Links of Great Interest 2/26/10

Family Guy actress defends self against Palin’s lack of humor.

Look, all’s I’m saying is that “Butch it up, Buttercup” is the BEST. SLOGAN. EVER. The problem isn’t that there are cupcakes for men. The problem is that this would CLEARLY be a hit with the target demographic of MARIA and the advertisers seem oblivious to that fact.

Seriously? You can get arrested for FALLING while pregnant?

Sarah Rees Brennan writes about awesome female characters. CL Hanson (::waves!::) talks about Manic Pixie Dream Girls and how sexism leads to piss poor character development. Here’s some more on the Manic Pixie Dream Girl.

MyCAA is shutting down. Because what makes sense is making it more difficult for military families to maintain a dual income household.


::boogies down::

Titty and tacos? WTH?

I tried pouting and stomping my foot at my advisor, but she just looked at me. I’m thinking this whole childlike innocence thing only works when you’re at home. If then.

Ohhhhhhhhh. La Femme Nikita is being re-booted with a mixed race actress.

Isabel Allende has some tales of passion she wants to share with you.

Oh, America Ferrera. You star in all the movies playing in my HEART.

Hmmmm. Feminist/speculative fiction takes on the Ramayana? Sign me the motherduck up!

You can get your vagina vajazzled. I shit you not, we are in the END TIMES….

Blog This Rock features a weekly poem of provocation and witness.

Transtastic talks about cocks and language. Totally NSFW.

Ohhhhhhhhhhh. The STILL BRAVE Symposium sounds amazing. It focuses on women of color in academia.

This brave woman live tweets her abortion.


  1. The Other Patrick says

    I will now deliberately watch anything that has America Ferrara in it… except for that animated film where she is blonde and white.

  2. says

    @ T&T&A: Now I’m both hungry and confused. And unimpressed with the photography. And considering whether one can be fined for inappropriate overuse of upside-down punctuation.

    The only thing I am waxing and gluing Swarovski crystals onto is my armpits! WHAT GOOD ARE RHINESTONES IF YOU CAN’T SHOW THEM OFF? I did ask my sister how she felt about bedazzled sideburns, but she said no. :(

    That Bitch Magazine article kicks ass. Also, I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THE RAMAYANA ANTHOLOGY!

  3. says

    You know, I’ve got an article coming up in a couple of days about the Family Guy thing. I don’t think the actress really needs to defend herself – she didn’t write the joke – but I don’t think her take on it is the one that matters. That joke was unforgivable.

  4. says

    @ Maria: Pizazzled sounds like there might be pepperoni and cheese involved. P&T&A!

    @ Jennifer: I agree that the actress didn’t need to apologize. I also didn’t see the episode, so I’m not sure how unforgiveable the joke is/was based on context; like, is it unforgiveable in general, or unforgiveable based on Family Guy’s previous jokes? Reading the joke, it seems tame by MacFarlane’s standards, honestly. Still inappropriate and offensive, but that is what they try and go for. I do think it’s nice that the casting people didn’t go and choose a non-Down’s-syndrome actress and make her do a “retard voice.”

  5. says

    JaneR: It’s not the vaj. They’re actually talking about putting stuff on the front of the pelvis, not anywhere in the actual crotch. It’s just that this culture won’t distinguish between different areas of women’s anatomy. An article at Harpyness has a link to NSFW pics that make this clearer.

  6. Eileen says

    Re: vajazzling…

    If people would leave a little hair there it wouldn’t seem like it needed anything. That’s the funniest part for me. It looks like the jewels take the place of pubic hair. There’s an easier solution!

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