Links of Great Interest: WTF, Luisa?

Good news!!! Lifting Voices made the 4000 dollar cut off for that contest we were in!! <3 Thank you to everyone who donated. <3 You all rock!

WILMA MANKILLER IS PERSON OF THE YEAR! She died this April. Want to read the bio of an AMAZING woman? Check out Mankiller: A Chief and Her People.

Robert VS Redick reflects on writing.

Rev. Molly reflects on prayer and serenity.

Auntie Anne’s encourages teen girls to self-medicate using food and to punish themselves for eating.

Related to this, Renee highlights Killing Us Softly.

Check out the diversity of athletic body types.

Ernessa T. Carter has a list of books perfect for gifting during the holiday season.

What the…? I bet you hadn’t heard about dairy stabilization and why it’s a big economic deal. (ETA: Boo! Link’s dead. Anyways, here’s some info on dairy stabilization. )

NK Jemisin talks about gender policing in fantasy.

Here’s a graph representing what news has sustained the public interest in 2010.

Kickaction is collecting theme suggestions for its next year of blog carnivals.

Need to vent about gendered holiday expectations? There’s a post for that.

UConn’s female basketball team is about to make history.

A major US prison strike was ignored by the media.

Nialla sent an email about Criminal Minds:

Janeane Garofalo has some interesting comments about her upcoming role in the Criminal Minds spinoff. I was especially interested in: “On network TV too many women are being killed — that’s every show, across the board — and too many women who seem to look great in their underwear. And I don’t like it. Are we really masquerading as a crime show, but really what we’re doing is showing a girl in her underwear? I don’t like that, and if that’s the case, it doesn’t square with my conscience.”

I’m a fan of the original show, but I have to say recent seasons have started to shift the focus from figuring out why a criminal has committed a crime to the goriness of it and sometimes the reasons for the crime are never really explained. It’s becoming more of a standard cop show and less of a psychological crime show.

Girls Drawing Girls has some pretty cute pin-ups in their 2011 calendar.

What the fuck ever. The DREAM act needed only five more votes to pass.

Female characters in MMORPGs. Needs Moar TITTY!

TroubleinChina transcribed the conversation between Naomi Wolf and Jaclyn Freedmen about Assange’s alleged rapes.

I know, let’s fixate on white men and their legal problems, so that their causes become the flag that white male progressives take up and ignore the way riot police treated Puerto Rican students earlier this week. Plus, Assange’s accusers are just in a “tizzy” anyways.

Oh my god. Girls’ bodies and safety matter less than political grandstanding. From Sunless Nick.

Also from Sunless Nick: Winona Ryder breaks down Mel Gibson’s bigotry.

From ShySylph: Is co-parenting an alternative way to be child-free? All I gotta say is… Aunting: it’s a verb now.

Domestic violence spikes around the holiday season.

This school says… get raped, wait 4 hrs for medical attention. From Ara.

EA takes a stand against homophobia… fanboys respond sucktastically.

Sexist parent fears boys might be “exposed” to girls, demands only girl removed from team.

Queers for Economic Justice issue a statement regarding the repeal of DADT, highlighting that access to jobs with the military /= economic jusitce.

!!!!!!!! RACEBENDING IN PROGESS. NBC erases all AfroLatinos from Dirty Girls series. They’re also erasing massive bits of characterization, and instead reducing all the Dirty Girls to Hollywood stereotypes.

Remember that cheerleader who was being forced to cheer for her rapist? She’s bringing her case to the Supreme Court.

Jaymee Goh highlights that how we #talkaboutit matters a lot.

An elementary school project on bees produces original, awesome research.

One woman describes the impact unjust sentencings can have on one’s life.


  1. Casey says

    OMFG, after re-reading that LJ post on the complete and utter FAILURE of most of Wizard’s comic book artists to draw realistic women characters, I’m faving that body diversity reference times A MILLION~!! 😀
    (I’ll read the rest of the links and comment tomorrow, it’s nearly 3am for me here)

    • SunlessNick says

      I know, it made my skin crawl. I think it’s the “dodger” – it evokes tax dodger or draft dodger, implying deception and illegitimacy, and adding that to a torturous means of execution, it’s explicitly, “how dare you be such an affront to decency as to not have been murdered?”

      But when a “great man” says it, it’s somehow not evidence that he’s anti-Semitic or an offensive shit.

  2. Patrick McGraw says

    The post about supposedly “flat-chested” women in MMORPGs was infuriating but not surprising. Such is the absurdity of how women are commonly depicted in video games and comic books that a character with breasts smaller than a D-cup (i.e., how most women are built) sends douchebags into a frenzy of rage that their masturbatory needs aren’t being met.

    I was particularly impressed with the idiot who tried to justify the “flat-chested” character designs by claiming that women who are very physically active like these adventurers will “burn off the fat in their breasts” and so these characters shouldn’t be depicted with large breasts. I guess there are no large-breasted professional athletes, then.

    • Casey says

      Unfortunately enough, I considered that justification a small drop of reason in an otherwise unreasonably misogynist thread. :(

      I usually assumed that large-chested athletes had large chests by way of implants (this is at least par-the-course in pro-wrestling, a woman wrestler with a naturally large chest is often treated like a magical unicorn on forums/image boards….*exasperated sigh*).

      • Maria says

        Women’s bodies are CONSTANTLY critiqued — There’s a tennis player who’s naturally busty who’s getting pushed to get a breast reduction because it’ll improve her game… and a lot of her creepazoid fans are against it because of a bad case of PSL. I think it was Simona Halelp? Anyways, then people were all like, oh if she gets a breast reduction, that’s like taking taking steroids, and will ARTIFICIALLY improve her play.

        • Casey says

          How does THAT make sense? (the breast reduction = cheating liek steroidz!! argument)

          I did a Google search for Simona Halelp and the first two example phrases were “Simona Halelp Breast Reduction” and “Simona Halelp Breasts”. *throws shit across room*

          • Maria says

            Heh, and remember, she’s like 15-17. Being sexually desirable means you’re no longer a child, and your body’s up for public consumption.

    • Cinnabar says

      Holy fuck!!! >:| Yeah, just what I need. Another reminder of how I and so many other women are somehow subhuman because we lack a certain (randomly determined) amount of fatty tissue on a certain part of our anatomy. FUCK OFF!!!

      Good gourd that ticked me off something bad. (Can you tell?) I might just play this game when it comes out, if only to show my support for realisitcally-breasted female characters. 9.9

      Goddamn idiotic fanboys. So you’ve never touched a real woman’s breast and probably never will. Deal with it. Stop staring at them from afar going, “Ewwww it’s too small! Who’d wanna touch it anyway?” Fuck.

      • Patrick McGraw says

        Plus, of course, the implication that one’s body only matters to the degree that these fanboys want to touch it.

        There’s a reason WoW is the only multiplayer game I play, and why I usually turn off trade chate.

    • Ikkin says

      Something that amazes me even more about the reaction to videogame breast sizes is how guys in one genre/fandom will whine about female characters that look like this, while the guys in another videogame fandom obsess over a similarly-proportioned character’s chest. We really can’t win, can we? -_-

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