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Signal Boosting: The young foodies of Lifting Voices would like a word with you.

Signal Boosting: Jim C. Hines is holding an anti-rape fundraiser.

From Casey:

Total Films is the fail that keeps on failing! Courtesy of BitchFlicks, here’s a compilation of 19 of the 40 greatest movie posters that feature women…also, the descriptions of said posters SUCK TOO.

Here’s an awful stamp that made it onto the most popular page at Deviantart…for those who can’t read it (or something) it says “If I tell you you’re being retarded I’m not saying you’re mentally challenged, I’m saying you’re being a SLOW DUMB MOTHERFUCKER and you should cease to be so IMMEDIATELY.”

Just wow. (he also has a stamp that says “I don’t use my mental illness/disability as a crutch” and I can’t really think of anyone to whom that applies besides Christian Weston Chandler)

MLP continues to pee on my childhood what with the racism and all.

Dads guard teenaged girls’ sexuality in commercials.

More on the list of 100 best female characters

From Attackfish:

none of the links I’ve found mention the really disturbing mighty whitey/great white hunter vibe this whole thing is giving me, and almost all of the commentary not on the big news sites I’ve seen questions the man’s penis size.

Another review of Sucker Punch talking about rape and disassociation.

Cold Magic by Kate Elliot might be AWESOME

Robert Pattinson likes, but isn’t involved with, the Akira live-action movie.

From KaiserSuzee:

Hi, this is a big story happening in Ireland right now, Irish police (gardai) are recorded discussing joking about raping women they’ve just arrested at a protest against Shell building a pipeline in a village. This is the first news item, but there are later developments.

From Scarlett:

Following link is to a story about a woman whose neice was raped by a commanding officer as a cadet in the ADFA and told to suck it up.


  1. sbg says

    I can’t tell you the number of times I almost Midweek Mediaed that Tide commercial. What a crao message that is.

  2. Attackfish says

    Tried to report the stamp as hate speech. Apparently, ablism isn’t real. Wow, all my life experience is so wrong, I can rejoice!

    So I sent them a violation under another category (because you can’t send a report twice under the same category) with a long note explaining ablism, why this was ablism, and the fact that it furthers a world in which people with disabilities are disproportionately raped, beaten, and killed compared to the able-bodied community, and how people with developmental and psychiatric disabilities frequently have it even worse than physically disabled people, and how if the deviant didn’t see comparing someone to a person with developmental disabilities wasn’t a grave insult, they would have picked something else, and the use of such insults serves to dehumanize the developmentally disabled. It’s hate speech, God damn it!

    Let’s see if they do anything to me for “misusing” the policy violation system…

    • Attackfish says

      as a grave insult I mean.

      P.S. I hope anyone else who has a dA account also reports this and explains to the staff why this is hate speech.

      I probably wouldn’t be so hot under the collar, except they told me it wasn’t &*^%@ hate speech!

    • Casey says

      Well I sent them a violation under misogyny about a couple of douchebags I encountered on there who basically threatened me (saying, “YOU’RE A FEMINAZI CUNT AND YOU’RE THE REASON MEN BEAT THEIR WIVES YOU DESERVED TO BE SLAPPED AROUND HOW DARE YOU NOT GET UPSET OVER THIS MEME THAT IS ALSO OFFENSIVE TO MEN YOU HYPOCRITE”[/it’s a long story]) and they told me to just handle it on my own. >_>V

            • Attackfish says


              For the love of GOD, do not read the comments. And this is all aside from the fact that the maker’s avatar is trying to make me have a seizure. Really, seriously, have to cover it with my hand, because I start to feel one coming on. Maker I believe identifies as having a disability. Fuck if they aren’t still ablist as shit.

              • Casey says

                He not only has a disability (one that escapes me right now) that required half a year of hospitalization but he’s also apparently been houseless off and on for a duration of his life…he’s still a massive asshole of every -ist and -ism. WHAT IS THIS I DON’T EVEN

                • sbg says

                  Alas, hardship of one’s own isn’t always a ticket to fairmindedness. There are plenty of Others out there to hate on.

                  • Casey says

                    Yeah, I’m well aware of that (I used to be like that too) but that doesn’t mean it still can’t piss me the FUCK OFF, yanno~?

                    • Maria says

                      Just be careful it doesn’t piss you off MORE THAN when people in power engage in acts of oppression. POC, women, and the disabled often get blamed for not being BETTER PEOPLE than their oppressors.

                    • Attackfish says

                      Well, right now, I’m much more ticked off at dA’s admin. stamp maker=I see loads of these guys. dA’s admin=Who the ^(%$* are you people to tell me that prejudice against people with disabilities doesn’t count?

              • says

                Thanks for the link. I now reported it for “underage nudity” because there was no other way for me to report this, and I feel with a single report DA just has an easy enough time to ignore it.

                FYI, my comment goes thus, trying to write for someone who has no idea:

                “My problem with this deviation is that it uses a word that (rudely) describes people with mental disabilities and tells them to grow up and out of their disability. Which is like telling a black person to just make their skin white, and therefore it’s okay to say “n***er”

                Deviant.Art is already a place where certain kinds of deviations are monitored and policed. So the freedom of opinion is not 100% here, anyway. I would love for content like this to go away, but I would be okay with it having a mature tag”

                • Casey says

                  I just hate how more often than not, the “certain kinds” of deviations that are monitored are usually male nudes (NO PINGAS ALLOWED! Or at least NO ERECT PINGAS ALLOWED!) and yet stuff like a bunch of naked women with their labias spread open having an orgy with giant space maggots doesn’t get any flack from the mods. >_>

  3. Casey says


    Oh don’t worry, when I get that knee-jerk reaction I’m consciously aware of it and keep it in check…it doesn’t so much REALLY piss me off than it makes me feel hopeless, y’know?

  4. Sarah Syna says

    I’ve talked to people about the gardai rape-tape thing, and a lot of people don’t actually get how bad it is. I’ve had to stress to them that women find it hard enough to report such things as it is and the feeling of horror of just how awful it is to have the people there to protect you joke about raping you before they said anything other than ‘Oh come on, at the end of the day, it was just a joke’.

    Not to mention the realisation that if they did decide to rape someone, they would (and likely have in the past) very easily get away with it. I used to be convinced that if I was ever assaulted, that I would report it straight to the gardai, but now? I’m really not so sure.

    • Attackfish says

      This. Having dealt with the police in my area, I’m confident that if I were raped and I reported it, they wouldn’t even conduct an investigation (we have a notoriously corrupt and useless police force) but I always thought I would, just to say I did all I could. Then, a few months ago, I got pulled over with my best friend. The two cops directed us down a dark alley, and spent the next hour tormenting us (demanding my registration, then yelling at my friend when she reached into the glove compartment to get it, because there could be a gun in there, and then berating us for being uncooperative, telling me I couldn’t call my parents, not letting me get my oxygen out of the back seat or use my inhaler when I stopped being able to breathe, pointing guns at us) and enjoying it. The whole time, the looks in their eyes said they knew it and they were getting a sexual thrill terrifying us. They let us go when I threatened to sue, but I was afraid we’d end up dead in that alley. I highly doubt now I would report. And I’m sure there are women not nearly as lucky as my friend and I who are assaulted by cops just like the ones we ran afoul of. What those gardi did wasn’t joke. They made a threat they found amusing, and delighted in the fear it raised. There’s a huge difference. It means that the protections of the law are not extended to all. It means that they think the suffering of women is hilarious, and cannot be trusted to prevent it or even not to cause it. Those women will rightly probably never trust police to be there to protect them ever again.

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