Links of Great Interest: Givin’ up that good-good

Um. Why is this story about rape filed under “Odd, but True?” Oh, right because we live in a RAPE CULTURE. I forgot that, just like I forget to thank those brave black women who gave up that good-good to massa because they wanted to. Heh, I guess it’s okay to locate some ethnic pride in the continuous rape and dehumanization of black women.

This is an interesting discussion on partner rape.

Hey brown people! You trying to get to Wiscon? Con_or_bust has got your back.

Congrats to the first graduating class of Urban Prep Academy! Y’all know that we at Hathor aren’t necessarily the hugest fans of single sex education, but I gotta say… Smith College changed my life, as did the Step Ahead/Step Forward program. My uncles, nephews, and fathers really benefited from St. Aug. I think the big thing working for those institutions is a larger commitment to social justice politics, and that they were operating under a kind of intersectional lens linking class, race, and gendered oppressions, vs the public schools where it’s ALL ABOUT STABLE GENDER!

The description of the bill explains its purpose as removing  “prohibitions against prosecution” of women. In other words – Utah apparently aspires to be the first state to admit that the purpose of an anti-abortion law is not to stop doctors from performing abortions, but to lock-up women who have them.

More on the music front: WTF, Estelle? I love the song but am confuzzled as a mother duck over the video.

I really miss Lucille Clifton. :( RIP.

More on anti-gay protestors’ presence at military servicemembers’ furnerals.

Huh. Women aren’t baby crazy? For reals?

The footage from DC’s first gay marriage is available on CNN

Howard Stern is a hater.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Intersex athletes have to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis??

This interview made me like Jennifer Garner a little more.


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