Links of Great Interest 12/25/09

DharmaFolk has an interesting post up on Buddhism and white privilege. Womanist Musings talks about privilege and apologies.

The Clockwork Dolls are offering a free download of their AMAZING new album, Dramatis Personae. If you :heart: steampunk, soaring vocals, and strong female leads, you might :heart: their operetta.

Remember, darlings — slut shaming begins at home. But hey, it’s her fault, am I right? Teenaged girls should blame themselves for others’ actions involving the dangerous internets.

Whoa — are you telling me that sometimes the press engages in sloppy journalism? THE HELL YOU SAY! Academics_Anonymousreact.

This just in — TV MAY PERPETUATE RACIAL BIAS. I wonder if movies do too! Nah, that’s just crazy talk. Silly, colonizer crazy talk.

Oglaf’s creator is hilarious and totally not safe for work. [post since deleted]

This forum is one of the nicest, most supportive military girlfriend communities I’ve seen. It represents the diversity of military life and has an overall awesome vibe.

People still have a problem with the idea that a history of Christianity would not be monochromatic.

Elizabeth Sweeny talks about consent and the conception of Christ.

OMFG You can now get your weather reports translated into Star Wars!!!

Be still, my heart. Mexico City now allows same sex marriage.

Contexts breaks down the NYT gift guide for POC. They also talk about gender and gift guides for liddle kiddles.

Aminatou Haidar has been allowed to return to Western Sahara.

NellaLou has a good post up on LifeStyle Activism.

I haven’t yet listened to this podcast, but rose petal jam would lure me anywhere. Does anyone know how to make a podcast… exist… on a Sansa mp3 player?

Here’s a review of the Princess and the Frog. Here’s a list of stories that treat African Diasporic religions better.



…Weirdest new sex toy EVER….


  1. Anemone says

    I am so glad I started reading blogs. There is so much good information on media content (sexism, racism) that I never see discussed in “real life” environments. (Mind you, the discussions may be too complex for most real life film events I go to anyway. But still.)

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen sexism or racism or ableism discussed in acting classes or screenwriting books, and hate to think how ignorant I’d be without all this discussion. And embarrassed at my ignorance.

    (What I found myself thinking today while reading a large chunk of the links.)

  2. says

    The privilege and apologies link really got to me. It’s something I’ve been dealing with recently.

    The comments on the slut-shaming link are just painful. They’re arguing she brought it on herself not because of any perceived sluttiness, but because she tattled. Fuck that shit. The brother brought it on himself by doing something against the rules in the first place. Jesus Christ, do these people teach their kids that if they see a crime taking place, they shouldn’t tell the police? Oh, right – there was that group sexual assault that everyone was cell-phone filming for two hours at a school dance. I wish there was a way to ensure that all victims of crime would be the sort of people who think that way.

    I wonder if the people upset by the dark-skinned nativity are the same ones who swear Jesus was a Catholic? (A claim I have heard Christians make in complete seriousness, with NO CLUE the Catholic church wasn’t around for Jesus to be a member of.)

    But then Elizabeth Sweeny gives me hope, because I can’t fathom many modern Christians being willing to examine the immaculate conception for consent issues, and it’s a valid point no matter what your beliefs are. It’s the sort of thing that I could have imagined being discussed in the church I attended as a kid, but that was before US Christianity took a serious turn toward fundamentalism and closed-mindedness.

  3. says

    Thanks, Jennifer.

    Progressive Christianity is still plugging away — though it can definitely feel like a minority position in a lot of places.

    P.S. The Immaculate Conception actually refers to the belief that Mary was born without sin (and thus “worthy” to be the Theotokos), not to Jesus’ being born of a virgin.

  4. Alice says

    Yay for the links, and ye gods as to that facebook sibling war. The comments are really the worst part, as I can almost comprehend (though not forgive) a total judgement fuck-up on the part of a grounded teenage boy. People who are just engaging in drive-by slut shaming? Baffling and depressing.

    Re: podcast to Sansa issues – it depends on how you get stuff on the player normally. I have a Fuze, and now know its inner workings WAY more than I’d have expected, since I’ve got a mac and wanted to make it, you know, *work* with my mac.

    The simplest way would probably be to plug the player into your computer and treat it like a thumb drive, moving a saved version of the .mp3 file into your music folder. Hopefully that’ll work, regardless of your version!

  5. says

    Hi Alice!!

    Thanks for the advice! I haven’t tried that — I’ve been using Windows Media Player (I know, I know…) to move files, and of course WMP is stupid re: podcasts. Either that, or I am.

    What’s scary is that they’re PARENTS. I swear to god, I need to find a set of feminist parenting blogs to add to my blogroll because sometimes the crap people spew online is fucking depressing.

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