Outside, the dead walk.

SURVIVORS: I am typing this from my improvised bunker by the dim glow of my iPod Touch’s backlight. Luckily, Hathor’s servers haven’t gone down, and my wise investment in a solar iPhone charger has paid off in spades, but it is still a dark day– or night, I haven’t ventured outside in a while. Is there still laughter, out there in the sunlight? Is there still warmth? Who knows? I am so cold— for the dead have risen.

Unluckily, I am trapped in the gilded cage of consumerism that I have made for myself, for my bunker is situated directly under a Starbucks (free WiFi), and I have no hope of escaping without confronting the twisted, mangled, caffeine-deprived corpses of those who once were! God save us all.

Naturally, the question on the lips of every grad student living off of individually packaged biscotti and sporadic internet access in the Zombie Age is: what should I put on my Kindle, while I still draw breath and my heart still beats?

This, then, is my eBook wishlist.

First up are some selections from my post on sword and sorcery: early Barbara Hambly (NOM NOM unwilling heroines NOM NOM femme nerds NOM NOM) and Secrets of the Unicorn Queen. Hey. Sheila’s an unlikely geek in a mythical world. I can relate.

Next: Heh. Eat, Drink, and Be Gorgeous: A Nutritionist’s Guide to Living Well While Living it Up... As a reminder of a time when I had access to more food choices than biscotti.

Next: Daughters of the Moon, Carpe Demon: Adventures of a Demon-Hunting Soccer Mom, and Keeping It Real. Look. I’ll need the laughs.

Finally: Who Can Save Us Now?: Brand-New Superheroes and Their Amazing (Short) Stories, an anthology of superhero stories. I… identify with the title.

At first I was torn: should I go post-apocalyptic, DLing stuff like Parable of the Sower, The City Not Long After, and Z for Zachariah? But then I thought no, that’ll just depress me. What kind of survivor is a chubby grad student in a Starbucks? I can’t even rescue my cat. The divine Ms. Sprinkles is still in my apartment. She’s probably safe, but she’s only got food out for the next two days. I thought I’d be back sooner. :-/

So, no. Not post-apocalyptic. Then I thought, maybe generation ship? Like Seed Seeker series by Pamela Sergeant? Or like, Orbital Resonance? But then I was all, OH GOD IN THOSE BOOKS EVEN THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT CAN BE COMPANY I CAN HEAR THE DEAD WALKING AND I’M ALONE OH GOD OH GOD, and decided not to. Even when I close my eyes I can hear the screams.

What about romance? Moondancer Drake’s got a new fantasy out about the end of fairyland… wait. I think that’s technically post apocalyptic too…

Write back, world. The gnashing of teeth beyond my walls is so very, very loud.

ETA: What the fuck, over. I’m a Smithie, I’m a feminist, and I’ll be damned if I’m not going to save my cat. Watch out, zombies. Don’t fret, Ms. Sprinkles. Mama’s coming.

ETA: Welcome to Blog Like It’s the Apocalypse 2011! 😀


  1. says

    I hope you and Ms. Sprinkles are okay! Try The Zombie Survival Guide for your wishlist; when confronting the living dead, preparation is key.

    I read Carpe Demon and really liked it. It’s probably cliche to compare it to Buffy but that’s exactly what it felt to me. It has that Buffy-esque theme of combining your supernatural job with your social life. There’s one scene where she’s trying to throw a dinner party with a dead guy in the coat closet, and then the guests want to hang up their coats…. :) I liked it right up until the last few pages, when it looked like the author was introducing a second love interest for the MC. Granted, I haven’t read any of the sequels so I don’t know if that’s the direction it took, but love triangles with married people weird me out. Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but I think marriage should be “til death or divorce do we part”, not “til I find someone I want to bang more” (caveat: anything worked out between consenting adults is A-OK).

  2. sbg says

    Be very careful with your cat. I have … reason to believe things. I wish I had a netbook, because lugging my laptop around as I venture into this strange new dangerous world in search of hotspots and other survivors is a significant pain. Almost as much as the bite I could not escape earlier from a tortie with a tude…

    But this book list gives me motivation to survive. I will. After I fortify my walls.

  3. Maria says

    <3 Ms. Sprinkles is the cat that thinks she’s a dog. So far we’ve been fine — I made it back pretty okay, there are some other survivors here, and yeah. She’s obsessed with hissing at other cats tho, which is super odd. Like, she’s more weirded out by the pets than she is by the other survivors, and she’s actually a VERY friendly cat. She’s a rescue kitty, so not normally phazed by new animals.

    It’s really strange. But at least the building’s got electricity and running water, and I’m back with my REAL books.

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