I Read the Internets – 9/30/07

I haven’t had time for much internets-reading this week, but fortunately it’s carnival time again, and I can thus direct you all towards a couple of excellent round-ups. Lee Kottner has the 17th Carnival of Feminist SF Fans up at Spawn of Bloghorrea, and bellatrys has the 3rd People of Colour SF Carnival up at Nothing New Under the Sun. Lots of excellent reading to be found throughout – go, click! And then volunteer to host. You know you want to.

And if you need some more reading after that, let me link you to some recommendations that I saw on the internets this week (in between all the running around and panicking about stupid wedding details. We really should have eloped…)! For film, Grace at Heroine Content wrote very favorably about an awesome-sounding documentary called Double Dare:

Micheli does a fantastic job of showing not just how these women and others like them kick serious ass, but the obstacles they face in order to do so. In one particularly telling scene, Epper is in a meeting of the coordinating committee for the US Stunt Awards. She suggests that the group consider making their format like the Academy Awards, with separate male and female categories for some awards. While some of the group members take the suggestion seriously, most are quick to make fun of it, saying things like, “what, should we have an award for best fall from 12 feet?” and “we don’t want to award wienie stunts.” Another scene shows Epper getting a consultation for plastic surgery, with the explanation that she has to improve her body to get work.

For books, Liz Henry wrote a post at Feminist SF – The Blog! announcing that Suzette Haden Elgin’s The Communipaths is now available to read online:

Coyote Jones himself, the diplomat or galactic agent, is psionically disabled in a time where telepathy is the norm. He can project thoughts, words, feelings, and pictures outward on the scale of blanketing an entire planet. But he is also mentally deaf; he can’t hear other people. I think this is an interesting commentary on gendered communication patterns; a male hero who has powerful charisma, or can broadcast his ideas or affect very widely, but who lacks empathy and can’t listen, blind to a large array of human communication. If you buy into the idea that geeks are more likely to be not very clueful about social situations, or body language, or empathy in general (which I’m not sure if I do, but it’s interesting to consider) then Coyote Jones provides fuel for thought, about the nature of masculine heroes in stories, in space opera in particular.

If you’re in the mood to read some offline books, LiveJournal user Sanguinity has posted a list of banned and/or challenged books by writers of color at the Writers of Color 50 Book Challenge, which will doubtless have some titles of interest on it for pretty much any reader.

I’m afraid that’s all I’ve got for you in the way of internets this week, and is likely to be all there is from me until the end of October. BetaCandy (and hopefully some of the other regular authors around here) will try to keep you well-supplied with internets in the meantime. Happy reading!

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