Links of Great Interest 12/11/09

What DOES your cat do all day?…Maybe they spend a couple of hours reading New Mooon! Too bad they didn’t know about the shorter version.

Who gives a crap about Tiger Woods? Especially in a world where kids are getting their asses handed to them by the very people who should be protecting them?

Seriously, if this an example of bonus points for dude-dom? Because I think mommy bloggers have been talking about this for YEARS.

Look. Sharing someone else’s naked pictures WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT is a form of sexual assault. This is a damn tragedy.

Celie’s Revenge remembers the Montreal Massacre. “Women die when men feel slighted.” More comments on the backlash to feminism.

What, are there no trans actresses?

Black and gay is BEAUTIFUL.

So is black and graphic — nominate your favorite author/character/artist for a Glyph award!

Ummm, not sure why buying sex isn’t sustainable…

I think it’d be difficult for me to successfully whiten up my resume…

This blog focuses on eating when on food stamps.

SAVE THE WHITE WOMEN FROM THE EVIL ITALIAN JUSTICE SYSTEM!!! The scare caps were entirely necessary.

CNN reports the obvious. (White?) women DO go to the movies.


NSFW links:

Is saying squirting is disgusting a form of shaming? Personally, I think so. Gettin’ mad at women who squirt, and who like it, is just another way of saying what kind of girls are “good” and what kind are “bad.” The problems with porn don’t lie in the bodies of the women. The problems lie in the set of cultural assumptions saying that the only way to be sexually desirable is to be an object. It’s like how I’m not especially excited about the rise of p*ssy eating in many mainstream porn genres — even though it’s “about” the girl, it’s not about her in the sense that her orgasm is equally as important as the guy’s. It, and the squirting, just are props to confirm the guy’s crazy sexual prowess. I think this Fleshbot post really describes what I’m talking about here…. seriously, the poster is mad because he’s not the center of the scene?

Buck Angel talks gender.


  1. Charles RB says

    The “backlash” link has a comment saying “oh no no, that ad’s not hateful, you’re overly academic”, followed by saying the blogger has “her panties in the wrong twist”. Well _something’s_ hateful at least.

    Fun thing I’ve noticed with the Kercher murder: Knox is the one that gets all the focus, but I never see anyone saying “did Sollecito get a proper trial?”. Same type of evidence, and if she didn’t do it he didn’t either. The only difference bar gender is he isn’t American.

  2. SunlessNick says

    What DOES your cat do all day?

    From the look of the cat in the story try to tell you, “Get this fricking thing OFF ME!”

    Look. Sharing someone else’s naked pictures WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT is a form of sexual assault.

    That story exposes some really deep sickness. Especially as the media insists on calling it a “sexting”-related death, not a violation-, shaming- and abuse-related death. My own take on the school’s attitude could be summed as “Pretend they didn’t violate her and you can go on pretending you’d care if they did.”

    CNN reports the obvious.

    In this article, I initially read the sentence – “Women are a dramatically underserved segment of the moviegoing population” – as “unDEServed,” which struck me as an equally apt commentary on the the studios’ attitudes.

    Seriously, if this an example of bonus points for dude-dom?

    A few articles below that one is one on differing reactions to female and male children.

  3. Anemone says

    Look. Sharing someone else’s naked pictures WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT is a form of sexual assault. This is a damn tragedy.

    That was a horrible story. I hadn’t heard it before, but I’m afraid these things will keep happening. Shame on the school for getting it all wrong.

    It was a real trigger for me, too, in that I’ve never felt safe being sexual in public in any way, because I know if I am, I’ll get hurt. How does any woman feel safe being sexy in public? I’m impressed anyone can manage it. (And I’ve read that it’s common for women to dress sexier once they’re safely married and don’t have to worry about predators so much.)

    A few articles below that one is one on differing reactions to female and male children.

    This article really reminded me of a family I rented a room from once. Well educated family, three daughters, one unplanned son. It was really bizarre how the favoured the son, even so far as to putting him in his own room as a baby (when babies are typically better off in their parents’ rooms) and having their youngest daughter in their room instead. (They had three bedrooms for them to save money until their kids were all in school, then they were going to put their daughters in the basement rooms they were renting out.)

    Ummm, not sure why buying sex isn’t sustainable…

    So if the women are giving it away for free, does that mean they’re less likely to have been trafficked?

    The Black and Gay link didn’t work (it took me to the same article as the link before it).

  4. says

    Anemone, I too am uncomfortable being at all sexual in public. It’s not that I’m afraid someone will rape me so much as I’m afraid if someone does, everyone will blame me. If that makes any sense?

    And I’d have felt as Heather did after the fact – shouldn’t have sent them in the first place! Not because the photograph was wrong or my feelings were wrong, but simply that it was wrong to trust anyone ever and I was stupid for not realizing that.

    I guess that’s the message girls need to be getting: assume the very worst you can imagine of every human being you meet, male or female, and never trust or reveal yourself to anyone in any way.

  5. Anemone says

    I forgot to add that I loved the short version of New Moon. It’s about time someone mentioned the issue of menstruation around hungry vampires.

    And here’s an article on domestic violence disguised as mercy killing that’s giving me a sick feeling in my stomach. I hope no one minds my linking it here. I need to share it somewhere.

  6. Karakuri says

    Yeah, even my gender-aware boyfriend was once especially harsh on me, totally out of nowhere, for “not being careful enough” in the city when suspicious people were around. It felt like being reprimanded, like I was somehow morally in the wrong, when it should have been a simple warning… And he didn’t mean to. It just comes out in the gentlest people I know. Even in me – I have a housemate who can be a bit stupid sometimes, clumsy, untidy, etc. and I can be quick to get mad at her if she makes stupid mistakes. My anger turns into condemnation because of my prejudice, and it’s no longer about the action, but because of something in her that’s always annoyed me.
    That’s what happens to these girls.

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