Links of Great Interest 10/30/09

Virginia Hamilton RULES. This is also pretty good — interesting trans premise. I can’t tell if it’ll turn out to be problematic, but I’m getting it from the library for sure.

This article on working for co-ops really rubs me the wrong way. Maybe it’s because it reeks of class privilege.

Here’s a summary of RACEFAIL 2009.

WoW_Ladies take on the top 10 reasons to not date a girl gamer. Comm. feelings are divided. Is it ironic or sexist or what? To me it’s sexist, and not funny, especially in a world where THIS passes for geek femininity.

Fat black women are comedy shorthand.

This is such a tragedy –the people who watched this child get raped should be ASHAMED. Seriously — WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN? Then again, I guess she could be lying.

Previously, said Sgt. Byron A. Fassett, who leads the department’s effort, girls working as prostitutes were handled as perpetrators rather than sexual assault victims. If a 45-year-old man had sex with a 14-year-old girl and no money changed hands, she was likely to get counseling and he was likely to get jail time for statutory rape, Sergeant Fassett said. If the same man left $80 on the table after having sex with her, she would probably be locked up for prostitution and he would probably go home with a fine as a john.” How is that okay?

The Screen Actors’ Guild has some stats for you.

This cat right here? He is a HOTTIE. Keni Styles reports on porn and his experiences in the adult film industry. Along the way, he sometimes highlights the racism of that industry AND appears to be having a pretty good time.

V erb Noire is having some financial troubles, and needs your support.

More immigrants are citing homophobia as the cause for the need for asylum. (Note that sleight of hand in the title that displaces the blame onto their orientation, not homophobia! What the fuck? Over.)

Feministing has a follow up to their disability rights issues.


  1. Charles RB says

    Here’s a thing I’ve noticed about the Richmond case: on a entirely female LH thread, the general response was about raising boys and social ills and the need to change them.

    On another forum, a thread about this was mostly posted on by men and there was a recurring theme of how macho violence could save the day: vigilante action would stop people being racists, death by public flogging will stop it, any real man would have jumped in to fight off the racists because being hospitalised is nothing compared to the shame of not getting involved…

    The same guys didn’t bring up the issues of raising boys or teaching people to not ignore assaults, you just get posturing to turn the issue into something that can be solved by punching a bad guy. And that just makes me think – well, no wonder the issue doesn’t get solved. Our gender’s not talking about it right.

    And maybe that’s why some people walked by and did nothing: they thought doing something meant being a Manly Man and shat themselves at the thought of getting involved. Nobody says “real men find a safe spot and then dial 999”.

    And the others that laughed, watched, or joined in… well, how much of that was the end result of macho posturing? This is what Alpha Men do, isn’t it?

  2. Anemone says

    I have learned so much from Racefail’09. And there is so much yet to read. (I started wading through it this summer when I discovered Seeking Avalon.) I will never get through it all. I’m really glad people have blogged about it, so silly white girls like me can get through a bit of racism 101. (And now I have the phrase autism 101 I can use. :) )

    I can extrapolate a bit from having so few SF characters I can really identify with: Counsellor Troi, Sha’uri, ummmm, anyone else? Ummmmm . . .

    The Ashok Banker interview was interesting. I wonder if they still have the westernized version of his novel in the library here.

  3. Pocket Nerd says

    Yikes. That “reasons not to date a gamer girl” article is failtastic. I know they think they’re being funny, but they aren’t; these stereotypes are so far off the mark it makes me suspect the author’s last intimate contact with a woman was his own birth.

    Incidentally, I date a gamer girl, and not a single one of these applies.

  4. Pocket Nerd says

    Huh. So she is. It’s also her first article for GamerPaper. Perhaps the message is “Look how totally non-misogynist we are! We’ll let chicks write for us, as long as they deliberately validate our prejudices.”

  5. Charles RB says

    If a woman wrote that, and is presumably also a gamer, she knows half the reasons have no basis in fact. Since this sort of joke needs some factual basis/assumption of factual basis that you can exaggerate, what was the point?

    Unless the point is to mock male gamer views on female gamers, in which case it’s not clear at all.

  6. says

    It’s a woman who wants to buy face in the allegedly male gaming community. She wants to prove that she is better than those other ‘females’ who don’t know how to be a good sport.

    But I am heartened to see that there are guys out there who may not identify as feminists, but they do identify with feminist values.

  7. Kiki says

    The gaming article is a total Fail.

    The thing that really bothers me is the fail in comments of Feministing’s post. Somebody named “gopher” seemed to be very disrespectful of everything in the post.

  8. says

    The Feministing response was pretty disappointing to me. Lauredhel had a great comment summing up just how many ways they damage their credibility in it. And the thing is, I totally get that they may REALLY have good intentions, truly, but that’s how privilege works (and I speak from experience here). You think, “Well, I’ll write an article about this, but I’m pressed for time, so I’ll just mention them as a gang instead of looking up individual names and linking to their blogs” and so on. Which is not how you’d deal with it if you were writing about a famous author.

    CharlesRB, those are very good points about how that gender conditioning sort of reboots its own bad cycle and never gets anywhere. Additionally, our society as a whole encourages people to compartmentalize their own troubles from those of the world they live in, when it’s really a continuum. We should be teaching that if there’s a perfectly simple, safe way to prevent harm to a fellow human – such as dialing the police – and you don’t do it, you share their guilt and are one selfish piece of shit and need to atone heavily before you ever ask for anything from your fellow humans again. (Incidentally, there’s an episode of Criminal Minds in which a group of teens have been watching a corpse in the woods decompose for their own entertainment rather than letting someone know so the police can inform his loved ones where their missing person has ended up. I remember watching it and just waiting for Many Patinkin to reassure the girl who told him that it was okay, they were just nice white kids with bright futures, they didn’t mean any harm. Instead he made it clear that this was a really sick, selfish thing for them to have done. My jaw dropped because I am so used to my culture saying “Go ahead, be completely selfish!” that I could barely process the TV spitting my own thoughts at me that way.)

    On a side note, I DESPISE the term “gang rape.” It makes it sound like a crime only street hoodlums commit – or else something cutely naughty that the Little Rascals got up to. Makes me shudder. Years ago, we called it “group sexual assault” which is much more in line with other legal terms. I guess the press thought we needed something that sounded more colorful because, you know, just the fact that it’s one of the worst things human beings do isn’t interesting enough for the front page.

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