Introducing What Privilege?

In 2006, I found I had some things to say about privilege that didn’t quite fit on Hathor, so I started another website for that discussion. At that time, I was still just discovering many of my own privileges, so I didn’t publicize the site or prominently link it to Hathor. What if I said something that, upon reflection, was so intensely privileged that it wrecked my reputation and took Hathor down with me?

It turns out that’s a lot more difficult to do than I’d feared. We’re all ignorant of our privilege. It’s when we refuse to let that ignorance be removed that we become hypocrites.

The ultimate test came a few months ago when I started reading about ableist language and suddenly realized: maybe the name of my anti-privilege site (“Blind Privilege”) was ableist. A couple of weeks later, someone else asked the same question, and I opened a discussion. The discussion was… interesting.

It took me a few months of researching, thinking, discussing and thinking some more, but I finally decided the site required a new name, even if I managed to dig up thousands of people who thought it was fine as it was. We decided to make it a sister site to Hathor (see the cute link at the top left?) and relaunch it with the new name:  What Privilege? You’re invited.


  1. The Other Patrick says

    I must say that this is a case where I don’t see the problem (he said, before reading the discussion), or rather I see where the problem is, but I don’t think it’s something to worry about.

    HOWEVER, since some people do see a problem, and since “What Privilege?” conveys the meaning just as well, why not change it? So good choice for a new name, and now to read the discussion and possibly be convinced.

    Also, I looked on the site, but couldn’t find it: why is this site called “hathor” anyway? Is that Egyptian?

  2. The Other Patrick says

    …aaaand done!

    “Using the term “blindness” to reflect mishaps of privilege is a way to further ingrain the oppression of those with little or no sight.”

    Yup, I had not considered that. well said.

  3. says

    Hi folks — my name is Andrew Grant-Thomas. I’m deputy director of the Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity, a national policy-oriented research org located at Ohio State University.

    I’d welcome a contribution from you as part of a project I’m initiating that solicits people’s views of the racial future they’d like to see. There’s more detail to it, which I’d be happy to provide if any of you is intrigued. The call is for 1,000 to 2,000 words due Monday, May 17. Articles will be posted to our Race-Talk forum beginning Monday, May 24.

    It’d also be great if you would spread the word about this on your blog and/or to folks you think would offer interesting takes. If you have any questions about the project, I’d be happy to answer at the email addy left above.

    Take good care,


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