It’s raining sexism

I didn’t get a weather report from my local news this morning, like I usually do. Reason? The weatherman was too busy trying to make an exchange between the two female news anchors into a girl-on-girl sex fest for his viewing pleasure.

They had just covered a story about a woman they called “the hugging lama”. I wasn’t paying attention, but I gathered she’s a lama who sets up seminar-type gatherings in which she hugs everyone who attends. Anyway, one of the anchors commented she’d gone to see this lady, but the line had been too long for her to get a hug and she didn’t want to use her media credentials to push to the front of the line.

I believe that her expressed lack of interest in using her privileges to get her way in life immediately marked her in the privileged male weatherman’s view as someone who didn’t mind being pushed around. I also suspect this guy’s feeling extremely threatened by women right now (more later). The extent of his privilege abuse will become obvious in a moment.

After the first anchor told this story, the other anchor hugged her to make up for her not getting a hug from the lama. Typical inane morning show stuff.

Then the weatherman started raising his eyebrows suggestively. He went on to make several suggestive comments about the hug, over a period of… I don’t know, at least 30 seconds, which is a long time in the world of soundbyte news. He just couldn’t let it go.

When he finally went to the weather, there was a huge bout of laughter from the crew about something off-camera – I’m hoping the women flipped him off or something. He hurried through the weather, including a few more suggestive comments about the hug. He skipped the beach weather report and also the report that breaks down “Los Angeles” into the 12 or so separate zones that can experience radically different temperatures and conditions on any given day. That’s the one I find useful.

“Did we get the beach weather?” one of the anchors asked after he was done.

“Yeah, we got it,” he said dismissively. Like hell, asshole. You were too busy trying to make a simple exchange between two women into a round of What Gets My Pecker Up. Tomorrow, I’ll check a different local station for weather, or I’ll just go online.

It’s worth mentioning that there are a lot of women on this show – two traffic reporters, most of the on-location reporters, and at least one of the desk anchors at all times. And for the past couple of weeks, Bozo the Weatherman was on vacation or something, and guess what? A woman filled in for him and did his job quite well. Perhaps a case of threatenitis, often experienced by Middle-Aged Man when he suddenly realizes those Woman things can do his job as well as provide him visual stimulation. The first symptom is usually an urge to force competent job-stealers women back into their rightful role as masturbatory aids.

I’m not bothered by the idea that he’s thinking sexy thoughts at inappropriate times – I do that myself. I’m annoyed by the fact that he feels entitled to voice those thoughts rather than giving me my damn weather report. I’m annoyed that he stole thunder from these two anchors who were demonstrating exactly the sort of personability morning anchorpersons are required to have in furtherance of their own careers. I’m annoyed that he was dismissive when they called him on his failure to do his job. I’m annoyed that he felt sexualizing his fellow anchors was humorous.

KTLA, now’s your chance. You have a replacement lined up already with the lady who filled in for him recently – just fire Bozo the Clown. At his age, they usually can’t be rehabilitated from that amount of entitlement.


  1. SunlessNick says

    This is irrelevent, but I initially read that as “hugging llama.” Which is a disturbing image.

    Apart from that, it’s heartening (for sufficiently incorrect definitions of heartening) that this doofus thinks that belittling the female staff is more important than doing his job.

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