I Read the Internets – 4/8/07

Please excuse the lateness of this edition of I Read the Internets. I’ve had some pretty bad writer’s wrist, this week, and I’m taking my typing slowly and in itty-bitty chunks.

It’s carnival time again! The 12th Carnival of Feminist Science Fiction and Fantasy Fans is up at Pen-Elayne on The Web – and the call for submissions for number 13 can be found at Words From The Center, Words From The Edge. Awesome. Also! Writer-types who missed the Girl-Wonder.org Zine submission deadline may be pleased to know that submissions for that publication are still being accepted.

For those of you who love participating in stuff, but don’t write, and who are women (sorry, men!), a friend of mine is doing an interesting survey [post since locked] about “perceptions of the role models offered to young and teenaged girls in superhero comics.” Remember that you have to be female to take the survey, and that the survey is designed to force you to rank statements in order of your agreement with them. Annnd, finally, take it by Monday if you’re gonna do it.

For something a little more free-form, you all might like to check out Noah Brand’s “Smartass 12 Characters Quiz” at the Girl-Wonder.org forums.

Bouncing from comics to games (as I do), readers who know young video gamer girls might want to read up on the “WomenGamers.Com National Computer Camp Scholarship for Girls,” and pass on the information.

I myself spend a fair amount of time with some video gaming kids (no one eligible for the scholarship, unfortunately!), and I’ve often thought that it would be fun to try to introduce them to a little tabletop gaming, as well. I asked for tips on that at The IRIS Network forums earlier this week, and user Anemone responded with a link to an awesome resource page she’s compiled. Definitely give it a look.

In other gaming stuff this week, the women of Feminist Gamers continue to impress me with the power of their awesome. Mighty Ponygirl’s Monday post, “Rule #2 must be reminding everyone about Rule #1,” resonated particularly with me (you all have seen my “Girls Don’t” t-shirt design, yes? Clearly this is something I never think about at all):

In the recent flurry of news regarding game companies’ overtures to women, it seems that not a one has taken a pass on noting that video games were “for boys.” Frankly, this is bullshit. It’s not that women haven’t played games, it’s that we’ve been ignored.

On much the same topic, tekanji at Official Shrub.com Blog has prepared a useful bingo card.

Tekanji also has a great serious post out this week, “Harassment, silencing, and gaming communities” – read the whole thing.

Bouncing back to comics from games (hey, where were all the television and movie posts this week? Did I just totally miss them? That’s weird), Ragtime over at Comic Book Thoughts has another thoughtful post about Supergirl being a weird sort of extension of her dad (as opposed to, y’know, a character in her own right):

Let’s assume that this is a perfectly fine plot-line. I’ve got no issues with fighting phantoms from the Phantom Zone, or casting doubts on the brilliance of Super-Dad, or anything else. When the heck is Supergirl going to start being about — you know — Supergirl? It looks like at least one more issue will take place in the E/FU, sending yet another “FU” to fans who want to read about the actual character in her books, instead of her dad.

If you’re craving a little more agency in your heroines (and, really, who wouldn’t?), you may be excited to hear that Reb and Jess (if you’ve been reading this column for long, you’ve heard of each of them at least once – I’d look up links for you if my wrists were in better shape) have started a book-review blog for YA fantasy and sci-fi: Active Voice. I’m sure we can trust the two of them to tell us which heroines – and heroes – are worth reading about.

Closing with some delightful goofiness, my love of all things geeky and sugar-based absolutely guarantees that I’ll be a fan of gamecakes.com. I think I’m gonna go wash the dishes, now, so I’ll have the sink clear for all of the baking tools I’ll be tossing in shortly…

I was planning to add some links to my favorite April Fool’s pranks at the end, here, but I think it might be more fun to ask you all to tell me your favorites, in the comments. No need to admit to having been fooled, if you’d rather not!


  1. SunlessNick says

    It’s carnival time again! The 12th Carnival of Feminist Science Fiction and Fantasy Fans is up at Pen-Elayne on The Web

    And you and sbg are in it:

    sbg at the Hathor Legacy examines the dynamics of Take Home Chef and finds the same problems with it that I do. (My thanks to her blog-mate Revena for spreading the word about the rescheduling of this Carnival.)

  2. says

    There’s generally at least one article from Hathor in each edition of the Feminist Sci-Fi and Fantasy Fan carnival – I think it’s because we’re all such geeks. 😉

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