jerusha stewart — the single girl’s manifesta

Stewart’s amazingly fun advice book offers advice for those of us fabulously committed to remaining single until it’s no longer amusing. She covers topics ranging from the fine art of the one-night-stand to budgeting to maintaining friendships across distance and time. What’s even more fun is that she’s offering all this while talking about experiencing singleness from a variety of age ranges and social locations — this is NOT just a fit for your twenty-something BFF who’s a future cat-lady, y’all.* The singles she interviews are both male and female, and are all ages, ranging from the VERY early twenties to their happy happy 80s. In covering this range, she also finds an opportunity to cover all kinds of other lifestyle issues, including stuff related to life insurance, self-TLC, and the love of solitude so many of us fabulously single people have down pat. Some of the suggestions are a little “hmm,” like when she suggests that you try taking a champagne bath to get the feel of the bubbles all over your skin… To me, this suggests that her understanding of single-dom is very much based around being able to AFFORD particularly awesome signifiers of singledom. Plus, the LG identified subjects she mentions are, I think, all gay men. Because of this, the object of lusty naughty thoughts remains male, which to me enforces a certain kind of implied heteronormativity into her discussion of single-dom. Besides these (not so minor, but maybe not so huge? I think that’d depend on who you’re giving the book to, huh?) issues, this was a fun, fast read that heaps tons of praises on to a lifestyle that gets regularly lambasted during the holiday season.


*tho, if you WANT to buy Mr. FuzzyButt a pressie, I will graciously accept on his behalf.


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