is inequality making us sick?

I’m already intrigued… a documentary on healthcare in the US the acknowledges, in advance, that ‘social policies are health policies?’ :fans self:

This is especially awesome given this little bit of propaganda: 

It’s so lovely to be reminded that your healthcare needs can be reduced to your ability to act as a storage unit.


  1. sbg says

    Ugh, that’s just depressing. Bad enough that a woman is apparently supposed to consider her body a receptacle for a baby, but to literally be equated to a cardboard box is beyond the pale, isn’t it?

  2. says

    Hmm. I was posting a sarcastic comment about the propoganda vid and seem to have discovered that this site really doesn’t like it when you use less than and greater than signs in your post. Either that, or I’m misinterpreting the feedback I’m getting from the page…

  3. Neev says

    Wow, that analogy doesn’t even make sense on ANY LEVEL. They talk about the possiblity of the baby in the box and saving the BOX. But then they talk about the “unborn child” being a baby and saving that. So, apparently, unborn children are magical boxes that you unpack babies from. Instead of the logical conclusion of the MOTHER being the box in their analogy.

  4. sbg says

    Instead of the logical conclusion of the MOTHER being the box in their analogy.

    You’re right. In many anti-abortion arguments, it’s uncomfortably obvious how the life of an unborn baby is far more important than the life of the person carrying it, something that makes very little sense to me.

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