I Read the Internets – 4/26/08

Hello internets! I have some reading for you!

The awesome bloggers at Heroine Content are bringing back the much-missed Carnival of Feminist Science Fiction and Fantasy Fans. Get your submissions in by April 28th!

On the topic of carnivals, the Angry Black Woman has proposed a Carnival of Allies:

Where self-identified allies write to other people like themselves about why this or that oppression and prejudice is wrong. Why they are allies. Why the usual excuses are not good enough. I figure allies probably know full well all the many and various arguments people throw up to make prejudice and oppression okay. Things that someone on the other side of the fence may not hear. Address those things and more besides.

And when I say allies, I’m talking about any and every type. PoC can be (and should be) allies to other PoC, or to LGBTQ people if they are straight, or any number of other combinations. If you feel like you’re an ally and have something to say about that, you should submit to this carnival.

You’ve got until May 5th for this one.

Also on the ABW blog, karnythia has a post called “Seal Press, Amanda Marcotte…Proof That Feminism And Racism Go Hand In Hand,” which addresses some recent high-profile instances of racism in the feminist internets, points out that these are not isolated occurrences, and examines what that means to many women of color:

So where does that leave WOC and feminism? Frankly we’re at a point where it’s time for feminism to either get it together, or for us to leave it where it is and continue on with our own progressive movements. There’s been some talk for years about how feminism is comprised of multiple movements and until now that’s been enough for me. But I think that I’ve been deluding myself by thinking that the behavior of the allies that do get it trumps the hurt spawned by the bigots calling themselves feminists.

I urge you to read the whole post, and follow links and comments around to see what other people are saying about this. It’s an important issue that deserves a lot of attention.

Moving along to television-related internets, newbie blogger Mana G has a post at All Mirth and No Matter about “Stargate: Atlantis — Gender, Race, and Teyla’s Baby,” which is really a pretty self-explanatory title. I know there are oodles of Stargate fans and anti-fans) around here, so go check it out.

I was also interested in a post at Reproductive Health Reality Check by Sarah Seltzer discussing links between depictions of sexual violence in media and sexual violence in the real world:

Part of the tide we have to swim against in order to raise awareness is embedded in our popular visual culture, and the images of sexual assault and violent sexuality it produces, images that trivialize and misrepresent the truth about sexual assault. When we watch scenes of rape and attempted rape, we often tend to see the moment of the assault itself, in a highly titillating, artsy context, the same way an edgy scene of consensual sex would be filmed.

On a brighter movie-themed note, Naamen asks, “What Feminist SF Books Should Be Movies?” at Feminist SF – The Blog! Check out what everyone else is discussing, and share your own suggestions with the group over there.

Moving from books-to-movies to books-with-pictures, Rachel Edidin had an impassioned post up at Inside Out earlier this month inspired by a poorly-structured panel at a recent con:

What these panels mean to me is the systematic othering and marginalization of the many, many women who work in the comics industry. To call out sexism, to honor the accomplishments of individual women—these are important and necessary, and there is a lot of ingrained misogyny that still needs to be pried loose. But each article that reinforces that familiar mirage—the lone woman making her way in a man’s industry—washes the rest of us a few shades closer to invisibility.

In gaming internets, I neglected to mention last time I shared some internets that the latest issue of Cerise has a Gamer Story in it by Hathor’s own Melpomene, “Paying Rent.”  Go!  Read!

Those are all the internets I have for you this time around. See you again soon!

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