Links of Great Interest 11/06/09

Do you have some time to rock out? This might be the soundtrack to Jennifer’s post on sex in Hollywood. posts the Avatar: Last Airbender Bible, which confirms that the movie is total fail.

This South Bronx school needs your help!

The response to Push has managed to combine fatphobia, racism, and classism into one tasty morsel of stupid.

The HappyNappyBookseller calls out The Orange Houses for being essentialist.

Bitch has some high praise for The Office’s Subtle Sexuality.

Are the jobs in these two lists gendered?

The comic version of Laughing Corpse is unintentionally hilarious.

Here’s a guide to some good yuri (manga and anime with lesbian overtones).

England has its first female Beefeater (vets honored by getting to guard the Crown Jewels). Let’s just not talk about that pesky sexual harassment issue.

More reactions to the Richmond rape.

The Mongoose reminds us that state sanctioned abuse is not discipline.

AfroBella has a link round up on the media kerfuffle surrounding Zahara (Angelina Jolie’s adopted black daughter) and her hair.

AP_Racism has a good post up on the rise of Islamophobia in the US.

This is a follow-up to the story on Lou Jing, the mixed race talent show star causing such controversy in China.

NSFW (but still of great interest! 😉

Mr. Blacksexxology posts on rape culture, and provides a list of some hot erotica/porn sites catering to the interests of women of color.


  1. SunlessNick says

    The two young women at the end of the Islamophobia video were great. And the guy whose son was a soldier, I wish he’d had the chance to lay that smackdown on a real shithead.

    (There’s a link there to a similar shopping while black experiment; that’s worth watching too).

  2. SunlessNick says

    ABC has a story on the Fort Hood shooting – though it takes a positive tack, focussing on the stories of survivors helping the wounded (though irritatingly, it doesn’t name the female soldier who performed first aid on a colleague, then carried him to safety, before realising that she herself had been shot in the hip).

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