I Read the Internets – 5/02/08

I have a small but delightful selection of internets to share with you tonight, while they’re still nice and fresh!

Firstly, carnival time! Wooo! Grace and Skye did a lovely alphabetically-organized Feminist SF Carnival over at Heroine Content, and skywardprodigal has a great big PoC in SF Carnival titled “What I Heard About You, And What That Meant for Me” at soaring. Between the two carnivals there is a great deal of internets reading to be had.

I’ve been pretty out of it the past several days, but my attention was caught by three thought-provoking posts by buddies of mine on LJ. Karen did some musing on “Feminism: All of us?” which I nodded along with a lot (as I am wont to do), and Trouble did a post for Blog Against Disablism Day about trying to find a place to live:

I have learned, in this fruitless apartment hunt, the questions to ask. It’s trickier than I thought. When I confirmed with one landlord that yes, the grocery store was across the street, and should be fine with someone who was disabled to get there easily, he somehow failed to mention “Oh, but the flat is on the third floor of a walkup.” When confirming in another place that there was a lift from the ground floor, and that it would be fine for people who couldn’t handle the stairs, she failed to mention the 17 steps going up to the building. Another place assured me that people in wheelchairs could use the lift from the parking garage – without mentioning how dangerous it would be for someone who didn’t have a vehicle they were getting in and out of.

And Betty has a short but delightfully geeky post up about XHTML and female sexuality in fandom:

I believe that part of Livejournal’s appeal to women rises from its social-networking structure; not the linkages, but the autonomy. Each person’s livejournal constitutes an inviolable territory, which can only be transgressed at our sufferance. Within the boundaries of our livejournals, consent is not a social-covenant, or an agreement, but an absolute law, no more to be ignored than gravity. There is never any need to explain to someone that ‘no means no’, because ban_set does not ‘mean’ no; it is no, with absolute force.

Elsewhere on the internets, a new blog, .51, authored by ubergeeke, looks like the sort of thing I love to read:

“.51- Geekspace for Women” is for those of us who have been the only woman in a math or engineering class, who’ve been ignored at the hardware/computer parts/electronics store, who’ve been presumed to be somebody’s assistant/secretary/girlfriend/wife instead of the brains of the outfit – for all of us, this site is a big, fat “Get out of my way! I’m doin’ stuff!” .51 is for those of us who are busy doing things: building rockets, making small gadgets or large networks, designing new computer programs, p0wning games, publishing science fiction, writing/designing comics, making music – whatever geeks are up to, you’ll find it here.

And somewhat off the internets, tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day, a fantastic day in which one can go to one’s local comic book store and get free comics. If that piques your interest, check out the Girl-Wonder.org page about FCBD for some ways in which you can show your love of women in comics while scoring free reading material.


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    IRTI thrills me every time you update, especially carnival links. :) Cuz my work is occasionally very very dull, and awesome stuff on the net helps.

    Thanks for the link, too! :)

  2. says

    I’m glad you enjoy it, Anna. :-)

    BTW, I think I’ve been going back and forth between referring to you as “Anna” and “Trouble” – do you have a preference?

  3. says

    I don’t really have a preference either way. I keep thinking I should change my LJ name to show up as Anna, though, since I tend to self-reference that way and use that when leaving comments.

    Probably Anna makes more sense. :) But I don’t really care one way or the other. (I feel like making a late for dinner joke here, but in my defense I haven’t slept much and thus it seems *really really funny* right now.)

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