Links of Great Interest: Uh oh, Spaghettios!

Annnnnnnnnnnnnd we’re back! Sorry for missing a week. ūüėõ Apparently new husbands frown upon blogging during the honeymoon! :)

First up, from The Other Patrick:

Laurie Penny tries to defend using the word cunt.

We’re having a convo about this link here!

From Alison:

Clothing 2.0: Hero vs. Heroine.

From SunlessNick:

The line that first jumped out at me isn’t a gender thing specifically, because
I could imagine it being written about a male actor:

Al Pacino’s acting in the movie was intentionally over the top, and he ¬†did it¬†with a wink. Most of the cast seemed in on the joke — except for ¬†Katie. She¬†was acting like she was in a dramatic Sundance indie,¬†when ¬†it’s really just a typical cop movie.

… except that I doubt he’d be being castigated in comparison to a celebrated¬†*female* actor rather than another, more celebrated than him, male one.

In tracking this link back down, I found this which is apparenly the article that kicked it off (which at least mentions it as a flop for Al Pacino). And this which says that a lot of what was in the THR article is bull, and written deliberately to diss Katie Holmes. It seems her part is actually very small, which again points up the illogic of calling it a Katie Holmes flop.

I found it depressing in the sense of when did winking at the camera¬†and playing a part like you don’t take it seriously become a compliment? ¬†Surely¬†Katie Holmes is the one who ought to be complimented here, for at least trying¬†to deliver what she was paid for. ¬†But of course, she’s not a “Great Man.”¬†Which probably also explains how the film doing badly can somehow be a Katie¬†Holmes flop without also being an Al Pacino flop.

Also,¬†apparently Brooke Mueller is “snubbing” Charlie Sheen by not visiting him in the hospital.¬† No mention of the domestic violence against her that he was arrested for; though the article does see fit to mention that *he* is in the process of divorcing *her.*

From Scarlett:

Article about a schoolgirl who stomped on a gay man to death because she found him holding hands with his partner offensive.

From Nuria: A blog on corrective rape.

More on the transfer of power in Egypt. Want to sign a petition?

Edwidge Danticat’s got a new book out!

Sunless Nick –> SUPERSTAR. Here’s another link from him:

Jennifer Lawrence talks about being hungry for months while starring as Mystique¬†in the new X-Men film.¬†I do wonder what the purported “eat healthily” entailed, since I rather have my¬†doubts about it.

For proper care of your Hufflepuff… please supply with butterbeer cupcakes!

SEED SOVEREIGNTY! The link’s to the text of the declaration and its reading by a group of young people.

From Scarlett:

I mentioned in my Underbelly article how disappointed it was to see no female bad guys in the ‘based-on-a-true-story’ crime drama; this is an article about a new series that follows two madams/organised crime Kingpins (Queenpins?) starting from the 1920’s.

“I want blood for blood.”

Signal boost: A request for information on tribal sovereignty and border crossing.

Jean C. Toomer wanted to be American — not Negro and not white. Thoughts?

From Jenn: A hilarious take-down of evolutionary psychology.

From Gena: The Sexual Politics of Kpop!

Can a book be African American?


  1. scarlett says

    The Charlie Sheen article reminded me of something else I heard about him – that he was ‘generously’ paying for 1/3 of the wages of the TaaHM crew while filming stopped for the duration of his rehab. Apparantly he was ‘disappointed’ that the studio wasn’t ponying up.
    Errr… filming stops because you’re in rehab for a drug problem that you have no-one but yourself to blame for, you expect the studio to keep paying for episodes that aren’t being filmed and you’re being *generous* but paying a THIRD of the crew’s wage? (And something tells me that a film crewperson’s wages isn’t so great that you can get by on a third of it…)

      • Gabriella says

        Quite true. (As Scarlett, but using my Christian name now.) Even at a third, I assume we’re still looking at several fulltime paychecks?

  2. Jaynie says

    I always look forward to these links (even though most of them just make me angry). I have to admit I’m inclined to be dubious of anything in the Daily Mail, though. Not that I don’t think the schoolgirl story is true (’cause it doesn’t surprise me this sort of thing happens), but I’d be more inclined to believe the horrifying details if they came from a source less…full of fail. :(

    • Matthew Brown says

      I was dubious of the Daily Mail article too, but a quick Google found essentially the same facts being reported at the Guardian, which I feel is a little more reliable (except for its notorious typos, ‘couse). A rather terrifying story.

  3. The Other Anne says

    Ditto on the congratulations! I don’t want to say “good luck” because that might make me seem like coming from a house of divorce makes me dubious of marriage…which it doesn’t, it just makes me grateful that divorce exists…so I just want to say that I hope the two of you are happy for a very, very long time, able to overcome any hardships together, and are able to work out any disagreements or differences that you may have! Yupyup. I’m happy for you! Not that my happiness actually matters in this case. That’s a weird phrase. Um, yeah. Backing away now.

    Also ditto what Jaynie said. I love the linkspams. But oh, dear, are they rage-inducing sometimes.

    • The Other Anne says

      Bahahaha I saw that link over at Feministe but I had to clicky again because it’s just so satisfying.

      The struggle for all the Egyptian people to get the kind of government and officials they want is not over, but a big step is being hurdled as we speak directly because of their efforts!

  4. Dani says

    The Clothing 2.0 link made me laugh and depressed me at the same time because it’s so true. Not only does it make me feel like a piece of meat by proxy, it also just sucks all of the believability right out of the world-building.

    • Maria says

      I KNOW, right? It’d be one thing if they even acknowledged it in world-building, too. Like there’s one seen in David Edding’s books where CNedra gets a really busty chest piece… because she’s 15 and self conscious about how she’s flat. Even then, she gets teased, AND it’s a useful piece of armor… just for someone with bigger boobs!

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