Indian women civil servants requires to disclose menstrual histories to employers

From BBC:

Women civil servants in India have expressed shock at new appraisal rules which require them to reveal details of their menstrual cycles.

Under the new nationwide requirements, female officials also have to say when they last sought maternity leave.

What the-? Why would they even want to know this? I get why employers used to ask women if they had any plans to get pregnant, unfair as that was to women – pregnancy means some leave time, and that affects the company. But what on earth does it matter to the company when you have your periods?

The Hindustan Times newspaper quoted him as saying the questions were based on advice from the Ministry of Health.

“We sought the ministry’s help to draw up a health-history format. I assume this will help evaluate the officer’s fitness,” he told the paper.

Or give them more excuses to fire women who don’t fit in or want the same benefits as the men or refuse to put out when sexual harassers demand sexual services?


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