I Read the Internets Delayed

Sooo, I was just about done writing this week’s edition of IRtI, and my computer died. The scary, potentially really expensive kind of dead. It’s doing this great/horrifying thing where all of the lights and fans and all flicker on and off about twice per second every time I plug it in.

As it’s 1:30ish in the morning in my timezone, there’s not a lot I can do about this at the moment. In the morning, I should be able to get a hold of a USB hard drive enclosure, if not fix the computer, so look for IRtI by Saturday afternoon/early evening, at the latest.

I’d rewrite the whole thing on my handy-dandy laptop, here, except that in the time I’ve had it turned on so far, two of the three programs I’ve tried to run have had mysterious failures. I’ve obviously angered the computer gods, somehow, so I think I’d better just go to bed before I lose any more hardware.  More later!


  1. Jennifer Kesler says

    Yeah, you know… I’m not superstitious or anything but I have no doubt there is more going on with computers than just simple mechanics. 😀


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