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Wanna take a FREE class on gender in comics?

Trader Joe’s exec wants to sell expired food.

Really bewildered by Hemmens’ review. The only books I’ve read where there’s been a “moonlight glistening on the buttocks” moment were written by men. Like, there’s definitely a moment near the end of Lisey’s Story where she’s just, you know, conquered an assassin, saved her sister, AND IS BLEEDING, and the narration makes sure to mention that she looks a little sexy but doesn’t know it. Scroll down to page 509 in the Google Books preview, and you’ll see what I mean.

Seriously, can I not just work out?

An incredibly powerful post about the 2002 riots in India.

More on the young scientists who’ve invented a new use for pee.

From Patrick:

Karl Rove claims that Obama engaged in “voter suppression.” While
mocking him for projection, a lot of people don’t seem to notice that
he goes on to define “voter suppression” as, basically, saying bad
things about the other candidate.

I don’t think this is Rove losing it. I think that Rove has decided
that the GOP needs to step up its already-impressive voter suppression
efforts, and that one of the keys to doing that is to rob the term of
any real heft.

From Pebblerocker:

I remember a Hathor article about how the media tries not to let women
know that fighting off attackers sometimes works. I can’t find the
article any more, but since then I’ve been collecting such news
stories when they (rarely) come up.

From Nuria:

From Spartakos:

A woman talks about her experience in costume at Comicon (her reaction
was awesome).

From Ara: A link on rape culture.

From Maartje:

Man calling on men to raise their sons outside the ‘manbox’

Originally posted by mizarchivist at The very small ecosystem that is fiber arts in Greater Boston

We are about to lose Windsor Button, not because it was not well loved or well visited, but because they are losing their lease. Well, thanks to everyone flocking there, the sales at Minds Eye Yarn have plummeted in the past month to the point where the dear owner is thinking she may have to close by June if things don’t turn around this coming month. We’ve lost a lot of good yarn stores in the last 5 years, with folks spending less and rents rising. However, I cannot stand by and watch a friend’s business and a family member’s job just disappear without some fighting. My word from the inside is that $20 can go a long way if enough people are giving a bit at a steady rate. So, if you’re a fiber-nerd that doesn’t want to resort to what’s available at Michael’s or AC Moore by July, you will go to Mind’s Eye in and over the next week or two and show some love. Please. Pass it on- (Feel free to buy something FOR your fiber loving friend if you are not one of them.)


  1. SunlessNick says

    I don’t think this is Rove losing it. I think that Rove has decided that the GOP needs to step up its already-impressive voter suppression efforts, and that one of the keys to doing that is to rob the term of any real heft.

    Very astute observation.

  2. Alara Rogers says

    The comments to the Shameless Mag article are driving me nuts. I hate how blogs are basically a NOW thing and you can’t respond to something that’s six months old no matter how dumb the commenters were.

    So I think I agree with the one commenter who said that the point to 500 Days of Summer is that the main character’s behavior is wrong and his obsession with Summer is unhealthy precisely because it’s not taking her desires into account… but this totally does not change the fact that the behavior *is* wrong and *is* a marker of rape culture (no, it is not about rape in and of itself; it’s about male entitlement to women as objects of desire, which… is about rape). The idea that’s presented constantly in popular culture that it is romantic when a man wants a woman so much that he just won’t take no for an answer is not harmless. I have proof.

    When I was in college, I had a friend who was male. He wanted to be my boyfriend. I wanted a person to play roleplaying games and talk about anime with. I told him that he was physically repulsive to me, that I could not imagine ever finding him attractive (this after months of wheedling and pestering), and he *said*, “But in the movies, the girl always says no, and if the hero just sticks it out eventually she falls in love with him.” In other words, “It does not matter that you find me completely unattractive, because fiction has told me that if I keep pestering you, your personal desires will be overwritten by mine!” I couldn’t get rid of him until I got a boyfriend. And I got vicious, I mean, I started channeling Kerr Avon from Blake’s 7 to try to get through to this guy.

    I am so fucking sick of the story where the guy loves the girl so much, and she doesn’t want him, and she’s the bad guy because she hurts his poor feelings by not loving him back. Or the story where the guy and the girl argue all the time and plainly don’t like each other except then they have sex and it turns out they are in love. (I’m ok with inversions like Farscape, where the guy and the girl argue a lot, they have sex, and then they continue to argue a lot because the girl is all like, “What? Physical release is important, that doesn’t mean I actually care about you,” and it’s a long time before she recognizes that she loves him, because she comes from a culture where love is just not a thing you are allowed to feel.) Or the story where the guy wants the girl and he pesters and pesters and eventually she falls in love with him. Because those stories were responsible for four years of a very painful and emotionally draining situation that *hurt* me. And I was lucky, because the friend with a weird obsession with me was not one of the approximately 7% of men who are rapists.

    Women are allowed to not want guys. They are allowed to not want guys for ANY REASON AT ALL. He isn’t rich enough? Shallow, but she’s still allowed to not want him for that reason. He’s not popular? I wouldn’t reject a guy for that reason, but she’s still allowed to not want him. He’s conventionally unattractive? If that reason is not allowed then I demand that men immediately start going out with every conventionally unattractive woman who finds them attractive, regardless of how they feel about it.

    We cannot control who we desire or who we love. And to be desired or even loved by someone you do not want is *terrible*. On one level it is a constant temptation to be cruel, to be a user, because you have something someone else wants and you can make them do things for it. On another level it provokes a horrible conflict between human pity and your own desires. You should not feel bad about not loving people! You can’t control who you love! You shouldn’t ever wish you could make yourself love someone because you’re sad for them that they love you! On yet another level it is a physical danger, a risk for being raped, being mutilated, being killed, most especially if you are a woman wanted by a man.

    500 Days of Summer might have been about a situation where the girl was not the villain and the guy was eventually shown to be wrong… but most of the stories are not. And I am so fucking sick of it.

  3. says

    Love the article on cosplay at Comicon! Sadly, it’s also good advice for everyday living, as you don’t need to don a costume or even look nice to get lewd comments from males.

    Re: the TJ’s article. I love the idea, but how will corporate food interests react? It’s already legal to sell expired food, and Whole Foods and various other chains do it all the effing time. But not to the underprivileged – and not on sale, either. It’s just right there for the regular price, as they hope you won’t notice. And I’m talking things like ice cream that are WAY expired, not just a little past the date. If you mention it to them, they act horrified and make like they’re going to throw it away, but if you lurk around and watch, they put it right back on the shelf. I’ve personally witnessed this several times, and clearly they know what they’re doing and think you should pay full price for food that actually might make you ill because you only exist to serve the profits of big business.

  4. sbg says

    Hmm re: the TJ’s article. There’s a store where I live that sells expired food already, and while it’s not geared toward the underprivileged specifically, the area in general is economically depressed. I bought a five pound bag of whole wheat flour – retail at $5 or so – for 50 cents. Most of the stuff is extremely discounted and perfectly useable.

    Long story short: this is not a revolutionary idea.

  5. says


    Isn’t it also the idea for Fresh & Easy? Stuff’s just about to expire, so you get it on deep discount and either eat it immediately or freeze it?

    That’s another question about doing this for the poor. Many poor people don’t have cars or can’t afford to keep them fueled all the time, so they can only go grocery shopping once a month. They stock up on everything cheap that is going to keep for the rest of the month – canned stuff, frozen stuff. But much of that is the not-so-healthy stuff so, you know, will they even be able to take advantage of this idea? Salads and wraps sound great, but it’s just not going to work for a lot of people.

    This is the nucleus of an idea, but it’s often programs like this one that fail and then make all the wealthy and middle class folks throw up their hands and declare the poor just want to be victims. When in fact the poor just have Real Problems that more moneyed folks do not know first hand.

  6. sbg says

    Jennifer Kesler,

    Yeah, this store mostly stocks stuff that’s not so perishable – canned and bottled goods, cereals, etc. It’s not a substitute for regular grocery shopping at all, but it can help keep the staples in your cupboard for super cheap so you can buy the fresh stuff more easily.

    There’s also deeply discounted household items – soap, shampoo.

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