Links of Great Interest — 10/09/09

Why don’t you nominate a young adult novel with some good female characters for the Cybils?

An innovative bra designer is the recipient of the Ig Nobel prize.

TroubleInChina has the text of her Take Back the Night speech up at her blog. She also questions the resistance some feminists have to being inclusive of the concerns of disabled peoples. This open letter by Meloukhia to Feministing, specifically addresses that blog’s tendency to use exclusionary language in talking about feminism. My favorite line in this letter is: “Feminism includes people with disabilities. Disability is a feminist issue.” Quoted for truth, folks, QFT.

Polanski never actually paid the civil settlement to the girl he raped. Chris Rock breaks this case down here.

This custody battle is crossing international lines. Karnythia points out that the language used in this reporting Others the non-American mother.

This is a cute movie that includes what SHOULD have happened in Juno.

Chrystos talks about her activism, poetry, and life here.

Tyler Perry talks about his experiences with abuse here.

Scott Fugita, an NFL player, talks about why he supports LGBT rights.

Reuben Baron shares the rough draft of an article on race-bending.

Reappropriate is back, and critiquing the commodification of Asian American women’s bodies!


  1. Anemone says

    That Feministing fail was quite the eye-opener. I don’t known what to say.

    I hadn’t realized that “lame” was a slur the way “retard” is. Glad I haven’t been using it. (I prefer “pathetic”, anyway.)

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