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Whoaaa OHHHHHHHH ohhh ohhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhh  OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHA caught in a bad romance.

Sometimes I am all, When did Fleshbot get progressive? Like, when did they start calling out tropes on women not liking sex in their porn?

Also: it’s dark down there. You’ll need an oral sex light.

Afterwards, you can put your woman on mute. It’ll be great!

Uh. Is “crazies” ablist language? If so, why is Queer the Census using it? SADFACE! Hat tip to Elizabeth.

Charles RB submitted this link:

Have a link of possible interest to Sunday Times columnist Minette Marrin claiming “What women want is an end to hectoring by feminists” And by “interest”, I mean “it may need hacking to bits because there’s some dodgy arguments there”. (Good ol’ “feminism is out of touch with Ordinary Women” raises its head again)

More on the Polanski fiasco.

Huh. Who knew that there were dating websites for sugar daddies?

Following up on my Ada Lovelace Day post…. Obama’s budget tweaks include altering the funding allocated for STEM programs targeted towards POC students.

A post on the STI you probably don’t know about.

Quoting TressieMC: Cultural geography and what we memorialize matters.

Ring Around the Rosies is NOT about the Black Plague.

More on Lt. Dan Choi!

How about instead of having DV trials, we just have wedding parties instead?

NSFW: Some thoughts on kink and sexual abuse.

From CharlesRB: Something from a blogger on the creeping scourge of institutional sexism and how it can undermine creative work, as seen via the latest issue of 2000 AD.

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  1. Scarlett says

    The DV-marriage thing was just… eh? I mean, I get the couple had the legal right to do it if they saw fit, but surely the judge had, oh, I dunno, an ethical obligation as a human being to have no part of it?

  2. sbg says

    “Mr. Wood, I found you not guilty, so I can’t sentence you as a defendant in any crimes, but earlier today, I sentenced you to life married to her,” Russell said.

    What in the what?! Was that supposed to be funny?!


  3. sbg says

    PS, the Fleshbot link? Could easily be labeled NSFW. It would seem intuitive, but since you have a NSFW, things that, uhm, not safe for work might come with that warning. Ditto for the oral sex light (this one’s even more obvious, but…). Perhaps an official NSFW section for those types of links?

    Just a suggestion. I personally don’t care, but, yo, I work at a religious institution and I would really hate for one of my bosses to walk in and I’ve got Fleshbot up.

    • Maria says

      I think there should be one… I’m never actually sure what “counts” as NSFW and normally just go by what the Panera wireless by me labels, lol.

      We’ll try having one next week and see how that feels.

  4. says

    Hello. My name’s Colin & I’m the blogger who wrote the piece on issues of sex and gender in a modern British comic book which you’ve kindly linked to here on the recommendation of CharlesNB. I’d just like to thank you for the link & to hope that at least some of the folks who’ve dropped in at TooBusyThinkingAboutMyComics found their visit worthwhile. I’ve been sitting here writing about representations of Wonder Woman & been amazed at how many people have unexpectedly cared to drop in! My thanks to you & my best wishes to you.

  5. says

    That judge is way too ignorant to be deciding matters of law. Or else he’s just a misogynist and a half. Either way, he needs to be removed from the bench or preferably the planet.

    Must say the comments are refreshing, though. I read four pages, and no one supported the judge. Most are basically calling for his head.

  6. says

    Also, regarding the woman-controlling novelty toy?

    “I’m troubled by this item, mainly because it encourages a stereotype of women as submissive, who are to be controlled.”

    It also indirectly encourages the idea that all men are unfeeling sociopaths who can’t see women as real, live, autonomous people anymore than they can see cars that way.

  7. Scarlett says

    In all fairness, the article talks about there being a female equivilant to have men do what they want. I find the concept of both pretty blech. If you want to control something, buy a freaking robot.

  8. Scarlett says

    I find the whole idea objectionable, but I *will* conceded that it seems fairly equal-oppurtunity objectinable.

    • Maria says

      It’s equal opportunity objectionable, but I’m kinda squicked that of the 3 options, 2 are about controlling groups that are structurally and discursively oppressed, and the other’s like that post Jenn made a few weeks ago about validating men’s bad behavior by playing off their jerkishness as either their nature or a joke.

  9. Scarlett says

    Good point, I hadn’t seen it like that. While the whole idea is very whimsical – that person’s annoying me, I wish I had a magic remote that would make them do xyz – I think the idea of controlling women and children is considered less a joke and more a given than controlling men. as opposed to .

  10. Scarlett says

    Sorry, the thinking of ‘I’m a man, I’m entitled to come home and have the missus and the kids doing such-and-such’ as opposed to ‘I can’t be assed doing this, wouldn’t it be lovely to have a magic remote that had hubby/the kids doing what I want’.

  11. SunlessNick says

    I *will* conceded that it seems fairly equal-oppurtunity objectinable.

    That would also depend on what the specific controls are actually marked to do. Not every “joke command” is equal.

  12. says

    What is this, “I Hate Humanity Week?” Geez, these are some depressing links. At least Alton Brown is still giving people cows. And, you know, Radio Gaga. Good song. Anway. As that Sugar Daddies/Sugar Babies (btw: ick, much?) article went on, I got more and more skeeved out. Still, it was very well written. Unlike the children’s playground, which broke my heart into a million little bitty pieces before I could even read the words.

    And that feminism article’s take on 50-FOOT TALL ALPHA WOMEN FROM THE ABYSS at first reminded me of a (non-claymation) movie I recall my father watching: there was a scene in it where the (successful, black) businesswoman is seeking dating advice from a male friend/colleague, and he tells her, “Men like you don’t want to date men like you. They want to date women.” She then has a date with a different man, in her apartment, and within that scene, I assume it was played for laughs that she very obviously (to the audience, not to her oblivious and pleased date) and slightly irritably modifies her behavior. I didn’t watch the rest of it. There’s a lot wrong with that scene, not to mention that you couldn’t pay me to care.

    But I didn’t get twitchy until the article got to: ” It’s not for nothing that for the first few weeks after childbirth women have not been held responsible for their actions in law because they are often not themselves, so to speak.”

    …Right, because poor little women totally lose their cotton-picking minds from hormonal fluctuations and physical strain. Fertile women, at least, who have at a minimum adjusted themselves to non-hormonal methods of birth control, plus about 9 months of pregnancy, go apeshit when their hormones are all… bendy. Our bodies govern us, haven’t you heard? That said, I am on Yaz for a reason, and it is a running joke in my family that the commercials for it should feature fewer balloons and more violence. But still, I’m managing my brain-overwhelming body. With my brain. Except for when I’m so physically exhausted, you know? Like that time I robbed that 7-11. /sarcasm… or do I??

    The author also seemed really deadset against any non-mother childcare, to the point that she neglected stay-at-home dads. Or maybe the idea is just so hippie-liberal to her that she thinks the future will be just like the heteronormative ’50s-esque Jetsons, complete with Rosie the (non-babysitting) robot. That’s Jane “His Wife” Jetson’s job, you silly hunk of scrap! *pre-recorded laugh track* Was there an episode of that, I wonder? Maybe it came after the evil, evil space government imposed state-funded childcare on the Jetsons’ floating household, forcing poor Jane to work outside the home at… a floating candy factory? (I’m here all week, folks.) Later, Judy pops out a baby, and returns to her pop idol dreams, leaving said infant to be watched by Astro. Hilarity ensues!

    I admit, I am weirded out by the existence of a Hera Trust. Didn’t she throw her kid off a cliff? Unless their crosstown rivals are the Zeus Administration. Then it’s funny until the corporate basketball match turns into a really angry and rainy orgy. After that it’s just sad. And while one could argue that Hera was queen of the gods on Olympus and blah blah blah working mother, all their corporate meetings were angry and rainy orgies. And none of them made decisions based on “what [was] best for their babies and children.” The made them based on what they wanted: more orgies.

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