Links of Great Interest: Two weeks to NWSA!

YOU GUYS my laptop is dying. This will seriously hamper my blogging. :(

ANYWAYS, someone looks happy! Essence celebrates bridal bliss in honor of DC’s first same sex marriage. Let’s historicize this shit! Older images of women in love from FUCK YEAH GAY VINTAGE are available here.

Nisi Shawl rocks it royal on, where she’s got a post up on steampunk and COTTON GIN PUNK. Be still my heart!

Uhhh, I love this post on gender, bodies, and slut-shaming. Quote from the post:

The lesson, ladies, is that great cleavage comes with great responsibility. People who shame women for wearing “too-revealing” clothes like to center their objections on women’s clothing “choices,” but make no mistake—this is not about what we choose. This is about the things we don’t choose—having chests or butts or legs or necks or hair or any other part of our human bodies that others decide to project their particular sexual interests—and their slut-shaming—upon. The man who is horrified at a woman’s “overly exposed” breasts will likely never have to worry about wearing one shirt—one shirt out of a lifetime of shirts—that happens to accidentally set off some random person’s slut meter, because of the way his body just is. And because my breasts are smaller, less visible, less imposing than other women’s breasts—because there’s less boob there—I can feel free to wear the more revealing top without attracting claims of public obscenity. It seems that some women’s bodies are just naturally sluttier than other women’s bodies—and all women’s bodies are naturally sluttier than men’s bodies.

Goddamn. Moon –> The fail that would not die. But, there’s great writing coming out from this fiasco! The Carl Brandon Society has a statement up. :) Here’s some thoughts on blogging and authorship here.

Ever wondered why Albania managed to increase its Jewish population during the Holocaust? Learn a little history here. Want something a little lighter? Check out some pictures of Muslims wearing things.

Girls in danger! Why are Latina teens more likely to attempt suicide than any other ethnic group in the US?

Kohl’s has decided to pull the “ghetto fab” wig from its costume shelves. The wig’s actually made by California Costumes, so if you want to contact them, their info is: 323-262-8383 or

Oh, Tyler Perry. Way to miss the goddamn point in “For Colored Girls…”

Here’s a HILARIOUS interview with Robin McKinley.

Some thoughts on the marketing of breast cancer awareness. Pink campaign GO!

How could 11 women disappear in one town over the course of two years, and no one notice?

…A fifth of the world’s vertebrates are in danger of extinction.

Constance’s legal fees will be paid for by the school district that ruined her prom.

Breast pumps will not receive a tax shelter. :(

Hey, look, Maura of Marie Claire didn’t mean to be a jerk when she said that fatties disgust her in the same way alcoholics do. Some great responses from Shakesville and Fatshionista.

I cannot make this shit up. The teabagger that beat a woman up at a protest wants her to apologize.

What are you going to be for Halloween? Hopefully nothing on this list of seven racist costumes.

Willow Smith and Black Grrrl! Power: <3 <3 <3 I WHIP MY HAIR BACK AND FORTH.

Uhhh, seriously, “Rape Me” as the advertisement for an acappella show?

Props to BP for their serious commitment to half-assedly destroying a region.

President Johnson-Sirleaf rocks Liberian politics.


  1. The Other Patrick says

    I think the only steampunk novel(s) I read is(are): The Iron Dragon’s Daughter by Michael Swanwick, which I thought was awesome, and, if you count that, the Foglios’ Girl Genius. And I noticed one commentator on Tor mentioned “Perdido Street Station” – if Mieville is steampunk, then I read him, too.

    And I think the post is right; I have withheld from steampunk – even though I love the costumes and the idea – because it seems to be a reactionary genre similar to much of fantasy. By which I mean HANK YOU for the link.

    • Azzy says

      I follow “Girl Genius” too (even if the latest arc seems interminable…) It’s such a fun romp. It’s the very first work that introduced me to steampunk (or gaslamp fantasy, as the Foglios call it).

      I don’t know how steampunk Mieville is, though. I was under the impression that his books were closer to dark fantasy or New Weird.

  2. says

    Thank you for the bridal bliss article, and I hope Danielle Moodie (if that is the gal on the right) doesn’t mind me ‘borrowing’ her, because she looks EXACTLY like my mental image of one of my characters for my Nanowrimo project.

  3. says

    The post on slut-shaming is great. Have you ever noticed that having big boobs is regarded by many people as if the woman wickedly decided to grow them that size for evil purposes of seducing the menz? Even when she’s too young to have had augmentation? Slut-shaming is TOTALLY a projection of someone else’s shame onto the object (from their perspective) that is making them feel ashamed (either because they want to touch those breasts or wish they had those breasts – there may be other reasons, but those are the ones I’ve discerned).

    The comments on the “die” link on Moon are just depressing. A great sci-fi book would be the one where the human race *finally* grasps the concept that even if something doesn’t particularly bother YOU, it does not follow that no one else should be bothered by it either. Except, it might not be plausible enough.

  4. Anne says

    Great linkspam, though many links were depressing!

    And YES for the slut-shaming one. That one made me so happy. As someone with naturally huge jammers, as my aunt called them, has been a not very fun thing. People stare, and then tell me I have to edit my style so I’m not slutty? Uh, thanks. I tried making the case that it’s not on women to not be cat-called or harassed by men, people should be treated with respect no matter what, but they insisted (with infographics, even, in the form of a photo and an arrow) that boobaliscious girls have to wear different clothes or grin and bear potentially unwanted attention.

    They bring it on themselves, after all.


    • Scarlett says

      I never thought about it like that but duh, it’s so obvious. And it’s compounded by the fact there is so little clothing actually designed to flatter anyone bigger than a size-12 b-cup (Aus sizes). Then society is turning around and slut-shaming women for being a certain size that they were given no choice about and probably would have gladly given back had they been GIVEN the choice.

      • says

        Not that they SHOULD wish they could change their breast size. If a woman enjoys having big breasts, good for her! People who hassle her about it should have their heads dunked in a toilet until they promise never to say such a thing again.

        • Scarlett says

          Sorry, I was thinking specifically of a woman I knew who had serious back problems as a teenager who would have hated them if only for that fact. I could totally understand why she wanted a reduction even if she had never been judged on her breast size. A woman should never feel she *has* to change her appearance on account of the way society views her or that her sexuality and identity are linked to her god-given physical appearance.

          • Maria says

            But I think that goes back to a post Jenn made years ago on breathing/breath and how women are expected to stand and pose in ways that restrict the breath, make it difficult to strengthen your core, etc. I’m not the boss of anyone’s body, but I know that for me I’m incredibly, incredibly, incredibly busty (as in I can only fit bras specifically altered for me) and after I got more into weight training through physical therapy, my back problems mostly went away.

            Even magazines like Fitness focus on women doing cardio like running, pilates, stuff that tones and sleeks you, etc and much less on strength training and core development.

          • says

            Scarlett: I understand. It’s just that without that context, it sounded a little odd, and I wanted to add that clarification in case anyone read and thought, “But I have big boobs, and I’m perfectly happy about them.”

            Maria: I have long wished my boobs were smaller. I’m DD these days, and was a C in high school (and frankly, would’ve been happy with a B). But I recently realized the reason I feel this way is: clothes are made for B-cups. Off-the-rack just doesn’t fit well 90% of the time. But in thinking about this last night, after reading that post, I realized this is a stupid reason to wish my body would change. I don’t really care how big my breasts are, aside from that issue, and that issue is one of bullshit in the clothing industry.

            As for the fitness info, it is indeed fixated on burning calories. Being skinny solves every problem for women, so why would they need anything else, right? Strength training is AWESOME. So is core-strengthening, specifically.

          • Scarlett says

            Jen, that makes sense. This woman I was talking about was looking a spinal operations by her mid-thirties – when I met her, she’d had quite a significant breast reduction – so her reasons for disliking them went beyond slut shaming and ill-fitting clothes. But she’d gone through that as well, and it really made me aware of what big-breasted women go through because of it. The spinal stuff probably couldn’t have been avoided, but the slut-shaming and ill-fitting clothes could have been.

          • Anne says

            I get more annoyed with mine than anything else. They just make things harder (haha, pun), like shopping (especially in summer). Like having to buy up in sizes to fit them, while the rest of the piece of clothing is more baggy. Leads to me wearing a lot more t-shirts! Which is fine, because I love t-shirts. :) They also kind of get in the way when I’m rock climbing or running (bouncy!).

            I wish women were more free to be happy with the bodies we have. Not that we can’t, it’s just that we have so many pressures on us to not necessarily be who we are (on the outside). And when we don’t fit, we’re shamed, and then also told how we’re supposed to be on the INSIDE.

            • Maria says

              I hear you on the rock climbing. Also some of the compression poses in yoga are hard for me, because they’re pretty solid.

              Everyday stuff like that does drive me crazy — I just hate it when busty women get pushed into a reduction (I’ve had several doctors I generally liked push me to get one) without other, non-surgical options being explored, as though, DUH your body makes no sense, let’s cut it til it does.

        • The Other Patrick says

          I have just been told that men have to lie to women because women are much more judgmental than men. I thought if this thread, this site, and the internet, and then I laughed in his face.

    • Scarlett says

      We don’t have a big Halloween culture in Australia, so I’m not the best person to gauge the situation, but mostly it seems to be about appropriating a culture while completely disrespecting it – wanting to be the ‘sexy ethnic’ (the geisha, or my personal favourite, ‘pocha-hottie’) or perpetuate an ugly stereotype – lazy mexicans, welfare-leeching white trash etc. The ‘pocha-hottie’ comment most galled me for the attitude of ‘well, why CAN’T I appropriate a culture I know nothing about and reduce it to a sexy-ethnic stereotype?

  5. veganrampage says

    I think the tea bagger stomp site you linked may be a far right one.

    As for the essay about Moon, in paragraph 4 the only obvious oppressed group he left out was women. Typical.

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