It’s My Ovaries, Stupid! — Elizabeth Lee Vliet

Vliet’s introduction to the various issues women face when their hormones are out of whack is actually pretty interesting and very accessible. Also, bonus points for not focusing on fertility, which is something books of this type often do.

I found it INCREDIBLY accessible. Vliet’s indictment of a medical industry that often ignores the needs of female patients is both passionate and terse. She offers her patient anecdotes and data analysis in a way that suggests she respects her audience’s intelligence and commitment to their own physical, mental, and emotional well-being. She also challenges the frequent conflation of weight and health, pointing out that in issues like PCOS, weight is often a symptom, and not the problem. However, please keep in mind that is not an advice book — it’s a book offering an alternative explanation for the symptoms you might be experiencing. If you decide to read it, use it for the handy dandy graphs and fact sheets, which are succint enough to take to your doctor when you’re ready to get your hormones and glucose levels checked out.

It’s My Ovaries, Stupid!

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