Links of Great Interest: ACK when did it become late Jan???

Catherine Ryan Hyde may be stealing AND altering the life story Leslie Feinberg, a trans author, in an act of blatant transphobia. Hyde responds to these allegations here.

From Patrick:

The latest installment of the webcomic “The Rack” has a great character filibuster on fandom and trivialization of the word “rape.”

From Sunless Nick:

Melissa is reporting an article by a Dr Sharma who is himself reporting on a paper by an Emma Rich criticising anti-obesity programming like Jamie Oliver’s – from what I can tell, though I’ve not navigated my way into the full text of Rich’s paper yet, but it seems she pays attention to class issues, social as well as economic.  (Including one woman who flat-out tells Oliver that he’s living in a bubble and has no idea of the reality of the lives he’s judging).

A little bit of rage will keep your teeth nice and white. (NSFW warning — that goes to the Feminist Cunt meme generator.)

Some reflections on the myth of the model minority.

Check it out: a fashion blog for the wise and silver haired.

… There’s Sarah Palin fanfic.

…And a 90 second version of A Wrinkle in Time. Both are hilarious.

What the shit, who declared war against nipples?

Haha, RMG linked me to a Redwall parody last week. 😀

From SunlessNick:

… about a rape suspect who decides to represent himself, despite repeated advice to the contrary, grills the victim for hours, and THEN decides he wants a lawyer after all (who will be entitled to question her again).

Tigtog at Hoyden about Town is where I saw it first.

Cara at the Curvature also has a piece .

Trigger warnings may apply, though neither article goes into detail about the crime itself.

SHE was beating ME. That’s why I cut off her head after she filed for divorce.


  1. Robin says

    That TSA video is alternately hilarious and disheartening. I love things that point out logical fallacies, particularly with our society’s “security theater” that doesn’t actually protect the general public. (Though the video about the iPhone4 is still the funniest, in my opinion.)

    A big “hells yes!” to the article about the war on nipples and its comment thread. If you want lining / padding / shaping / what-have-you in your bra, that’s fine. Go for it. But the lingerie companies are making it harder and harder for those of us who don’t to find bras that suit our preferences and needs. In recent years, I’ve been mostly buying bras from Victoria’s Secret online because they don’t carry many of their simple unlined models in the physical stores. Personally, I’m happy with my endowments (34C if you’re wondering), and feel like over-structured bras are false advertising. I’ve only ever found one that fit properly, and have never felt they were necessary the way the manufacturers seem to.

    • Maria says

      Yeah, the TSA really bummed me out. I thought it was actually a nice contrast to the nipple article — in both the emphasis is on being able to control who sees what of your body, and policing that access.

      • The Other Anne says

        In other news….it’s reaching out to other countries. I don’t know if it’s because my plane was returning to the US or not, but in the Joberg airport my friend and I went through security again (we’d flown in from Windhoek, so it was international and we didn’t have to go through customs but this was our second trip through security at an airport already that day, just for context’s sake), and at our gate to get on the plane we HAD to separate into lines by dichotomous gender (man & woman), have our tickets and passports checked, and then be patted down (with no alternative), then get our passports and tickets checked again, then go to the counter to have them tear the tickets and check them again, then in the walkway towards the plane we had to get a laminated card with a number on it and hand it to a man a hundred meters down the corridor next to the plane and then board. It was so weird. My friend and I (after the pat down, which was kind of off-putting because I waited in line and then the man checking passports ignored the line he was checking–the woman’s line–to berate people for not being in line, and then the woman supposed to pat me down just stared at me and then I said “aren’t you supposed to pat me down?” and she stared at me for a minute and said, “you’re supposed to wait in line and have your passport and ticket checked” and I said “yeah, I did that.” and then she pat me down.

        Confuzzling, to be sure. Then we went through security again at Dulles. And I just don’t get the point of it. Because I seriously doubt the effectiveness of any of it! At least I got to skip the Rapiscan. It was in a different line at Dulles. Yay?

  2. jennygadget says

    Since the comments over at Shakesville are closed:

    One of the many, many things that Jamie Oliver refuses to comprehend is the fact that urban planning – and the location and size of groceries stories – is vastly different in the US than it is in the UK.

    I desperately miss not having several grocery stores of various sizes within walking distance, like I did when I lived in Bristol, UK. That was the first year that I ever really shopped for my own groceries on a regular basis, and it was heaven compared to SoCal. About every other week I would make the long trek to the huge US sized Sainbury’s to stock up, and then the rest of the time I would stop by one of the itty, bitty, sized* Tesco** or Somerfields for fresh fruit, more milk, and other stuff that needs to be fresh and tends to go bad it’s own timetable.

    *I’m pretty sure that one of the Somerfields I used on a regular basis was smaller than my current one bedroom apartment.

    **in double checking the spelling of the chains, I discovered that Tesco owns Fresh and Easy. Which doesn’t surprise me as I love and hate that store. I hate that they use so much packaging with their veggies and the like, but I love that their food is not only generally fresh, but that they package the meat well enough that it *stays* fresh. The size of the Fresh and Easys I’ve been to are in more in line with the medium sized UK stores too – about the size of the smaller Stater Brothers, but with more room to navigate. They don’t try to carry everything – the idea is that you stock up on certain things elsewhere, but Fresh and Easy is your go to store when you ran out of toilet paper or you need fresh ingredients for today’s recipe. If only there was one close enough to where I love for that to actually work for me.

    • says

      I have my own garden and raise my own livestock and I still can’t live the way Jamie Oliver thinks I should. I just plain don’t have the time. Sure, if I had a nanny and a maid service like he does, I could probably pull it off most days. Especially if doing so was the only actual job I had.

      But, in reality, I have to clean my own house, do my schoolwork, do my job, look after my own kid, work around my husband’s prone to change with zero notice schedule that involves 10-12 hour workdays, account for my husband’s diabetes, my brother-in-law’s food allergies, and my son’s lactose intolerance, all while hoping my bipolar disorder doesn’t have a major up or down swing.

      Jamie refuses to comprehend a lot, but mostly he just fails to comprehend that he’s a hyper-privileged douche.

      I’m lucky and have access to a lot of foods, and if I plan right, when I’m in a massive manic I can do a lot of baking and casserole making and freeze the stuff for later use. But that’s if, and only if, my cycle isn’t subject to outside interference that alters it and it parallels our payroll.

  3. Lindsey says

    I am glad to see some rebuttals/further investigation of the “Chinese mothers” thing, both as part of the model-minority stereotype and debunking that kind of parenting behavior. The title of the WSJ article is far more incendiary than it should be for good journalism, and seems to be putting words in the author’s mouth.

  4. says

    I’m DD, and I can’t find *any* bra in my size that isn’t padded, t-shirt or otherwise. I’m like, you have got to be kidding me. Why would I want them *bigger*?

    I wish people like the ones in the Dr. Sharma article got more press than the people they’re talking about. There is so very much bullshit within the weight dialog that people really can’t get the information they need if they’re concerned about health. I mean, after how many decades of telling us fat was bad for us, and substituting it with scary chemicals, they finally bothered to do a study and found out, whoops, it’s actually sugar that’s bad. And that while “bad” fats aren’t as good for you as “good” fats, they’re actually overall… still good for you. That’s right, folks: even saturated fat is better for you than sugar!

    Or so they tell us this week. How are we supposed to know what to eat when the science being done on it is almost completely full of shit?

    • sbg says

      I’m just talking to talk, but doesn’t it make far more sense from an evolutionary standpoint that we’d be able to process and use fat way better than sugar? I can’t imagine early humans got all that much sugar, and what they did was naturally occurring in fruits, roots and vegetables.

      So, nowadays nearly everything put out by the food industry has added sugar and we’re all kind of addicted to it.

      • says

        I’m just talking to talk, but doesn’t it make far more sense from an evolutionary standpoint that we’d be able to process and use fat way better than sugar?

        Exactly. This is just common sense (because we were eating fat when our bodies evolved, but not so much sugar), and it needs to be backed up by science, but no one is trying because FAT IS EVIL LET’S REPLACE IT WITH MORE SUGAR (if you look at “low fat” foods, that’s generally what they do).

        I’d even go so far as to suggest modern *refined* sugar in particular is the culprit. Our ancestors’ sugar intake would have been almost exclusively from fruit. And as someone who cut out refined sugar last year and now only eats fruit sugars (and some honey and raw cane sugars), I can tell you there’s something refined sugar does to your body that other sugars do not. With refined sugar, my sweet tooth was never satisfied, whereas with “natural” sugars, I eat far less sweet stuff and feel like I’ve had absolutely all I want. I also have more energy without refined sugar.

        A recently study found that “bad” fats didn’t actually cause artery clogs, as we’ve been told (and they mainly raise GOOD cholesterol, not bad) – that it’s corn syrups and modern refined sugar that are doing all that harm. Here we’ve been given precisely the wrong advice for decades. In fact, maybe this study constitutes the first in backing up your common sense assertion above.

        • says

          yes, this! I try to cut out sugar and processed foods(which have a lot sugar hidden), mainly because diabetes runs in the family. My slender, blonde mother got diagnosed with pre-diabetes. I am neither slender nor blonde, so I figure I’m pretty much doomed.

          But even without the threat of diabetes, I find that limiting sugar takes care of the following (for me): no sluggishness, no irregular bowels, no weird shaking when I’m hungry, no bloat, less acne, fewer migraines, no canker sores or tooth irritation, better sleep.

          But that’s just for me. Results are individual! And I try not to stress it.

          I do still eat some sugar, as it’s pretty much unavoidable in this culture. But like you said, Jennifer, I try to eat something like honey instead of refined sugar when I can.

  5. sbg says

    Before I started buying minimizing bras, I had no choice but to get padded. I don’t mind them, really, except if you want the cups to retain that perfect shape our breasts are supposed to be (hahahahaha!), you have to buy accoutrements to launder them properly, etc.

    Mine, needless to say, always ended up with weird little puckers in the front, which is certainly less appealing to look at than, y’know, a nipple appearance.

    • Casey says

      It’s weird, I’m an F-cup and even though there are a SHIT-TONNE of those stupid padded, gelled bras (that my sister is obsessed with buying and stuffing even further, much to my mom’s chagrin/consternation) I’m able to find non-padded stuff pretty easy…AND I DON’T CARE ABOUT MY NIPPLES STICKING OUT, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! ;):P
      (It’s kinda weird/OT but I like buying satin-stretch/lace-stretch bras that MAKE my nipples hard in the first place…erm…it feels nice. And padded bras makes my under-boobs sweat)

        • says

          See, *I* actually find hard nipples rubbing under clothing uncomfortable to the point of painful. Everyone’s sensitivities are different, and that’s why I want a bra that shields them from that. But I used to be able to find bras that did that *without* making my breasts look bigger, and now I can’t.

          • Attackfish says

            Ditto. When I don’t buy lined bras, I end up chafed to the point that my nipples leak lymph fluid. Ouch. I also have a D cup on a very narrow frame, so it’s hard finding bras that help with the chafing that don’t make me look even bustier.

          • says

            Huh, yeah–whereas I find even the lightest-weight bra less comfortable than going without unless I’m PMS-y. As you say: everyone reacts differently.

            Which is why a variety of underwear styles would be great. If Victoria’s Secret et al would recognize that, at least.

          • says

            I have to say, I’m small breasted, and it seems that I can’t pick up a bra without gobs of underwire and padding. The padding of an A or B is such that it does NOT look natural whatsoever! Sometimes there’s so much padding, it looks like I grew a cup size overnight. Psht, THAT’s natural looking (not). And one trip through the washer and it gets all weird and bunchy.

            I hate how they assume I am insecure about my size and want to “stuff” like a teenager. Grr.

            I’ve been going braless lately, but it’s winter and I wear like 20 sweatshirts. But even though I don’t really care about whether my nipples show, I’ll still wear bras out in public come spring because I don’t want the attention you get by going braless.

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