Keeping it ‘Real’

Saw an piece on the news so I found an online article here which I thought might interest people.

Basically, an up-and-coming Australian fashion designer opted to employ ‘real women’ as her models, much to the chagrin of the organisers. Ostensibly, they claim that these women aren’t professional – some had as little as two modelling sessions before hitting the runway – but I can’t help but think they actually took issue with the fact these women, God forbid, actually had a bit of fat on them.

The thing was, they all looked healthy and sexy and like they were having a blast – far more so thAn the ‘professional’ models. One of the women they interviewed (I should point out that, ‘real women’ aside, none of them would have been above an Aus size 12) looked poised, healthy, happy.

I don’t understand what the fuss was about. The only thing I can think of is that if you start hiring healthy, confident women in an industry that is notorious for preying on women’s insecurities, well, those men in charge might get told where to go.

And, you know, we couldn’t have men being unemployed because they wouldn’t listen to what women wanted – and what people want from their models.


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