Jericho “Federal Response”

This is a follow-up to my last mini-review on Jericho:

  • Mary’s motivation for sleeping with Eric after telling him off was revealed: she thought he was really going to leave his wife this time.   Which would be okay, if she wasn’t in her thirties and the owner of a bar which is almost surely trolled by married men who are really, really going to leave their wives this time on a regular basis.   And where will this lead?   Will she move on, like an adult?   Or will she obsess on him or tell his wife, thus reaffirming that he’s really such a stud that even when he’s bad to a woman, she just can’t get enough?   Time will tell.
  • Alicia Coppola’s character has officially become the show’s second Uppity Prissy Princess, but unlike the other, she’s a grown woman.   She’s from Washington, D.C., an IRS agent who’s probably about to get shipped with the guy she just audited who’s trying to get out of the $850,000 he owes in taxes, and she’s had some training about what would happen if the US was attacked by terrorists.   Now are you ready for the kicker?   She still thinks her apartment in D.C. is there waiting for her when she escapes from this boring little town.   Right.   I’m sure the people with the nukes forgot to include the freakin’ federal capital when they blew up all the other major American cities.

It’s not all bad.   April, Heather, the mom, Emily, Bonnie… all good so far.   It could get worse, it could get better.   I’ll keep posting.


  1. scarlett says

    Ugh, I hate those stereotypes, they’re so inconsistant to what a normal person would do. For sure, I’ve met plenty of people who can overlook infidelity time and time again, or being the Other Wo/Man believing that ‘this time they really WILL leave’, but those people tend to have a sense of hopelessness and self-delusion that permeates their whole personality. In other words, you don’t get people who really do know better who show bad judgement with ‘just one person’. It’s like saying ‘this otherwise confident, well-adjusted woman is willing to throw away her confidence and well-adjusted life on me’.

    Yeah, right.

  2. Jennifer Kesler says

    That’s just it. I HAVE known women who make that “he’s really going to leave his wife now” mistake. But Mary seems street-savvy in other ways. It just doesn’t match.

    Hell, even if she was a powerful, successful attorney, I could see her making this mistake because it’s not unlikely her socialization got delayed for academics, if she’s far ahead of others in her field. But a bar owner? How could she not know the score?

  3. scarlett says

    That’s what I meant – the people who stay in affairs, convinced their lover with eventually leave their partner, tend to be very street-unsavvy, or at least have terrible judgement across the board when it comes to relationships. But someone who otherwise knows the score – nup, not happening.

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