Lifetime’s Blood Ties

I know. You’re wondering what the bleep I’m doing watching Lifetime again, aren’t you? It’s like a roadside accident. I can’t seem to look away.

And you know what? The main protagonist of their original series Blood Ties is Vicki Nelson, a former police detective who now works in the private sector due to…failing eyesight, I think, is actually pretty tough and cool and smart.  I like her a lot, in fact. I also like her former partner, though he was also formerly her lover (original, no?) and her new partner, who happens to be a 450 year old vampire.

Yeah, that’s a stretch, but I like supernatural stuff. I also like Toronto, and I find it cool that this show is filmed AND set there instead of pretending to be…Chicago. But that’s neither here nor there, is it?

What I don’t particularly care for is Lifetime’s advertising for the series. Instead of focusing on a kick-ass, intelligent female investigator, they play 100% into the Bizarre Love Triangle angle.  After all, what Vicki does isn’t nearly as important as the fact that she works with a former boyfriend who she still thinks is hot and also with a new hottie who she can never really have because he’s a vampire.

The whole “twist” to the series isn’t the supernatural vibe. It’s the love triangle.

 Uh huh. 


  1. says


    Like you, I’m enjoying the show but a bit disappointed that the main question seems to be, in whose arms is Vicky going to fall in first? Who is going to win her over first?

    I find it not to be just a question of advertising, it’s inherent to the series itself. You could tell from the Pilot that the producers were going to focus on the love triangle rather than on anything else… here goes another female character defined by her man.

    Still watching though…

  2. Pat Mathews says

    Well, I watch it because Vicki kicks butt, and because the Mike-vs-Henry pissing contest is too amusing – except when it endangered Henry as in the last episode – and Vicki gave Mike what-for over it, too. (No, they were NOT expecting the Spanish Inquisition.

  3. Ide Cyan says

    The TV series is actually shot in Vancouver, standing in for Toronto. And it’s produced by Canadian companies — Lifetime is their US partner and distributor. Blood Ties is going to air in Canada starting in August.

    The series is based on novels by Canadian science-fiction & fantasy author Tanya Huff, and in the books, the “love triangle” is more of a polyamorous set-up, at least when it comes to sex, which does not equal choosing sides. Vicki can and does have sex with each of her partners/lovers. The commitment issues are more complicated than that. And Henry himself has another recurring lover throughout the books: Tony Foster, who stars in the Smoke books spin-off. The fact that Tony’s been written out (because Huff hopes to sell the adaptation rights to the Smoke books as well, and can’t do that if Tony appears in Blood Ties) unfortunately means that Henry’s bisexuality is easier to erase from the TV series.

    The TV series’s addition of Coreen as a regular was a good idea, though, and Huff has stated that she wishes she’d thought of it when she was writing the books.

  4. sbg says

    Huh. I thought I saw the CNN Tower in one of the shots. Not that that means anything, of course. It could have been that weird thingy in Vancouver (I can’t remember the name of it), and I just wasn’t paying that close of attention.

    And it really is a shame they removed Henry’s bisexuality.

  5. Tina Gladstone says

    I am so addicted!! Addicted to the love triangle, the supernatural arena and the main players. Keep it interesting. Thank you.

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