Links of Great Interest: Performatively Anti-Sexist, Materially Not.

A transwoman was murdered in her apartment in NYC. I’m keeping her family and friends in my thoughts. <3 The comments are really foul.

I am also mourning the injuries experienced the 7 yr old pimped out by her 15 yr old sister. There’s a lot of pain in this story. [ETA: Lilacsigal reminded me that the way I phrased the above hides that the 15 yr old was also raped. That wasn’t my intent at all, and I’m sorry for implying that she’s the one at fault.]

Liz Lemonism is not feminism. Here’s more on Tina Fey and bodies.

SciFi Catholic has a post up on Jeff Smith’s Bone.

List of books on Rwanda and why everyone ignored the genocide.

RICKY MARTIN FINALLY CAME OUT OF THE CLOSET!! Here is the letter to his fans, in English and Spanish. Some great reflections on this at Racialicious. In short: Queer. Latino. Love.

From Firebird: Do plus size models make women feel bad about themselves? Here’s the ASU study. Here are some thoughts on “the perfect fat.” Here are some more on sagging. Here’s some dumb shit on how men are different from women.

From Amy McCabe: Newsweek is vaguely self-reflective. Have things really changed since the magazine was sued for gender discrimination in 1970? Racialicious responds.

Dear Zoe Saldana — You are beautifully fantastic. Love, M.

From Jha: Motherhood tanked at the box office. Also: WTF, USians, stop being so dang annoying!!

Huh. Apparently Fallout 3 will punish you for being a genocidal maniac? But it’s a really weird morality tale? And demonstrates how being a good person is awesome? Ummmm. :weirded out!:

From SunlessNick: It’s about she and a friend crossing the US/Canada border and being questioned by DHS (CatieCat because they wanted more proof that she intended to return to Canada, the friend because she’d put all her meds in one bottle rather than carting several bottles, which is technically illegal, apparently, and led to the suspicion that she intended to sell them).  In essence, the border guards let them go because they believed them, which CatieCat uses as an object lesson in white privilege.

The Passover story… LOLcat style.

Slut-shaming leads to Northampton teen’s death.

New pain chart! This time: WITH DESPAIR.

Reflections on black women and interracial dating. There’s a lot there I could unpack but I’m drinking some matcha tea and it is the BEST THING IN THE WORLD. I refuse to yuck up my yum just now. I greatly prefer these tender, young, fresh leaves over the icky old brown ones typically used in tea. Perhaps my enjoyment of its numminess is tied to privilege, access, signifiers of taste as indicators of status symbols, and perceptions of desirability. (Oh, Maria, I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE. You compared women to objects as signifierss of affluence, status, and taste! I bet you were going for a metaphor about male privilege in the West. You silly billy you. I bet you are using tea here specifically because it’s tied up in imperialism and colonialism, much like the trends objectifying and devaluing particular women’s bodies.)

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  1. Charles RB says

    re Rwanda: as I recall, the American government at the time would not publicly call it a genocide because if they did, there’d be an assumption that they should be doing something about it.

  2. napthia9 says

    The Tina Fey covers post could benefit from some good long soul-searching re: what “geek chic” is about. I always felt the whole “Tina Fey: The SMART sex symbol!” thing played into Madonna/whore archetypes. Especially since so many of the early covers are designed to invoke pin-up posters. What’s so awful about the Esquire cover that isn’t awful about the Entertainment Weekly cover? The reputation of the magazine?

  3. lilacsigil says

    Maybe that could say “the injuries experienced by a 7-year-old raped by several men, and those experienced by her 15-year-old sister, also raped by several men.” The 15-year-old isn’t old enough to consent, either, and the actual perpetrators are missing from this page.

    • Maria says

      You’re right — I thought when I was first reading the story that I hoped the men raping the 15 yr old faced prosecution for that, but then I got really caught up in the line where the 7 yr old was outside crying. There are really two victim/survivors here, and I’m wondering now who is victimizing them both in their home life.

  4. lilacsigil says

    Thanks Maria – mainstream media seems to be blaming the older sister, who is of course also a victim, just not the “perfect victim” that the younger sister can be seen to be.

  5. Anemone says

    Why even mention that the murdered woman was transgender? It didn’t seem relevant to me.

    I really liked the Tiger Beatdown article, especially when she starts talking about the Liz Lemon version of feminism.

    I’ve read Shake Hands With The Devil (about Rwanda). It was a very hard and very powerful read. He tried to kill himself after he came back to Canada, and one of his assistants on the book actually killed herself during the writing of the book, just from all the horrible information she had to deal with. :( And now I need to take a break and come back to this later.

  6. says

    Thanks Maria – mainstream media seems to be blaming the older sister, who is of course also a victim, just not the “perfect victim” that the younger sister can be seen to be.

    Good catch. The original story treats her as an adult, which… okay, first, like you said, the age of consent in NJ is 16, so she’s too young, and what she experienced is at the very least statutory rape. Second, I have a real problem with the law’s eagerness in general to try teenagers as adults. The brain is still fluid and developing in the mid-20s. Psychiatrists won’t diagnose personality disorders until you’re 18, no matter how you’re behaving (and this girl behaved like a sociopath) because they recognize the personality is still forming until about that age.

    The 15 year old does not, I’m sure, *seem* like a victim in this situation. She’s probably coming off very cold and remorseless, and that naturally inspires antipathy. People will want to write her off and focus on the younger victim. I’m not defending anybody or lessening their failure to recognize both the statutory rape and the likelihood that a girl who behaves like she did has been abused at some point herself. I think most people don’t consider statutory rape a “real crime” so they may very well be aware of that, but just not think it matters. What definitely matters is: kids don’t get out of bed and do things like that one day without the slightest warning to their caregivers. Something’s been going on with this girl for a while, and no one took the right steps – either they didn’t know how, or they didn’t care.

    Which is why I think we need some basic psychology education in high school – just the basics of abuse and victimization, and a primer on how predictably and badly human brains tend to classify and process information until someone makes them aware of stereotypes and all those nice shortcuts we like to take.

    Re: Anemone’s question about mentioning the murder victim was transgender. I thought at first they were going to tell us it was believed to be a hate crime (in which case her gender might be relevant), but that never cropped up. Legible Susan’s link says police suspect someone she was dating, which makes it (most likely) simply personal, like so many murders of women by men they know. Her transgender status makes a nice distraction from the fact that this is likely just one more case of a man thinking the way to solve relationship problems is “kill the bitch.”

  7. Anemone says

    Which is why I think we need some basic psychology education in high school – just the basics of abuse and victimization, and a primer on how predictably and badly human brains tend to classify and process information until someone makes them aware of stereotypes and all those nice shortcuts we like to take.

    Including pointing out that prostitution is all too often (not always, but all too often) nothing more than sexual abuse dressed up as commerce, even when the prostituted person is an adult. It’s hard to see that what adults in your community do is abusive when no one says it’s wrong.

  8. says

    Yeah, prostitution that involves pimping definitely comes under “abuse and victimization” and that very realization is something some people need to understand. Even when someone seems to choose prostitution, it can be a pretty murky “choice.”

  9. Charles RB says

    Yeah, I couldn’t see the point of legalising prostitution unless it was done alongside a massive crackdown on pimps, madams, and traffickers. We don’t want them entrenching themselves with legal fronts.

  10. says

    It’s really effed up that the language in the Trentonian article is specifically used to portray the older sister as an “adult” (overly promiscuous, “exhibited some behavior problems in the past”), and that author Joe D’Aquila goes out of his way to point out that the sisters are half-sisters or stepsisters– as in, not really sisters, so the older girl is that much more of a predatory monster. Even that the 15-year-old is being charged with prostitution, while the men involved are being charged with rape only “because of the girl’s age” is ridiculous. The comments are pretty disgusting, too. The whole article is making me feel very face-punchy and -stabby.

    And in the article about Gonzalez-Andujar’s murder, that her Marilyn Monroe pictures were destroyed smacks to me of a hate crime, which is why it is important even to the investigation that she was a transwoman. Her being found naked makes me think there was sexual assault involved, or physical assault related to her sex organs, which would also tie in to a hate crime. The whole thing is practically a textbook example of it.

    I like the Liz Lemon article, and the idea that the wall blocking one from moving on past feminism into the real world, which includes the implications of feminism, ableism, et al, is a wall constructed of privilege and one’s own prejudices. I also really liked that pretty + smart is considered too much power to be likeable, which is so dangerous that self-deprecation or self-denial is the only possible antidote and the way to make everyone happy. Everyone except you, that is. *golf clap*

    And in regards to the “male mind”/”male view” thing… uh, my eyes can glaze over just as easily. There are times I’ve had to remind myself to look where I’m going and stop being so weird staring at strangers because I have places to get to. Like class. I very much enjoyed watching Rain drink from a water bottle in Ninja Assassin. In my tweenage years, I shunned romance novels for the more visual girls’ romance manga. I have never once romantically fantasized about someone I found unattractive: sex is a step to romance/love. Yet, shockingly, I am in possession of a vagina! So I may have to buy that issue of Nylon for the Zoe interview. She likes sex and rock ‘n roll, too!

    I also adoooore the USians article. Race relations especially are difficult enough to navigate in-country; my sister had some of her classmates (of various races and ethnicities) tell her, to her face, that there’s “no such thing” as light-skinned black people, and everybody in my family has come against resistance (from white and non-white people) to the idea that while a person can be black in America— as in cultural history, personal heritage, etc.– they don’t have to adhere to the phenotypes stereotypically identified with “blackness.” Outside of the US I probably wouldn’t be identified as black, because there are different cultural signifiers and cultural weights associated with physical aspects vs. history/degree of blood/etc. Everyplace inside the US that I’ve lived before, it’s been a struggle to be able to self-identify as mixed-race-origin, especially black. And even though thinking about all of that made me feel a little down, the pain chart perked me right back up. I will print it up for my mom to hang in her office next to her “This Is Crematoria” sign. 😀

  11. Anemone says

    The articles about plus size models were interesting. I’m never bothered by seeing plus size models in the pattern magazine I get, because they’re so much bigger than I am (and they could probably pound me into the dirt if they wanted – they’re undoubtedly a lot stronger, too), but a recent issue had a plus-looking model modelling regular sized clothes. I had to double-check. She wasn’t fat, she just wasn’t tiny, and it was really strange seeing her there. I hope they use her again so I can desensitize.

    It’s really critical to have larger size models because clothes fit differently on larger bodies, and so you need different styles, and you need to see how they look. I’ve always had a problem with mainstream clothes myself because even though I’m small enough for them, I’m the wrong shape. (So I sew everything.)

  12. Elee says

    Is it only me, or does the Racialicious-link on Ricky Martin’s coming out redirect to the Trentonian?

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