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Why all the teacher hate? :(

In this glorious political moment… it might be useful to remember that fear isn’t all bad.

Riiiight… because ALL WOMEN’S BODIES ARE NATURALLY CAPABLE OF CARRYING A “CHILD” TO TERM. Ladies, you’re babymakers. If you can’t do it right the first time, you’re a criminal. And anyways, you’re worth less than men.

Anonymous vs. HBGary –> notice that HBGary is NOT an innocent party.

Maybe Mormon mommy blogs are fascinating because they validate that career women made the right choice for them?

Some fandom reflections on surviving abuse and its effects on agency

From SunlessNick: Echidne’s deep thought regarding Slate’s DoubleX

From Sybil:

The Mary Sue just launched. It’s a site for girl geeks. I especially think y’all might be interested in their explanation of “Why for WOMEN?”

“To not feel like you have to work harder than guys to prove that you’re genuinely into geek culture. We want simple things, like to be able to visit a comic book store without feeling out of place. To be able to buy a video game without getting the sense that the cashier thinks we’re buying it for someone else.”

From Audra:

This is a refreshing article blowing open the fact that Charlie Sheen has abused women at all sorts of levels for 20 years and yet the second he abuses a (male) heavyweight in his industry he gets the boot. It should’ve happened years ago.


Also from Sybil:

This is a blog about user submitted short stories about incidents of prejudice they face in their everyday lives. Racism, sexism, ablism, etc.

One example:

Defense attorney:: “Is it possible that there was a misunderstanding because the defendant doesn’t speak English?”
Me, the primary witness:: “Screaming ‘no’ and fighting to get out of a person’s grip are universal.”
Defense attorney:: “You told the police that you had three drinks that night. Is it possible that you were confused?”
Me:: “No.”
I was a 23 year-old, testifying about what my rapist did. This defense attorney’s doubts are the doubts that women fear when they report rape.

OH MY GOD. Charlie Sheen —> so fail EVEN SUPER HEROES think he’s fail. But I guess SOMEONE thinks he’s making sense.

More dickwolves fall out.

Lori Berenson is finally free!


  1. Gabriella says

    Rearding Charlie Sheen: I’ve got to wonder if all that booze and alcohol has fried his brain, or he’s just so phenominally entitled, or a combination of both.

      • Gabriella says

        What, all the stuff along the lines of ‘he can do what he likes with his money’ and ‘the women are idiots for LETTING themselves be abused’. YA THINK?

        • says

          Those people are just typically ignorant. Women are *conditioned* to be attracted to men like Sheen: famous, connected, wealthy. “Blaming” women who failed to overcome their social conditioning for their own battery is a lot like blaming individual men for all of male wages privilege because they accept a higher salary than their female counterparts.

          Additionally, everyone’s conditioned to think that because Sheen is white and a VIP, he can’t *really* be dangerous. If thinking that makes women to blame for their own mistreatment, then men who believe that stuff – and SO MANY PEOPLE DO – totally deserve to have the crap beaten out of them by Sheen.

          And finally, women are also conditioned to think we can change men. This is extremely prevalent. Sheen hits so many of the right notes women are taught to look for – famous, connected, wealthy – that it wouldn’t take a neurotic woman to think, “He’s a bit of a bad boy, but he just hasn’t found the right woman.” It just takes someone who’s naive and hasn’t yet fgured out her society’s lying to her through its teeth.

    • says

      It’s not the drugs – drugs can make you do selfish things, like stealing to support your habit, but they can’t turn you into a sadist who likes consuming people he has enormous power over and punishing those who won’t lay flat for him. That had to be there from the start.

      • Gabriella says

        True. If anything, I would say it was the other way around; the kind of entitled, indulgent personality that he would have had to begin with was a foundation for an addictive personality.

  2. Sarah says

    Regarding geek girls and game shops: I just bought my new DSi at a Walmart (I know Walmart has all kinds of terrible marks against them and that is an entirely different subject). The cashier did try to assume I wanted the pink one instead of the black model but she did not at any point insinuate that I had to be buying it for someone else or that I didn’t know anything about games. It’s sad when you feel more welcomed at Walmart than your local game store.

    • The Other Anne says

      I already read the teacher one this week but I must say i ADORE that picture and I LOVE the two men holding up the two signs that read: “FIRST THEY CAME FOR THE TEACHERS…AND I DIDN’T SPEAK UP” because YES, and that is HAPPENING and it is TERRIFYING to me because I am just at this age where I am thinking my generation will be starting to get into all this work and politics and THIS is what our parents and supposed leaders are doing with the people who elected them? I don’t care how much people defend the WI republicans in power by saying they were elected by the people. THE PEOPLE ARE TALKING, WITH THEIR PROTESTING, and the only people listening TO THE PEOPLE were the DEMOCRATS who put their desks on the lawn to speak with them and those who boycotted by leaving the state. And they do not represent me but I love them for it. The Republicans hole themselves up in their ivory tower trying to get the police to guard them while their “subjects” cry for their mercy. BLAH. HOW VERY FEUDAL OF THEM. All I can imagine is a castle.

      That’s all for now.

    • The Other Anne says

      LOL comment fail. Didn’t mean to reply to you, Sarah!

      But now that I have I might as well: THIS, SO MUCH THIS. I have been a Gamer my WHOLE LIFE. Obsessed with Gameboys (I had a clear one. SO COOL! And then I lost it…) N64, I played more games than my gamer family. My brother and sister are also gamers.

      The stores NOW aren’t a big deal because now I do only online games or get all nostalgic and just play PS2 or N64, and don’t buy new games, but when I was a teenager? Urgh. I was always wanting to play FPS’s and Mario and Smash Bros and Zelda and, you know, after a while I just started having my mom buy the games for me for my birthday if I ever wanted a new one, or we’d go to big stores like Media Play because big stores don’t judge as hard.

    • says

      I was chatting with a guy geek about Game Stop. He said it was obnoxious because they always flood with you with promos for pre-order this and warranty that. I told him that not only did I not get asked to buy extra, I often had trouble getting help for what I did want to buy. (When I ask for “something like Final Fantasy” and you offer Cooking Mama and Puzzle Quest…there’s a problem.) He didn’t believe me, confirmed it was the same location and then said we must go during different employees’ shifts for something.

      He came back after the weekend and apologized. He’d tested it with his girlfriend, sending her in first and comparing the service they got. She was ignored start to finish. He was greeted at the door, asked multiple times if he needed help, and offered pre-orders and warranties at the check-out.

      Now I only go to Game Stop if I can see that their one female employee is working. She is awesome and will chat with me about what I like and what I’m looking for instead of assuming I need a gift for my boyfriend.

      • jennygadget says


        yeah, last time I went in, to buy a guitar controller about a year ago, I had totally done all my research beforehand bc I really wanted one that was affordable, only sorta shit, and would be compatible with both guitar hero and rockband. (I realize this is hit or miss as new versions come out, I just wanted a reasonable possibility of compatibility.

        I knew exactly which one i wanted, I just couldn’t find one in the store that was labeled what the website called it. But I was pretty sure it was the same one they had on the floor, so I asked for help. And they were all “oh, no I don’t think it works with both systems” and completely ignored my actual question, which was “Is the the Guitar Hero [x] stand-alone guitar?”

        So I walked out of the store frustrated, and then pulled up the site on my iphone, walked back in, showed them the name on the website and said “this. this is what I want. do you have it?”

        I totally should have just gotten it someplace else, but they were they only brick and mortar store that had it in stock. :(

  3. sbg says

    And then, some find the Sheen thing a great big joke. Blarg.

    It’s pretty telling where women rank in Hollywood if this guy’s abuse could go on unchecked for years and years, but HOW DARE HE TURN THAT ABUSE TOWARD A MALE EXEC.

    The teacher article made me depressed.

  4. Nialla says

    The teacher hate saddens me. In a way, I feel there’s a form of jealousy at work. You get off work at 3 and get summers off? You’ve got a cushy job!

    What many don’t know is that a lot of teachers don’t get summers off, they’re spending their time teaching summer school to help students who weren’t making it in already overcrowded classrooms. They’re working with kids on summer projects, such as Ag shows. They’re working a summer job to help pay the bills because the teaching job isn’t always enough, especially in the early years if they’re paying off student loans. They’re working late at school or home to grade papers. They’re using their own money to buy supplies for their classroom, or having to ask parents to pitch in, and this is not a recent thing due to a budget crisis, this has been going on for ages. In recent years, it’s gotten so bad that teachers have to ask parents to sent toilet paper for school use.

    I watched The Daily Show last night, and the show’s comparison of how so-called “fiscal conservatives” reacted to Wall Street getting bonuses out of government money after they blew up the economy versus how they’re reacting to teachers wanting to maintain their rights according to them by a contract was dead on. In the former, they kept bringing up how those bonuses were already in the employee’s contract, and even if you didn’t like where the money was coming from, you had to honor the contract or else you wouldn’t retain quality employees.

    So they’re OK with retaining the “quality employees” who knowingly put us in this economic mess, yet they’re also perfectly happy with slashing school budgets to not only get rid of teachers, but make many change their minds about staying in the job or even going into the profession in the first place? I know a lot of excellent teachers who retired as soon as they could get out because they were exhausted from “teaching for a test” yet not being able to actually teach their students things they needed to know in the real world.

    I also sense an undertone of “Education is for libruls!” and wanting to get rid of anyone who doesn’t conform to their ideal of churning out students who passed a test, but don’t know how to make change. Meanwhile, tax cuts for the rich remain. The rich who are probably sending their kids to private schools.

    I’d like to see some of the congress critters get paid what teachers do, as well as get the same health insurance coverage. Save some money, wouldn’t it? I’d pay money to see some of them actually trying to teach a class and see what it really takes to work that hard.

    • sbg says

      There’s this longstanding presumption, I think, that most teachers make enough to coast by during the summers. I have no idea what planet people who believe that are from. Probably the same one where the people that believe teaching is a 9-5 kind of gig that doesn’t require any after hours work at all are from. Riiiight.

      I do believe some reform is needed for the whole education system. There ARE teachers out there who shouldn’t be in a classroom (I had one eons ago that would literally give us all the answers to quizzes the night before – that’s a great teaching method, how?). But a broad swipe like this … I don’t think it’s the right kind of reform.

    • jennygadget says

      The whole “get off at three” especially annoys the crap out of me, because it’s not like people would have reason to be unaware that school starts at 7 or 8 or so, not 9. Also, anyone who bothered to think about it would realize that teachers are required to be at school a decent amount of time before and after the kids are. And gosh, waddya know, 7 to 3 is the exact same length of time as 9 to 5. Only, you know, without actual breaks many days. (It’s not like kindergarten teachers can excuse themselves to go to the bathroom whenever they feel like it. Or teachers often get to spend recesses/passing periods doing much other than prep-work.) And unpaid overtime for prepping and grading after the kids go home.

  5. says

    Making cuts in education is made all the easier by the anti-intellectualism that is (from an outsider’s POV) pretty rampant in the USA. I consider basic education, well, BASIC (a human right even) and it’s terrifying to see politicians (even in my country) making the stupidest financial decisions when it comes to education. The anti-intellectuals seem blissfully unaware that without education, they wouldn’t be blabbing their mouths about cuts on newspapers and the net – because they wouldn’t even know how to read!

    Teachers are incredibly valuable to the society. Simple fact. If their pays are so low no one can afford to teach anymore, then the society has fucked up everyone and itself like woah.

    • says

      I don’t wish to speak to the whole teacher’s union issue, but I do wish to speak to this particular argument (“you owe teachers everything you know!”). Even if I had never been to school, that doesn’t mean I would be a drooling ignoramus. I certainly would know how to read…I learned to read before I began kindergarten, as did 2 of my 4 children. I didn’t teach them…they learned on their own, because I made books available to them, read to them, and taught them to love books. I learned a lot of things because I was interested enough to study them on my own time; arguably more things than I learned sitting in elementary school or junior high.

      Many people actually are self-educated, and I’d even say that if you want to know a lot about something (including varying viewpoints), to some extent you MUST self-educate. You will certainly never get a good accurate picture of U.S. History (let alone world history) in a public school. You will never get an education on a lot of important things in life from the school system.

      This is not meant to disparage teachers, who I feel do an important job (as a group). But I do not believe they should be lionized, either. Saying that “without teachers you wouldn’t be able to read” is like saying “without police, you’d be dead in the gutter right now”…a hyperbole which attempts to bypass the fact that teachers are a group that can and should be criticized when they are wrong, and should be closely scrutinized to ensure that they are serving the public well…just like police.

      • says

        Point taken. Even I could read before going to school, actually. The amount of illiteracy would still be way, way higher if not for the school system.

      • says

        And goodness, somehow I managed to miss most of your last paragraph. Teachers definitely aren’t exempt from being criticized. I have heard enough anecdotes about terrible teachers – some people just really shouldn’t be in that job. But it also makes no sense to drive the good teachers away by making teaching too unprofitable to support a living. And ouright loathing them is absurd. Simply put, they serve the public. It has its standards and requirements, and is also a very important job.

      • Nicky P says

        Some people will wind up owing teachers everything they know, though. Especially at a young age, not everyone is going to have access to books or parents that will allow them to study on their own. The overwhelming majority of people I knew growing up didn’t and…for lack of a better way to phrase this- people are creatures of habit. It’s hard to get into formal learning when the first several years of your life are spent not doing it.

        • The Other Anne says

          Also, most of the stuff I learned on my own I learned because the few spectacular (the rest were just okay to good, only a couple bad ones) teachers I had (which includes my parents) instilled in me the WANT to learn more and the TOOLS to do so on my own, both cognitively and physically, from the books they provided to the basics of knowing how to research and more. :)

    • says

      Yes indeed. It doesn’t matter how many times people say, “It’s about their reaction”, the fanboys/girls will shout, “The original comic wasn’t a problem!” That’s nice but it’s not what we’re talking about, genius.

      • Casey says

        They will also shout “YOU’RE MISSING THE POINT IT WAS ONLY A JOKE!!”
        OR they’ll argue that “RAPE IS FUNNY LIKE THEFT AND MURDER AND THE HOLOCAUST ARE FUNNY!” (and they’re actually being serious/genuine)

    • Finbarr Ryan says

      This guy’s comment just filled me with rage.

      Mainly, I wanted to buy a ****wolves shirt, but then it got taken off their store. I am annoyed at both camps at this point

      Oh my god, random internet guy can’t buy a shirt! This is without a doubt the worst injustice to come out of the entire debacle, everyone!

      Though what really bugs me about these conversations is the people framing it as a free speech issue. The idea that criticising something is comparable to censorship floors me.

    • Robin says

      That article and the ensuing comments actually made me reconsider attending PAX East this weekend. I’m still going because, hell, I paid for it, I have as much right to be there as anyone else, and nobody is going to make me miss the Saturday night concert. (I’m not going for the purpose of seeing Mike and Jerry, and I don’t even read the PA comic unless someone points me at a specific strip.) However, my brain is already formulating calm, reasoned responses in case I encounter any such confrontational creatures in person.

      Overall, I feel that the situation has been handled very poorly on multiple fronts. It’s this kind of behavior that allows the media to label gamers as anti-social and maladjusted. But for the most part, gamers are just people who share a love of using our imaginations. I had a great time last year, and I’m not going to let a small group of loudmouth jerks ruin my weekend of geekery with the rest of my tribe.

  6. Cloudtigress says

    A couple of comments on some of the links:

    The fetus “testifying” before state lawmakers – if that group hasn’t ‘jumped the shark’ before now (I’m not familiar with this group’s history) then they’ve done it with this stunt. One thing to frame it as a pro-life woman choosing to have an ultrasound in front of the lawmakers to make a political point she believes in, another to make it sound like the the kid’s choosing to testify of it’s own free will and arriving in a meat dress that the heathens call a mother. I’m a moderate pro-lifer (meaning I’m more likely to encourage adoption for unwanted babies – yeah, that approach has it’s problems too, but this isn’t the place to get into that now), but if that article is even close to accurate, then sheeeeesh. Those guys need a reality check or two.

    On the Charlie Sheen thing, one theme I noticed in the comments (besides ‘those goldigging whores knew what they were getting into, so I’m not going to symphasize with them now’ and ‘it’s his money to do with as he pleases’, was one that’s best summoned up as ‘Sheen’s living life to the fullest blahblahblah you’re only bringing up those so-called “abuse” charges bexause because YOU’RE always going to be too cowardly to do what you want and say ‘The Truth’ to others as Sheen bravely does every day of his life blahblahblah YOU won’t be happy until everyone’s wearing nothing but cardigans and pantsuits (if you’re in the senior citizen age group), and drinking nothing but tea, because you’re too scared to live life fully like Sheen bravely does blahblahblah’. Because apparently you can only enjoy life to it’s fullest when you’re drugged and boozed to the sky and screwing dozens of women a week, not by doing something you don’t need drugs to enjoy, like hiking, or race car driving, or drawing, or even just sitting and watching a moon/sunrise, or a moon/sunset. Them’s too safe for the truly alive people 😎

    One thing the comments to that Facebook article brought up that bears remembering when talking about mommy bloggers and their seeming summerging of their selves to their children and their seemingly bland activities. The intended audience for some of those blogs isn’t thousands of random lurkers or possible publishers looking for the next big breakout parenting author. It’s Grandma and Grampa and Uncle John and Great Aunt Myrtle who’s in her nineties and can’t travel like she used to, but would still line to be updated on the kitchen remodeling and Sissy’s dance recital, and Bubby’s Boy Scout project. Everything else can wait for the next family get-together and get cussed and discussed then. :)

    Enough for now, before I really put my foot in it (if I haven’t already :). )

    • Attackfish says

      About the typical facebook mommyblog- this. My sister in law keeps a locked blog about her kids for her and my brother’s families so we can keep up with the boys, and my cousin keeps two separate facebooks, one for herself, and one for her grandparents and aunts to coo at baby stories on. (She lives in the same town as her parents. They can just pop in, lucky people). Are there mommy bloggers deliberately writing for a wider audience, or writing to aggressively show their friends that they’re happy, or prove that according to our society’s absurd standards that they’re good mothers? Sure, but most of the mommyblogging facebookers I know do it because their family is desperate for more pictures of the children they don’t get to see all the time.

      As for Charlie Sheen: It’s such a trial that we have to respect the rights of others and treat them like people. This man has it soooo right! Just stomp on them, and live life to the fullest. Seriously, that’s what these guys are really saying. That, and that they know nothing about how miserable and isolating drug addiction is. Though, my psychiatric nurse cousin thinks it might not be drugs, but instead recent sobriety and an addictive personality (and severe narcissism) combined with extreme mania. Either way, he’s sick, and underneath the sick, he’s scary.

  7. Red says

    On the teaching article: I read that a few days ago and it honestly distresses me that people would actually blame, of all people, TEACHERS for our current financial mess!

    My father was a teacher back in the 1960’s for some 10 years. i asked him if it was hard. He told me it depended on the class, but in general he had good classes and good kids. He did have issues with parents and students ( I’ve got some stories there!) but he made the classes enjoyable. How many people are able to do that? My Dad, who will be 75 this month, knows a few things abotu teaching, but that world has changed since he was last in a classroom.

    I would LOVE to issue a challenge to those putting down on teachers and claiming it an ‘easy’ job; they think it’s so easy? Then THEY should fill in the shoes of these teachers. They should get up before 7, get to the school, arrange the class schedule, plan assignments, teach several classes of different students in one day, ALL with different homework assignments, stay after and clean up the classroom, if needs be, grade papers, go home, grade more papers until a late hour, then plan the next days curriculum and start over again then next day.

    Don’t forget teacher-parent meets (oh, those will be a BLAST!), faculty meetings, after-school activities, tutoring, planning for upcoming state tests… the list goes on.

    Yeah, REAL cushy job there! Seriously, anyone who makes those claims should be MADE TO teach a class of pre-teens or teenagers and see how ‘cushy’ it is!

    Sorry, this is a very sensitive subject and it always upsets me that people would lay all the blame on teachers for this.

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