A Thursday Interruption: My Give a Damn’s Busted

Whelp! My give a damn’s ALSO busted.

Marina and the Diamonds has an agenda, baby.

Look, the below’s not a music video. But it is so funny I got tears in my eyes. Holy shit.


I’m not a huge fan of Christmas carols, but I have a soft spot for cute guys and a┬ácapella.



  1. sbg says

    Okay, that ad actually creeped me out. The child struck me as kind of evil, not a drama starter. But maybe that’s just that doesn’t find joking about child abduction terribly funny.

      • says


        Firstly, there’s Collin Raye’s “I Think About You” which is incredibly feminist, and deserves more credit.

        “Ain’t that Lonely Yet” by Dwight Yoakam, which is very very angry and dramatic, and I eat it up with a spoon.

        “I feel Lucky” and “He thinks he’ll keep her” by Mary Chapin Carpenter. One of these days, I swear I’m going to make a Mad Men vid set to “He thinks he’ll keep her”

        “Can’t even get the blues no more” by Reba McEntire, sort of an older less rocking version of “My give a damn’s busted”

        “Love me like you used too” by Tanya Tucker

        “All that Glitters” by Dan Seals

        “It Matters to me” by Faith Hill, in which she complains about a very passive aggressive man

        “Maybe it was Memphis” by Pam Tillis, lovely lovely picture of a short romance initiated by the woman.

        “Chains” by Patty Loveless

        “The Ones the Wolves Pull Down” by Garth Brooks. Very very depressing mind. About rural poverty and insecurity.

        “Man to Man” Gary Allan, the genderflipped version of “I didn’t steal him, he came willingly”

        Rosanne Cash’s “Runaway train”, “Blue Moon with a Heartache” and “Seven year ache”

        I may think of more later. Modern country so frequently makes me cringe with its offensiveness, more so than older country. It’s getting worse, actually getting worse. Stay away from anything by the Zack Brown Band. “Chicken Fried” is entitled on so many levels, and “Toes in the Water” can be summed up by saying “Impoverished tourist spots are great, because the women are all desperate enough for the crumbs of prosperity I bring that they’ll fawn all over me. Oh look, that bar tender is from the Carabian. Think she’ll do the same?” And there’s Toby Keeth, eww. And Tayler Swift gives me serious stalking chauvinist classist vibes.

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