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We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you:


Oh, dear. Not only is that commercial downright disturbing … does anyone want to count the number of things wrong with it? Bonus points for those who come up with more than five. I’m too weirded out for any actual analysis, which is not my strong suit anyway. I think the worst thing, for me, is the “Me likey.” Oh, wait! Maybe the worst thing the Arby’s logo springing up like a phallus.

Thoughts? Rotten tomatoes to throw? Tell me what you think.


  1. Soma says

    I got:
    1. Porn music
    2. Women are sex-awarders/men are sex-receivers
    3. Company shooting self in foot by associating product with sexual deviance and logo with penis
    4. Did I mention the phallic logo
    5. Marketing a unisex product to men only
    6. Taking sexual objectification to strange new levels
    7. Chicken and ham together. NASTY

  2. says

    1. Yet another white middle-class heterosexual couple. Yawn.
    2. His impatience, bugging her “Are you ready yet?” like he’s a child asking Mommy “Can I have my cake yet?”
    3. The way she sounds so reluctant saying “I’m only doing this for your birthday,” you get the feeling she was nagged-all-to-hell to do this for him. Just lie back and think of England, dearie.
    4. His “gratitude” only comes after her grumbling. I doubt he would have said any thank-you’s otherwise.
    5. If this is how he gets off, I’d hate to be the actual Arby’s employees who have to deal with him when he gets his sandwiches normally. Yay for fetishizing “the help”.
    6. Of course, the sproinging Arby’s symbol is pretty damn disturbing.
    7. And lastly, as you said, “Me likey” is both atrocious grammar and oddly childish-sounding, at odds with his slimily-checking-you-out tone.

    That’s the off-the-cuff stuff I find wrong with it. I’m not sure I want to know what I’ve missed.

  3. Krissa says

    My eyeball is twitching a bit too much for a list of wrongs…but it certainly doesn’t make me want to eat at Arby’s.
    “At least” both genders are unfairly stereotyped…I guess…?

  4. SunlessNick says


    The way she sounds so reluctant saying “I’m only doing this for your birthday,” you get the feeling she was nagged-all-to-hell to do this for him.

    Also ties into a “woman doesn’t want man eating meat.”


    Did I mention the phallic logo

    When I first watched the ad, before reading the rest of SBG’s post, I saw it as a crown – maybe because I was expecting it to be a BK ad. Still a poor show on their part, just a different kind of poor.

    3. Conflating the burger with sex is another way of conflating women with meat.

    That’s all I’ve got that hasn’t been mentioned already.

  5. says

    I’m forced to endure this commercial at least once an evening when I’m watching television. It seems to come on all the time here. It is the sketchiest, most disturbing burger commercial I’ve seen in a while and it always makes me cringe. Not only does Arby’s food look absolutely revoluting to me, but the fetishization of the woman/wife as “provider”/”giver of meat” is doubly disturbing.

    Clearly the commercial aims to make the viewer think that the woman is in the bathroom preparing some sort of sexy outfit for her husband’s birthday. Then she comes out in the Arby’s uniform instead, not only equating sex (and the husband’s apparent excitement for what we presume will be something sexual) with food, but also equating a sexual situation (man waits in bedroom with great anticipation, woman gets ready in bathroom) with what turns out to be an act of service. The wife serves her husband (food instead of herself), but the sex/food relationship is clear.

  6. Dom Camus says

    Add to the lists above: age difference.

    OK, so it’s hard to be sure with actors in a short commercial, but that guy looks like he’s got ten years on his partner.

    Nothing intrinsically wrong with that… but there’s no way they’d film the commercial with the age gap the other way around.

  7. Patrick says

    Does nobody notice the guy wearing dirty socks? In bed?

    And “only doing it for your birthday” is not a good way to deal with personal kinks. Either it’s a limit, or just the heck try it. If you have to be nagged into it it won’t be fun for you and probably also not for your partner.

    And finally, if she had to get dressed in the bathroom I’m guessing the food is already at least half cold.

  8. Eileen says

    I really never noticed that the Arby’s hat logo is exactly like a huge penis before. Now it’s all I see when I look at it.

    Thanks a bunch, Arby’s.

  9. sbg says


    You all did so well!

    It’s a bummer. I like Arby’s curly fries, but their advertisements suck. They tend to fare a little better than BK, but lately it seems like they’re stealing ad designs straight from the King. :(

  10. says

    I like Arby’s s food, but they only have one restaurant in the L.A. area, and it’s not convenient to me. And Burger King has closed some stores around here in the past few years, too. But McD’s is doing fine. What does this tell us, class?

    Companies with weirdly offensive ads that seem to make fun of the target audience and everyone else: sinking.

    Company that’s starting to feature families of color in its ads and doesn’t seem bent in insulting all humans at once: swimming.

  11. Dom Camus says

    Company that’s starting to feature families of color in its ads and doesn’t seem bent in insulting all humans at once: swimming.

    Oh, if only that were the reason!

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