If X is true, then how about Z?

Just for fun, let’s take some Republican policies and statements at full-on face value and play a game I like to call, If X Is True, Then How About Z? This game is best taught through demonstration, so I’ll start the ball rolling.

If birth control pills cure libido somehow, and rape is all about libido rather than power, then why don’t we hand out birth control pills to men?

If women shouldn’t need Uncle Sugar helping to control their libidos, why is Viagra covered in insurance policies that don’t cover birth control? Surely if God meant you to get it up, you’d be able to get it up. Accept your limp noodle syndrome as a little tribulation that will ultimately strengthen your faith. You know – like a rape baby!

If rape pregnancies are intended by God, why doesn’t God want poor raped women who become mothers unexpectedly to have access to welfare, food stamps or even daycare so they can go work? Surely he doesn’t expect them to be able to find great husbands? Doesn’t he know how few men are remotely interested in women who already have kids, and that a lot of the ones who are, are child molesters? Maybe God is just a really big fan of rape. It’s hard to read this any other way.

Your turn!


  1. SunlessNick says

    If life begins at conception, why do they always date their ages from when they were born, or use phrases like “come into this world” to refer to their births?

  2. says

    “Surely if God meant you to get it up, you’d be able to get it up. Accept your limp noodle syndrome as a little tribulation that will ultimately strengthen your faith.”

    Well, there was that passage in one of the epistles (I’m not in the mood to look up book chapter and verse) in which Paul (by my reading) brags about having the gift of continence, while apparently for men blessed with sex drive rather than continence, “”it’s better to marry than to burn”

    • Cheryl H. says

      Lori, by “gift of continence”, do you mean singleness? The way I’ve always read that is Paul says being single is preferable, because you have more time to devote to serving God, but it’s fine to marry, and it’s definitely preferable to marry than to engage in fornication, which is a sin. I’ve never heard of an interpretation of this passage that views Paul as saying he doesn’t have a sex drive.


      Why aren’t there birth control pills available to men? Well, there is birth control available for men, but you don’t hear about it because it’s incredibly inexpensive and it’s something men would get only once every ten years, so Big Pharma wouldn’t get rich. Info can be found here: http://www.newmalecontraception.org/ Why aren’t we working on other birth control options? They’re in the works, but finding ways to effectively block sperm production is tricky business I guess.

      If you can get an answer to why mothers of rape babies shouldn’t have assistance programs there, please let all of us know. Off the top of my head, one possible answer I can think of is that when they find themselves ‘blessed’ with a rape baby, instead of turning to the government, she should go to the nearest crisis pregnancy center and they’ll help her through the pregnancy, and to the nearest church and they can help her get ready to welcome that little bundle of joy as well. When it comes, she’ll be all set to be the best mommy ever and won’t need the government at all! But what about after it’s born? Well, she should have used her pregnancy to get a job and find a decent place to live. It’s not the government’s fault she didn’t do that, now is it? It’s not the government’s fault she isn’t in a position to provide for the baby after it’s born! The CPC and church helped her get on her feet for nine months, and there’s no reason she shouldn’t be just fine to walk on her own now!

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