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I found a Craigslist Missed Connection that you need to read.

EVERYONE is over Charlie Sheen.

Bidding to support Con or Bust is now open!

Afghan girls’ education suffering.

Best protest signs: WI edition.

Defense of Marriage Act of 1996 no longer defendable.

Government servant fired; ironically has no union to back him up.

Here’s a roundup of Republican misogyny.

Valente talks beauty.

Dwayne McDuffie died earlier this week.

Why are we ignoring the revolutions in Africa?

Are you obsessed with Mormon mommy bloggers?

From Casey:

Basically, for context, on Monday John Cena cut a promo on the Rock where he rapped and made a bunch of hacky gay jokes; the thread has some good people in it advocating for the critique of problematic subject matter (and plenty of gay forum goers who are sick of this shit and also sick of straight (male) posters serving as the arbiters of what is and isn’t offensive) but it just gets bogged down in a bunch of bingo pad-worthy straw-man arguments, and buzzwords that make my blood boil (i.e. “politically correct”, “hypersensitivity”, “kid gloves” “freedom of speech” etc.) eventually culminating in a bunch of half-assed justifications/excuses and a bunch of bullshit about the
semantics of language.

One thing that really irks me is something one guy says something along the lines of “If someone calls me gay when I’m not gay, it’s an insult to me” and “heterosexual men simply do not like it when it’s insinuated they do things that homosexual men and women do”….WELL WHY DO YOU THINK THAT IS~?!? Er…sorry. Anyway, a “response” thread ended up being made called “THE WWE WRITING TEAM OFFENDED ME” and how they were insulted about how the Rock said Cena looked like a bowl of Fruity Pebbles (he wears garishly-colored shirts) because they like Fruity Pebbles…yeah, because being called a cereal is TOTES THE SAME as homosexuality being treated as deviant and wrong.

Target agrees to stop funding homophobes because of Lady Gaga single.

BET features first gay man in Black History line up.

From SunlessNick:

Iowa and Nebraska are trying to one-up South Dakota.  Gah.

HAHA but you forget SD is the land of WTF.


  1. Casey says

    OMG! Thank you so much for putting up my link! I was worried/embarrassed that it wouldn’t be good enough…alas, the thread’s been locked/disappeared. :(
    I’ll get around to reading all the other links soon. 😀

  2. Casey says

    Those Wisconsin signs are all awesome, though I can’t back up the casual/unthinking sexism/racism/ableism in some of them.
    That LJ post from Valente is kinda depressing…:(

  3. says

    Warning, this is going to be a rant. After reading the Valente post I just need to rant…

    I just get so sad reading things like this. I come from thick, swarthy stock. The last time I saw any size below a 12 I was prepubescent, not counting the times I dieted like a fiend and was unhappy. I have never been the “pretty one”, EVER. And I felt like she did, always ugly, fat and unworthy.

    But what is it that makes these rules? Oh, right, it’s patriarchy. After I realized that, I realized that the rules were fucking nonsense and lies. You want me to get small and weak, patriarchy? You want me to disappear? Just so that some douchebag at a bar can find me fuckable? And his lustful gaze is all tied up in my perceived vulnerability?! You want me to occupy my brain, which could be better used to fuel intellect and creativity, with obsessive thoughts of my own inadequacy? FUCK that shit.

    Why should I feel that my body is ugly?! My brother is also thick and large, but it is okay for him because he’s a boy?! Yet, I have to somehow MAGICALLY have different genes than everyone else in the family and be lithe and willowy. FUCK NO.

    You know what, I’m fat. I’m tall. I’m gonna take up fucking SPACE, and FUCK YOU if you think I should be ashamed to do so.

    I spent so many of my formative years being sad and giving too much power to men, hoping they’d want me and therefore I would be worth something. No more! Now instead of depression, I feel righteous anger. I just want to give women like Valente hugs and tell her it is all LIES. MEN do not have to be attractive to be considered WORTH something, and neither do WE. Anyone who says otherwise is not WORTH your time.

    • Casey says

      “You know what, I’m fat. I’m tall. I’m gonna take up fucking SPACE, and FUCK YOU if you think I should be ashamed to do so.”

      HERE HERE! I’ve come to this conclusion too. 😀

  4. SunlessNick says

    I have a quote, from someone called crowepps, which I heard from tigtog of Hoyden About Town. Crowepps was reponsing to rape apologia of the “men evolved to rape, so can’t be expected to control themselves” kind, and had the most succint demolition I’ve ever seen:

    When an attractive woman walks through the door into a bar none of the men present jumps on her and rapes her. I have a lot of problem believing in the reality of an ‘uncontrollable impulse’ which can nonethless be controlled in the presence of witnesses.

  5. Jen says

    the mormon mommy thing is creepy but not because of the mormon thing, mainly cos it’s so ‘designer’. I thought people like that only existed in Boden catalogues… there’s pics on some of the blogs of the mothers with their kids making a tent in the living room, or dancing round the living room. In all pics EVERYTHING is so HIPSTER it is unbelievable, like it doesn’t exist to live in as much as to photograph, the kids look like child models with conspicuously unkempt, hippy-kid hair, the fort-tent is furnished in vintage style crochet, twee fairy lights and perfectly placed twee throw-pillows; when they dance in their beautifully clean living room it’s obviously only to vintage records from their large selection played on their 1970s record player and when the little modelesque kids help with the cooking, not a single tupperware or even garish food packet is in sight. It is portrayed as the simple life but it’s got to be hella expensive to have everything just so, instead of making do with whatever’s cheap or available. These kids have a designer childhood nothing like my childhood that was messy-neon-clashing-colours-synthetic-fibres etc. It is really intriguing and addictive though even if it makes me feel uneasy.

    • Maria says

      THIS! I think that’s why I find them more creepy than anything else — they’re so focused on being watched it’s unsettling.

      • Attackfish says

        My dad’s a former Mormon, and when you get him started on just how focused Mormons are on having everything look good over being good, he can mutter for days. He says it has to do with being a religion that is still actively trying to convert everyone. Evangelicals have it too.

    • says

      Of course it didn’t take long for some evo-psych douche to explain that the reason the feminist was so attracted to the mormon blogs was because she was a woman and thus “naturally” longed to be June Cleaver.
      Though, over all, I am surprised the comments stayed as sane as they did, at least for the 10 pages I perused. I expected a warzone of misogyny. Most of them seemed to be trying to decide whether the blogs were fake or not.

  6. SunlessNick says

    It was nice to see a reminder that Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya are African as well as Middle-Eastern (Yemen too has had culture-crossing with Ethiopia since well before “it was decided” where would be in which region).

    • Casey says

      Actually, when I read Sarah Palin’s twitter (UGH) that said “First Chile now Egypt, hasn’t the Middle East suffered enough!?” I had two thoughts:
      A.) Chile isn’t near Egypt (then again that’s probably not what she meant) and
      B.) Egypt’s in the Middle-East??

      • Sabrina says

        Sarah Palin just loves to live up to certain stereotypes, doesn’t she? lol
        Anyway, regarding B.) I’m kinda surprised that people are surprised to see Egypt labelled as part of the Middle East. As far as I know it was always regarded as part of the Middle East.

        • Casey says

          Well, since it’s a part of the African continent, I always considered it a part of Africa. I just always figured “hot sandy place with large Muslim population” and “Middle East” weren’t mutually exclusive. (is that weird/nonsensical?)

          • The Other Anne says

            Same. Though I never understood where the boundaries for this “middle east” are, so I hardly ever use the phrase. I mean, I hear Pakistan called the middle east, but never any part of Russia, and I hear Somalia called the Middle East, but never, like, Ethiopia or the State of Eritrea (which I never hear talked about anyway), and Kazakhstan….it seems like any country with -stan at the end automatically qualifies for some reason, even though many of those countries are as far East as “the far East” and as far north as Mongolia.

            I tend to think that the phrase is mostly used by people who can’t be bothered to learn the names of the countries on this planet and are like the people who think of Africa as a country instead of a continent with a huge amount of diversity and a large number of nations.

            • Sabrina says

              What you are referring to seems to be The Greater Middle East. Wiki tells me it was the Bush administration that coined the term and decided to throw in all kind of countries from North Africa to Central Asia. “people who can’t be bothered to learn the names of the countries on this planet and are like the people who think of Africa as a country instead of a continent with a huge amount of diversity and a large number of nations”? You might be onto something here, haha.

          • Sabrina says

            I just never got the impression that Middle-East and Africa are mutually exclusive – especially since it is a very vague Eurocentric term. But that’s just what I learned at school and the use of the terms are somewhat different in German anyway…

  7. Tristan J says

    I’ve posted here exactly once, so I’m not sure if I’m, like, breaching etiquette by posting in the wrong spot, so I’m sorry if I am.

    What do people think of the webcomic Dumbing of Age? It’s a webcomic at about a group of freshman college kids, including a goofy, naive Christian girl who’s only at college to find a husband, a sarcastic geek everyman, a bitter alcoholic ex-cheerleader who is frustrated that high school and the real world are different places, a mysoginistic ladies man, a – okay I’ll stop wow that’s a lot.

    I bring it up because the author expresses a lot of liberal and especially feminist ideals – deleting slut-shaming, homophobic, transphobic, etc comments; naming the second arc ‘The Beschdel Test; setting a part of the story in a Gender Education class – and I was wondering if you guys thought it worked or not.

    • The Other Anne says

      I’ve just gone to the page and haven’t read any yet, though I will, but my first thought was “Dumbing? Really? Ablism right in the title!” D:

      Hopefully the actual content is better, though. I like the drawing style. I tend to like the simpler sort of rough-style of comic when reading other peoples’. Well, no, I tend to like all drawing styles, but still.

      • The Other Anne says

        P.S. thanks for sharing the link! If nothing else I hope I’ll enjoy reading this gu’s take on the issues. Hopefully.

    • says

      I’ve been reading Dumbing of Age for a few weeks now. I hadn’t really thought of it as feminist before. Which doesn’t mean it isn’t; I’m much quicker to see problems than not-problems. I think the most explicit example of feminism would be the Christian girl going for her MRS degree, who’s starting to learn that “Why haven’t you accepted Jesus as your personal savior?” is not an ice-breaker. But I see her character as making fun of fundies/purity ring creepers, so I don’t know. It’ll be interesting to see where the author goes with that.

    • says

      I’m someone who has an interest in comics. :3

      I just read through the archives and it is okay. It’s interesting, even if there is a little too much punching people in the face for comedic effect. It’s got a well-defined cast and lots of female characters, BUT. I hope it doesn’t take the route I see a lot of ensemble-cast comics take: the many interesting woman characters slowly fall to the sidelines while the comic starts to focus almost exclusively on the men. I’ve seen this gradually happen in others. 300 pages in, you realize you haven’t seen what-her-faces in forever, and you’ve been following Straight Man and Wacky Male Roomate soley for weeks.

      The artist has some popular older works, but I haven’t read them, so I can’t judge based on that.

      • says

        Shortpacked has a whole host of female characters. The main character is nominally Ethan, but he’s outshined by Robin’s wacky antics and Geek Girl’s (forgot her name) overcoming her shyness. So that route, at least, shouldn’t be a problem.

      • Patrick McGraw says

        David Willis’ work has no shortage of focal female characters, so there’s no worries there.

        One key to understanding DOA is that it is an alternate-universe take on the characters from his other strips, which take place in a world with lots of science-fiction elements. DOA is “what about the universe that was normal where they just went to college?” You don’t have to be familiar with the other works to enjoy DOA (I’ve only read Shortpacked!), but it grants an additional perspective.

        • The Other Anne says

          Huh, I hadn’t realized that. I’m gonna go read his other stuff. (I’ve been really enjoying DOA so far, despite any small problems I’ve had with certain parts of it. It’s certainly very self-aware for a webcomic.)

    • The Other Anne says

      Is it just me or does one of the male characters look exactly like an unmuscular Johnny Bravo?

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