and genre writers, queer and straight writers, white writers and writers of color, men and women and those who ID outside the binary. This is a queer-friendly, anti-racist, pro-choice community where likeminded people with an interest in the written word can discuss different authors and the world of writing, can post their own writing for discussion or critique, and can promote their published work.

And if that catches your interest, you should go check it out.

If you’re into writing, you might also be interested in Nalo Hopkinson’s list of signs that a story is going off-track. I giggled in nervous self-recognition at several of them, and found the post as a whole to be a good way to get myself thinking about how to fix some unfinished short stories that I’ve left stranded up until now.

On the other side of the writing coin, by which I mean reading, Ragtime wrote this week about a Surprising Source of Woman-Friendly Kid’s Fiction – the Disney Fairies series. I’ve read part of one of those books, myself, and I think Ragtime’s conclusions are spot-on.

But while Tinkerbell and friends are getting some interesting, non-romance-centered narratives, the eroticization of real women is clipping along at its usual rate. I mean – striptease workouts? Erg.

I found the ending of that article to be particularly interesting, as Mary Elizabeth Williams discusses the ways in which women are not merely sexualized, but also reduced nearly to product status by the homogenizing force of mainstream, media-delivered sexuality.

“¬¶Which, naturally enough, makes me think of Greg Land’s artwork!

Land, for those of you who neither read comics nor watch comics fora, appears to create most of his art by tracing it. When drawing women, he seems to particularly like tracing pornography. No, really.

He’s been a popular source of discussion at Girl-Wonder.org this week, featured in two active forum threads – LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND! and Greg Land Caption Contest! – and in a blog post by Karen Healey.

Finally, still on the subject of reducing women to sexy, sexy possessions, the Miss Video Game competition has been a subject of some interest at Girl Gamers, and there is some suspicion that the contest might not be entirely legit. Hmmm.

Wrapping up this week’s IRtI on a lighter note, if you enjoy internet memes, you should check out the movie meme I’ve posted on the Hathor forums (which I snagged originally from Holly at Self Portrait As).


  1. Jennifer Kesler says

    So, if it’s really good fun for women to do striptease aerobics, when are men going to start? I have absolutely no problem with doing sexy stuff; I just get suspicious when my gender is continuously bombarded with messages about how “okay” it is, but men still aren’t doing it.

    See… this is why I miss the 80’s, when ALL musicians hitting the video scene had to be visual commodities. Male or female. That, I can deal with. But it went away, and now it’s “okay” for women to be sexualized because society supposedly doesn’t take it seriously anymore – it’s good retro fun. So what could be more fun than guys slinking around in Speedos on exotic beaches? Trust me – those were good times! Bring ’em back!

    I got stuck reading about Mr. Pornface. As soon as I’m able to scrape my jaw off the ground, I may comment. But I think it’s all been said. Bet he draws one-handed, too.

  2. says

    The pornface thing really does have an astonishing ability to stop all conversation – and thought, really – in its tracks for a while.

    Oh, Greg Land.

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