I Read the Internets – 8/18/07

The latest Feminist SF Carnival is up at The True Confessions of an Hourly Bookseller, and Mickle has collected a fabulous pack of links for you all to read. Set aside a good chunk of time, do some reading, and then – if you enjoy these carnivals, as I’m sure you do – go volunteer to host the next one, okay? Okay!

The next bit of internets I have to share with you this week is something to watch as well as read. Luminosity and sisabet have put together a powerful – and powerfully disturbing – fanvid from scenes of the show Supernatural, which they have titled “Women’s Work.” You can see the vid embedded here (do brace yourself for the content, which may be triggering for those sensitive to depictions of sexualized violence against women), and read a little bit of extra commentary from sisabet here. There are lots of interesting reactions in the comments, as well.

Luminosity and sisabet identify as fans of the show, but their video is a clear and strong critique. I think a guest-post from Magniloquence at Feministe, titled “Criticizing the things you love,” [post since removed] makes a great follow-up to viewing it:

I personally try for specificity. I write long and involved posts, I make long and involved speeches, and I spend a lot of time gesturing vaguely into the air or drawing diagrams that only make sense to me.

Somehow, though, it always seems to come out sounding negative. This is a problem for me personally, I think, because I tend to find myself genuinely frustrated that something I love isn’t better at being what I know it could be. (See also: the US, feminism, my job, and just about everything I come in contact with. Does that make me an optimist?) And because of that, I focus really tightly on the things that are not fitting, and how they could be made to fit better, rather than focusing on the things that were really good. Which sounds negative.

Magniloquence brings up a lot of really interesting stuff in the post – it’s definitely worth a full and thorough read-through.

Another guest-blogger at Feministe, Sara, has a post up this week that may interest the regular readers of this column, about the updating of some classic Judy Blume books [post since removed].

In the world of comics (more or less), there’s an interesting dialogue between Rachel Edidin and Karen Healey up at League of Substitute Superheroes:

Rachel: So, the producer, Avi Arad, said–get this– That Bratz “is like X-Men for girls.”

Karen: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA NO, X-Men is like X-Men for girls.

Rachel: X-Men is like the one comics superhero property that has almost as many female as male fans.

Karen: Exactly! Oh my God, their powers are “singing, fashion, soccer and cheerleading”. Laser-eyes are a superpower. Not fashion.

100littledolls, meanwhile, has a tale to share about a much more disturbing dialogue in her post about Wizard World Chicago, which was fun right up until the verbal harassment part:

We stopped one last time at the Sony booth to check out the Heavenly Sword demo. Some guys came up behind us, and one of them decided that it’d be a ton of fun to verbally harass me. I don’t feel like going into too much detail, but his comments involved such things as upskirt shots, masturbation, and rape.

100littledolls reports that the security people took her and her concerns seriously, which is good, but it’s no wonder that she had difficulty enjoying herself at what was left of the event.

I have two links for you, to end this week’s internets with a little amusement. First, you can hone your blogging debate skills at the BlogWarBot. And then, those of you interested in pursuing higher education might like to take a look at some of the programs offered at the Reed College Department of Arcane Sciences.

See you next week!


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    I’m so glad you mentioned luminosity and sisabet’s Supernatural vid.

    I was already planning on suggesting it to whomever hosts the next carnival.


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