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Sookie Stackhouse series–Charlaine Harris

Books 1-3: Dead Until Dark, Living Dead in Dallas, and Club Dead. Harris certainly knows how to write a fun female protagonist. Sookie Stackhouse is waitress. She’s unschooled, doesn’t have a typical education, but has a lot of people smarts. Why? Sookie is a rare human telepath in a world filled with vampires who’ve come […]

How Not to Play with Dolls: a Look at Whedon’s Dollhouse

Comments on this post may not be spoiler free. This post is by guest author Frédérik Sisa, a  writer with eclectic interests in art, entertainment, fashion, culture, and politics, Frédérik Sisa is a columnist, art critic, and director of operations for The Front Page Online (see also: Fashionoclast) as well as a regular contributor to […]

House: Hunting


In the second season episode of House, “Hunting”, Cameron has an HIV-positive patient Kalvin cough blood into her mouth and eyes. Understandably, she’s upset. Chase asks her if she wants to go for a drink and she snaps at him that a drink is not going to make the threat of HIV go away. Later, […]

The Thirteenth House

The Thirteenth House (The Twelve Houses, Book 2) is the sequel to Mystic and Rider (The Twelve Houses, Book 1) by Sharon Shinn.  Both books, along with the third, Dark Moon Defender, are fantasy-romances set in the mythical kingdom of Gillengaria, and are, unfortunately, fraught with the saccharine tendencies of romance novels of every other […]

House: Euphoria, Pt II

1 The House episode Euphoria, Pt II sees Foreman having contracted an obscure and deadly illness. He attempts to infect Cameron through an infected needle, and doesn’t succeed, but it was an illustration of his abject selfishness; forget that I may have given her a death sentence, it will make her work harder to cure […]

House, M.D. – Those Evil Feminine Wiles

I can’t stop watching House, M.D. It gives me too much material for this site. This post contains spoilers for this past week’s episode “Top Secret”. This week’s episode featured a main plot, a B plot, a C plot and a couple of B-cups. The main plot was House trying to save a Marine he’d […]

House: One Day, One Room

I wasn’t entirely intending to focus entirely on issues of sexual assault on television, though having volunteered counseling survivors for almost four years, it does tend to be on my mind. Last week’s episode of House (“One Day, One Room”), which I finally watched last night, is making me change my mind. I mentioned in […]